This Sporting Life

This Sporting Life

A couple of years ago I discovered the pleasure of actually writing things down for others to see. Having stumbled into writing on social media, forums and other profile building market places, on behalf of others, I discovered that I actually enjoyed it. Trying to get a message across, impart information and put ideas and opinions in an interesting way that might be used or enjoyed by others who shared an interest.

As I had been declared dyslexic at whilst at university, the idea of writing after completing my degree never occurred. Then an enforced break enabled me to rediscover the pleasure of writing with paper and pen. The benefits of committing thoughts to paper and exchanging these with others, especially those nearest and dearest to me, was an eye opener and the niggle to keep writing has been with me ever since.

They say you should stick to what you know. I may stick with that advice early on and see where it leads. Thus sport and its almost limitless bounty of topics, opinions, perspectives and characters will be the looking glass through which I shall look through most often. I have been a sports enthusiast since my earliest memories and like most fans I have been keen to share my views and opinions at the drop of a hat. Since discovering the pleasure of writing, and considering what I write, I would like to think that sharing and swapping views on both the content and my writing ability will enhance both.

In writing these posts, or is that pages?, I am hoping to connect with those who enjoy sports comment, share my view or have a view on its wider relevance to and perspectives on other areas. Along the way it would be nice to see this cross over into other areas and connect with others who are trying to write for their own reasons and explore the possibilities as we go along.

Since discovering the benefits of communicating my thoughts to paper, and now screen, I seem to have developed a couple of aims. The draft of a book covering my recent experiences of being involved in professional sport and the vague notion of producing a body of writing that lives up to the name of my blog. Over the past decade or so, I have noticed that in almost every area of my life, professional and personal, I have been involved in the spotting, nurturing, developing or promoting talent. Thus adjusting aims and targeting goals has been a constant feature.

It would be superb to explore this further through a medium I have discovered a burgeoning passion for.

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