On the Oche: Issue 570

The cataclysmic art of throwing the arrows dates back to the Paleolithic period early Stone Age, around 20,000BC. Bearded cavemen sporting loincloths lobbed their sharp objects to hunt and kill and enable their families to eat.

Roll on to 2020AD…the beards are still there but loincloths replaced by an array of dayglo shirts and the odd mohican thrown in and boy does it enable the top stars to eat in style. Arrows have always been steeped in the history of life from those BC brutes to when King Harold took one in the eye in Hastings, a proper bullseye killer finish. That very special checkout was recorded on the Bayeux Tapestry.

Since 1972, the arrows have been lucky to have a monthly publication Darts World. It’s been 48 years of non-stop headlines of the hurlers and simply never a dull moment. Not one other outlet in the sport can boast such a kaleidoscope of knowledge of the big names. We have been there since day one. Darts World has covered all the big stars, only World Championship trophy engravers can boast a similar record. Leighton Rees, John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Jocky Wilson, Bob Anderson, Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Martin Adams, John Part, Michael van Gerwen, Glen Durrant; all featured in this marvellous institution of ink. But just like the sport and its superstars, it’s been a rollercoaster for Darts World at times.

However, this is a new era for The Official Voice of Darts. We have joined forces with Oche! Magazine to deliver an edgy new publication that incorporates seamlessly the past, current, and future elements of a booming sport. All the big names of the sport will be in Darts World. We are proud and delighted to have the most coveted and respected characters writing for us. ITV Sport and Sky Sports presenters Jacqui Oatley and Nigel Pearson are the headlines acts alongside fabulous stars like Wayne Mardle, Russ Bray, Paul Nicholson, Polly James, Matthew Porter, Laura Turner, Huw Ware, and many more to come.

Darts World will deliver more exclusives on the real lives of the latest generation of great players gracing the oche. We have been telling the story of darts since 1972. This all new edition will continue that tradition. While the game itself has barely changed, in all that time, its popularity, coverage, and global reach have morphed almost beyond recognition.

From amateur to professional, young and old, and every corner of the globe, Darts World will cover it all. Darts World contributors, old and new, can help you improve Your Game via the Practice Board. From Choosing your Weapons, to tips from the Professionals, and those who advise them, in our Coaching Corner. In each issue, you will find new and creative ideas to help you improve and enjoy your darts. On Tour sections bring you news, results, and information from the steel tip strongholds of the UK and Europe as well as exploring the soft hip havens of Japan and the Far East. Reports from North America and other burgeoning regions will add to our exploration of the global game.

As you proceed, look out for our easy to digest segments. Surprising facts, and even strong words, which add colour, and debate, to our ever-developing Darts World story.

No sensationalism, favoritism or snobbery just our passion for darts and the desire to share it with you


Words: Phil Lanning & CJ Harris Hulme

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