HexaTarget: Simple Entertaining and Effective.


The Hexa target is a simple training/practise aid based around the idea that learning to hit an ‘area’ rather than the specific segment will improve your accuracy and consistency and you can then shrink the size of the area as you improve.

Three Hexatargets as supplied.

There several similar aids on the market but the Hexagonal shape intrigued us as it can be easily aligned with board segments and as such can be used more flexibly than the rings type of aid. In addition the Hexa Target is a young enterprise of the type that often innovate on behalf of players.

Each set is around £8 (with 20% going to Disability Darts) and comes with 3 concentric hexagonal targets made from a playable rubberised material. 4 pins are supplied for securing the target to the board. We consulted ‘Coach’ who tested these extensively:

He said:

“These are very simple, inexpensive aid that can be used in a variety of ways. For setting a general area that is more forgiving, for recovering a ‘lost’ skill and for specific combination board use.”

Coach adds:

“Hexa Targets seem perfect for a player who has developed the basics but want to add some structure to their practise.”

The smallest of the target is a great treble aid.

As ever, ‘Coach’ had an ‘and finally’ to add:

“If you are a rhythmic, trust type player and are willing to really pile in the work these are could be a huge asset.”

There is plenty of science to back that view up. For a good visual starting point PDC Pro Matt Edgar gives an excellent walk through on (YouTube) Edgar TV.

For more information or to grab a set of Hexa Targets go to @DartsHexa.

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(Review originally appeared in Darts World Magazine 571)

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