Snap Shot Review – Monster Peacemaker.

The Peacemaker combined Monster’s signature features of mixing high end machining and unusual design with multiple grip styles. The lower end is a smooth nose cone with ring grips above and vertical twists. Then three sections of differing grips toward the stem.


  • ONE80 Peacemaker
  • 20.2g
  • 90% Tungsten
  • 51mm x 6.4mm (widest)
  • RRP – £53+

These darts are premium build quality and have a very nice feel. They seem to appeal to the front holding player and can be gotten used to very quickly. They have something of the Jelle Klaasen style about them but less pronounced and with more grip zones.

Black Authority on Twitter: "She is 23 yrs old but, the article says, is  engaged to THIS guy, Chuck Pankow. A "professional dart player." The  article says he's 47 but Google shows
Designed by successful USA player Chuck Pankow, winner of many ADO events

We paired them up with Monster (Tweenie length Blk) stems and Blk & Silver standard flights. An alternative set-up with long wire Stems with oversize pear stems, both set ups worked very effectively with the later producing a flatter trajectory.


These were a premium dart of their time and came in at around £53 or more. Currently trading second hand in the £20-25 region depending on condition.


All in all these are very impressive. Well designed with a high quality build. Well worth a trying out if you like a high quality, slightly bulbous dart, at lighter weight than most.

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