On the Oche: Darts World 574

NORMALITY is beginning to break out all over. Kids are back in school, pubs and clubs are once more serving your favourite libation, even if it is still a little breezy out in your local beer garden, and darts is once more returning to its celebrated haunts. (Order your copy of DW 574 here)

The coming of spring has seen one-on-one live darts being played both within the PDC and without. All the major organisations, and some new ones, are offering opportunities for us to once again sample the many benefits our sport has to offer. Not least of these will be the chance to reconnect with old friends and teammates and toss the tungsten while enjoying the incalculable, never again to be taken for granted, benefits of social contact.

Darts is the ultimate social game. Enter any venue (physical or virtual) with a dartboard and within a few minutes of conversation, competition and camaraderie are available to you. Millions of players, fans and other interested folk across the globe will be desperate to return to ‘oche normal’.

Whether it’s County darts (sorry, National League) or MAD’s new individual, regional and belt systems, Modus’s alternative broadcast leagues, or your own local leagues and open events, there will be space within our pages for your chosen form of arrows.

Our contributors will cover everything from improving your own game through to competitive darts all over the world. Former iconic players are joined by media voices, famous officials and others whose experience and knowledge we hope you will welcome. Darts World would like to thank all those who assisted us during the difficult Covid-19 dominated period and wish those who have returned to other duties all the very best.

Darts World will also take the opportunity to refocus on the elements of our sport that have always been closest to our reader’s hearts. As you can see within, we intend to get closer to the players, the events, the teams, the equipment and even the business of darts and, in turn, bring you with us. As events of all kinds restart there will be less room for ‘tittle tattle’ and a greater focus on ‘tungsten battle’.

In the words of one of our contributors: “Game On”


Words: CJ Harris-Hulme

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  • Publisher/Managing Editor: CJ Harris Hulme
  • Chief News & Feature Writer: Paul Woodage
  • Photographers: Lawrence Lustig and Taylor Lanning.
  • Archive Photography: Steve Daszko
  • Designer: Ben Mortimer, Curtis Sport.
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