Light Touch – The Torus 100

Having so recently worked on the Mission Torus 270, I was delighted to have been presented with the opportunity to follow up my review with a piece on the latest edition to the Torus range – the Mission Torus 100.

Released in the Mission Autumn 2021 launch, the Torus 100 is designed to be a portable lighting system, as opposed to a fixed home lighting system such as the Torus 270. Lightweight and compact, the lighting system is perfect for weekends away in hotels for tournaments, allowing you to practice while away from the venue. 

The Torus 100 arrives simply packaged, complete with the light, storage bag, cable, fixing clip and power adapter with UK, European and worldwide socket adapters all included. Installation takes very little time at all, with the light rail itself already connected to the fixing arm. The two screws at the top of the light loosen to extend the light rail outwards, before tightening to lock the light firmly in place. Much like the original Torus and Torus 270, the light secures to the board using a fixing clip, which then can be attached onto the top of the board, with the light simply sliding in place.

It is important with the Torus 100 to keep in mind the product’s intended purpose. It is not a home lighting system, as is the case with seemingly comparable products such as the One80 Illumina, or Target Arc. The Torus 100 is designed to be lightweight, compact and portable. While it may not share the brightness of spot-lighting and full-ring halo systems, it has been designed to rival them, as well as exceed that of the aforementioned Illumina and Arc systems. 

The brightness of the light varies on the section of the board it covers. The 20 segment is well illuminated, as is the remainder of the top half of the board. The light features bright white LED lights, identical to that of the Torus 270, just in a lesser quantity. Due to the 100° lighting angle, the lower half of the board, while still illuminated, will be somewhat darker. This will, of course, be affected by the board you use, with newer, vibrant boards such as the Mission Samurai II, appearing brighter than used boards, or duller designs.

The light extends 16cm out from the board, and 12cm above it. This provides a large area of coverage, compensating for the 170° loss of light when compared to the larger Torus 270. The rail itself has been tilted at a 25° angle, which, coupled with the distance the rail is from the board, maximises the coverage the LED lights produce. This results in minimal shadowing across the playing surface, much like with full and 75% coverage halo rings, allowing optimised visibility when practicing, regardless of the target you throw at. 

(*Image is of the Torus 270, yet features the same lighting angle as the Torus 100.)

The extra-long power cable allows you to reach a plug socket from nearly anywhere in the room, while the multiple socket adapters mean that whether you’re at a tournament in your home country or an international tournament abroad, you’ll be able to use the light wherever you are. The cable runs around the back of the light, allowing you to hide the cable with your surround for a clear and unobtrusive setup. 

Much like the other two Torus lights Mission has produced, the Torus 100 uses a dartboard clip to hold it in place, as opposed to magnetic arms, as featured on the Target Corona light. The clip is attached to the board with the number ring sitting just in front, with the arm sliding into place, holding the light secure and steady. The lightweight frame, coupled with the innovative fixing clip, results in a high level of stability, with next to no movement when knocked, much like with the Torus 270.

All in all, I feel Mission has filled a gap in the market that many didn’t know they needed – but soon will! For just £34.95, the Torus 100 is a must-have for any county, tournament, or professional level players, traveling the country in order to compete at the highest level they can. 

With this addition, Mission now provides a full ‘tour’ setup, with the Torus 100, RotaPro Dartboard Stand, Samurai II Dartboard and Pro Tourer Rucksack all added to the Mission range. Be sure to check out the Mission website for more information on all the aforementioned products, as well as the Darts Corner website to place your order! 




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