UKDA: Dorset rock Gwent in National League

The weekend of Saturday 2nd Sunday 3rd October saw Dorset play their 2nd County Game this time home to Gwent.

Dorset needed a win having lost our 1st match away to Sussex 16-20. Gwent top of the table after their 27-9 win against West Midlands so we all knew we were in for a tough match. Up first our B teams, so how did we do.

Up first for our lady’s Lin Bellingham v Gwent’s Kaye Paul 2x 140s got Kaye to the double first and no messing poking 12x to take the leg. Evenly matched 2nd leg also going to Gwent. Lin was outscored in the 3rd leg Kaye again hitting 2x140s and takes the win 3-0 hitting a 18.11 average.

Next up Sally Old for Dorset v Rachel Parnell, Sally was outscored by Rachel who played a blinder Sally didn’t do a lot wrong but Rachel didn’t miss much banging in a 24.62 average was Gwent’s Lady of the Match a lot of Men’s B team would be happy with that sort of average.

Dorset 0-2 down and we are all thinking if this is the norm for Gwent’s Lady’s B 18.11 & 24.64 we are in trouble. Next up Roz Annetts, Roz on fire and no messing takes the first leg. Roz hits 77 to leave 24 and takes the 2nd leg, Evenly matched 3rd leg until Roz hits a 140 and goes onto win 3-0 with a 17.28 average and was Dorsets Lady of the Match (back to back as L.O.M at Sussex)¬†

Next Julie Boggust both had chances in the first leg Gwent pinching it, and take the 2nd also. Better 3rd leg from Julie which she takes. The 4th leg was a question of WHO WAS GOING TO HIT A DOUBLE both missed numerous chances Gwent taking a 3-1 win. Lorraine Woodrow up next first two legs went with the darts, Gwent’s Shannon Chappell pokes 71 to go 2-1 up missed doubles from Lorraine and Gwent take a 3-1 win. Up last for Dorset Donna Mabbatt, Donna,s game one of missed doubles which brought the averages down but Donna goes into a 2-0 lead and then starts the 3rd with a 140 and seems to have the match all sown up until Gwent’s Jess Bonner hits a 135 to leave 32, but Donna keeps here nerve and takes a 3-0 win.

Dorset 2 Gwent 4 (not the start we needed.)

Bring on our Men’s B team.

Nick Turner up first for Dorset takes a 4-0 win it’s all about getting the Big W not the best of games to watch but we got the result we needed. Roy Pidgeon up next not the best of games for him losing 1-4. Next saw the return of Richie Gomm (24.53) ¬†who bashed his head going on stage but that helped as he had the perfect start hitting a 180 and the close match goes to Gwent’s Mike Fleet 25.47) Richie losing 2-4.

Next saw losses for Damian Mudge and Steve Alden both losing 1-4. Potty Mark Porter (25.01) up next Potty a very quick thrower threw some great darts and raced into a 3-0 lead then Gwent’s Craig Lloyd (24.25) fought back to level at 3-3 and a deciding leg was on. Potty wires 12x for a 141 shot-out returns and takes the win (Potty never wins easy) Potty was Dorset’s Man of the Match.

So Dorset 2 Gwent 4 oh dear not going to plan.

Richard Perry (24.58) v Dewi Beynon (29.47) what a cracking game this was fast and furious the scoreline not reflecting the game at all, Richard Perry again loses to a Man of the Match 29.47 a great B team average for Gwent 0-4.  

Next Nigel Lamb took his game to a deciding leg which could of gone either way unfortunately it went to Gwent. Ryan Mabey next up misses a few crucial doubles but still takes his game to a deciding leg, Gwent’s Chris Kirton saved his best leg for last taking the win.¬†Ricky King (24.33) up next playing his 2nd game for Dorset, Ricky goes 2-0 up then hits a 14 dart winning 3rd leg. After 15 darts Gwent sat on tops and with a fist pump hits 10x and pulls a leg back. Ricky goes onto take the win.

Robby Morris next up loses 1-4 leaving a newbie Rob Channing playing his first game for Dorset. Took Rob a while to get going but loses 2-4.

Dorset 3 Gwent 9 

An absolutely nightmare start for Dorset going into Sunday with the scores standing at Dorset 5 Gwent 13.  

THEY THINK ITS ALL OVER springs to mind we will see Sunday’s another day.


apprehensive describes how I’m feeling how can we pull back Gwent’s 8 match lead, or is it a question of damage limitation?Up first Cathy Campbell (21.07) v Tracey Hickey 180 lovely start from Cathy and a 18 dart winning first leg, After 12 darts in the 2nd Cathy on 22 having hit a 177 to leave the 22 and goes 2-0 up. Cathy slow to get going in the 3rd leg and Tracey takes the leg, missed doubles from Cathy and Tracey forces a deciding leg with the darts. A lot of NERVY darts from both players Cathy poking 66 in 3 darts to take the win and was Dorset’s Lady of the Match ( two in a row as LOM at Sussex too).

Julie Frampton up next v Rachel Parnell ( who played yesterday hitting that WOW average of 24.64) ¬†Rachel from tops leaves 5 and can’t find a big one ( that sounds terrible but you know I mean five to rip) Julie can’t find the double leg to Gwent. Julie takes the next three to take the win 3-1. Sam Kirton up next, Sam loses the first two legs (most Un Sam like) then takes the next two and it’s a deciding leg Gwent with the darts. Close deciding leg Sam hitting a ton Jade Hickey (Gwent) hitting two tons and gets first crack at a double, Sam wires double 14 for a 108 shot out returns hits 7x to take the win. Dorset lady’s 3-0 up.

Next Trina Perry, close first leg going to Trina then Trina found her range and wins 3-0 convincingly.Katie Mitchell 19.03)up next against Kaye Paul (17.15) who played yesterday hitting a 18.11 average, evenly matched first leg going to Katie, then scores of a ton and 140 and Katie pokes 4 (no one misses twos) to go 2-0 up. Katie hits back to back tons and goes onto take a 3-0 win, leaving Suzy Trickett up last. Wouldn’t want to be in Suzy’s shoes ( they would pinch to say the least) as Dorset 5-0 up. Suzy didn’t disappoint going into a 2-0 lead then can’t find a twenty let alone the treble and Gwent’s Ceri Stephens pulls a leg back. Suzy hits a 121 to leave 24 and takes a 3-1 win.

Dorset 6 Gwent 0 (what a start suddenly I’m thinking JUST MAYBE.)

Bring out the Men’s A

Up first Daniel Perry (27.62) v Liam Meek.(29.08) ¬†What a cracking game to get the A teams underway. Dan hits a 180 leg to Liam with throw. Dan hits a 140to leave 18 Liam pokes out last dart in hand to go 2-0 up. Dan misses a few doubles but takes the next leg. Both players scoring well Liam goes 3-1 up and pokes a 160 to take a deserved 4-1 win and was Gwent’s Man of the Match hitting a 29.08 average Dans not shabby either 27.62.

Next it’s Ricky King who played yesterday for Dorset hitting a 24.33 average in his 4-1 win. Ricky King (29.32) v Alec Small (27.88) what a game this was Ricky hitting 3 tons and with Alec sat on tops pokes 92 to take first leg with throw. Two 140s and a 105 Alec levels 1-1. Slow start for both players in the 3rd leg just needs a score to get things going sure enough 140s apiece leg with throw. Ricky in the 4th goes¬†180 140 134¬†out in 3 for a 12 dart leg and goes 3-1 up breaking Gwent’s throw both scoring well. A 17-dart break from Gwent then takes the next 3-3 final leg decider. Can Ricky coupe with the pressure? 140 two tons and 92 in two he takes the 4-3 deserved win.

Kevin Smith (25.56) v Mike Fleet (24.70) first two legs went with throw, Kev hits 126 to leave 36 returns takes the leg breaking Gwent’s throw, Gwent break straight back. A 180 at the right time and Kevs 2-3 behind. Both start the 6th legwith 140s and after 12 darts Kevs on 68 which he pokes out in 3 darts to force a deciding leg against the throw. Both had chances at the double Kev takes the win.¬†

Next up Scott Mitchell (27.87) v David Needs (26.83) ¬†Scotts under all the pressure sometimes he’s EXPECTED to win and if he doesn’t will the rest of the A team fold? Scotts opponents always seem to UP THERE GAME, Scott with throw so many scores of 60 mostly on the treble wire David takes the first leg. Scotts 2nd leg ton back to back 140s and wires the bull for a 121 shot out misses 3 at 25 a phone goes off just as David is going for an 82 shot out amazing how loud titles sounds when everyone is so quiet, Scott levels 1-1. Scott misses 36 hits an 18 then a 9 and someone shouts out “GO ON DAVEY BOY” Scotts still got a dart to throw leaving 8 Gwent take the leg. What a 4th leg from BOTH players after 12 Scott on 38 Gwent on 114 leg to Gwent. Scott trailing 1-3 with it ALL to do. Scott on tops Gwent need 109 for the win leg to Scott. (2-3) now needs to break Davids throw. Scott battles hard Gwent need 104 for the win Scott levels. Deciding leg Scott again hitting so many scores of 60 all on the wire Gwent find a 180 Scott a nervy 24 (anyone’s) Scott battles back to take a 4-3 win HARD FOUGHT pressure all on him.

Steven Earley up next coasts into a 3-0 lead then can’t find that winning double losing 3-4 to Nathan Treadgold, Steve to say the least a little gutted.Dale Masterman up next goes 0-2 down then misses numerous doubles so does Gwent leg giving itself up to Dale and he takes the next to level at 2-2. Dale hits a 125 to leave 45 Gwent poke 78 then start the 6th leg with a 180 and go on to take a 4-2 win.

Dorset 3 Gwent 3     (Dorset still trailing by 2 games.)

Richard Wright (26.84) v Scott Ridler (24.72) first four legs all went with throw. After 12 darts Richard on 32 returns hits it 2nd dart 3-2. Richard hits 3 tons on his way to winning 4-2. Robbie Martin (23.63) v Paul Cosslett (26.26) break of throw Gwent take the first leg. Robbie hits a 180 and breaks straight back. All remaining legs go with throw forcing a decider Gwent’s Paul Cosslett misses his chances at the double Robbie a little lucky takes the 4-3 win and Dorset draw level at 16-16 JUST MAYBE.

Tommy Morris (28.44) v Peter Johns (26.95) what an exciting game to watch as always with Tommy Morris. Tommy does all the hard work in the first leg hitting a 180 a 139 but can’t find the double. Different 2nd leg poking 82 to level at 1-1. Close 3rd leg then Peter pokes 120 to take the lead. Great TV darts Tommy levels at 2-2. ¬†5th leg Tommy goes 140 139 and I head the COME ON as he hits a 180 and after 9 he’s on 42, 11 dart leg best of the weekend so far to go 3-2 up. What a 6th leg after 12 Tommy on 66 with throw Gwent on 39, and Tommy takes the win4-2.¬†

Next Danny Pearce v Nathan Perry not the best of games QUALITYwise but Danny does MORE THAN ENOUGH to win 4-0 ( KARMA i believe). Dorset have reached the magical 18 so a draw guaranteed. Next Mark Grimes (30.06) v Nick Kenny (28.23) and what a game this was. After 12 darts Nicks on 32 Marks on 80 leg with throw to Gwent. Mark levels 1-1, then breaks Nicks throw to go 2-1 up.Mark hits a 180 and pokes 117 to go 3-1 up. Great 5th leg Mark hitting 3 tons in a row and had a shot for 96 out but leg to Gwent. Mark needs next leg with throw as we don’t want a deciding leg as Nick would have the darts. Mark o dear not the time to hit a score of 38 but wires 10 x for a ton shot out Nick misses a shot at 60 Mark takes a deserved 4-2 win and was Dorset’s Man of the Match.

Up last Carl Beattie v Chris P Jones and BREATH Dorset has the win. Carl takes the first leg, both miss doubles in the 2nd leg to Carl, then Carl takes the 3rd. Not many supporting from Gwent as Chris hits a 180 and Carl follows with a 180 after 12 darts Carl on  38 Chris on tops leg with throw to Gwent. Carl Beattie goes onto take the win 4-2 


  • Lady’s B 2-4¬†
  • Men’s B 3-9¬†
  • Lady’s A 6-0¬†
  • Men’s A 9-3
  • End result Dorset 20 Gwent 16

Martins thoughts

Hands up who thought Dorset had NO CHANCE of a win after their 5-13 start on Saturday (GUILTY) sorry for doubting my beloved Dorset. What a fightback from our A teams.

Well done to our lady’s A giving us a chance taking a 6-0 win. I don’t like to single anyone out as you know but Ricky King what a find he is for Dorset, Scott what a fightback never gave up, Mark Grimes v Nick Kenny and Tommy Morris v Peter Johns. WOW just WOW.

All the Lady’s A without your unbelievable win we would of had no chance. Everyone gave 100% some were unlucky onto the next game at home again what’re we can do IT ALL AGAIN.

Words: Martin Maidment

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