UKDA: Dorset v West Midlands

The weekend of the 6th-7th November Dorset were playing their 3rd match against West Midlands. Thoughts of bonfire night were none existent only thought were could Dorset follow up from their 20-16 win against Gwent.

Dorset snatched the win from the jaws of defeat after trailing Gwent by 5 matches to 13 after Saturday’s games but taking an unbelievable  20-16 win, so we were very optimistic, to say the least. Nice to have two home games in a row and a definite advantage.

So how did we do?

Up first for Dorset Julie Boggust, Julie a little slow to find her range but has no problems coming out a 3-0 winner. Sally Old (17.08) lady’s captain up next Sally hits a score of 121 to leave 51 which she hits in two darts to take the first leg ( nice nerve settler) and despite ending up at the Madhouse that is double one goes 2-0 up and Sally saved her best scoring leg to last running out a 3-0 winner and was Dorset’s Lady of the Match. Roz Annetts up next chasing a hat trick of winning Lady of the Match takes the first leg poking 54 and runs out 3-1 winner putting Dorset 3-0 up.

Donna Mabbatt next up, Donna well in front in the first leg ending up at double one and despite wiring it several times it just won’t go in, leg going to West Midlands Sarah Maybury. Scores for SHOW doubles tor Dough so true. No looking back from there Donna running out a 3-1 winner and guaranteeing Dorset lady’s  B team a win, now it was just a question of by how many.  Lorraine Woodrow up next in an evenly scoring match against West Midlands Kelly Doleman but this game is all about hitting those doubles Lilly taking a 3-0 win score line not reflecting the game. Up last for Dorset Lin Bellingham v Sophie Singh, not to be for Lin losing 1-3 making Sophie Singh West Midlands Lady of the Match.

But what a tremendous start for Dorset the Lady’s B team winning 5-1.

Onto the Men’s B.

Last match against Gwent, Dorset’s Men’s B only won 3 matches surely we can better that.

Up first for the Men’s B Steve Alden, well perfect start for Steve hitting a 180, unfortunately, it was downhill from there Steve losing 2-4. Damian Mudge next on v Luke Griffiths Damian battled back from 0-2 down to take a 4-2 win. Ryan Mabey up next. Now Ryan never wins easy most games going to a deciding leg, today he comes back from 2-3 down to get a final deciding leg. Ryan had hit a 17 dart leg to level at 2-2 we needed another leg like that now as Ryan against the throw. After 15 darts thrown Ryan sat on tops Paul back on 157. Ryan eventually hitting double two ( no one misses twos) to take a 4-3 win a VERY HAPPY and relieved Ryan.

Next up Terry Gowans making ANOTHER return to County Darts. Terry’s match going to 2-2 then Terry started to find the scores and hit those doubles winning 4-2 ( welcome back Terry) Richie Gomm up next, Richie scores well but can’t find a double going 0-3 down. Richie still scoring well and now hitting the doubles fights back to level at 3-3 . Deciding leg West Midlands Neil Pointon has the throw and that made the difference Richie lost 3-4. Roy Pidgeon up next, Roy never got going losing 1-4. So after 6 games all even at 3-3

Next up team manager John Clark. John playing his first competitive game for two years as getting over a bad arm, John stepping in for Slammer ( Nigel Lamb) who couldn’t make it today. John misses double 18 for the win West Midlands Gareth Watts takes the leg to level at 3-3 and has the throw in the deciding leg, and that made the difference John losing 3-4. Nick Turner v Mike Hampton (24.71) next up Nick poking 124 to take the first leg and he takes the 2nd also. A 180 from Mike and he’s favourite to take the 3rd leg but Mike misses doubles and Nick pokes 65 to go 3-0 up. Mike scores and finishes better to pull two legs back, but Nick Turner takes the 4-2 win and was Dorset’s Man of the Match hitting a 23.98 average. Rob Channing (23.74) v Richard Platt (25.16) up next what a close match this was, Rob poking 101 to go 3-2 up and now with the darts, misses two darts at 32 to take the win Richard poking 25 to level and he goes onto take the win and was West Midlands Man of the Match with his 25.16 average. Richard Perry next up goes 2-1 up but loses 2-4. Mark Porter (Potty 24.79) v Mathew Dicken (25.02)  in a very close match Mathew goes into a 3-0 lead Potty bangs in a 16 dart 4th leg and breaks in the 5th so is 2-3 down but now with throw, 6th leg after just 9 darts Mathews on 170 Potty back on 236 Potty losing 2-4 despite hitting Dorsets highest average. So Dorset’s Men’s B trail 4-7 up last Robby Morris.

How important is this match Dorset could either be going into Sunday with a two-game advantage or all even?

Not the best of starts as John Brinkley (24.27) breaks Robby’s throw. Robby breaks straight back, then takes the next with the throw. John pokes 116 to level at 2-2. Close 3rd leg Robby poking 75 and go 3-2 up John sat on a double. Robby sat on 40 as John pokes 72 to force a deserved deciding leg. Close deciding leg Robby wires tops for a 74 shot out John has 3 darts at 58 Robby takes the 4-3 win having the throw making the difference so the score ending Dorset 5 West Midlands 7 so going into Sunday Dorset have a 2 game advantage leading 10-8 for the first time this season Dorset go into Sunday in front. Great first day for Dorset especially our Girls winning 5-1.

Day 2 Sunday A teams

Sam Kirton (19.61) v Gemma Barrett (16.90) close match going to a deciding leg having the throw made all the difference Sam losing 2-3 and Gemma was West Midlands Lady of the Match. Cathy Campbell (19.19) next up v Claire Hobbs (16.57) another close game going to a deciding leg Cathy saved her best for last going 85 82 121 177 to leave 36 which she hits in two darts for a cracking 14 dart leg to win 3-2. Wow just wow. Follow that Suzy Trickett (21.47) up next who pokes 48 to take the first leg. Suzy out scored in the 2nd leg then hits ton followed by a 180 and gets first crack at a shot out 68 which she hits to go 2-0 up. Suzy hits a 132 to leave tops and takes a 3-0 win and was Dorsets much deserved Lady of the Match her 21.47 average the highest average for the weekend for the Lady’s.

Trina Perry next up has numerous throws at double one it eventually giving itself up to her and she goes 1-0 up but it destroys her average BUT wins are all that matter and she does 3-0. Julie Frampton (17.78) v Shelbie Simmons (15.94) first leg went with throw to Shelbie,  Julie left on 58. Julie hits a ton and a 140 and no messing at the double levels at 1-1. Shelbie a youngster and these youngsters have no fear, Julie misses doubles Shelbie with throw takes the leg. Julie pokes 74 to level and force a deciding leg (been a few of these) Shelbie with throw saved her best scoring leg to last hitting a 85 and two tons and takes the win. Up last Katie Mitchell (19.44) v Kat McLean (20.38) important game this one, Draw if West Midlands take it, win if Dorset do. Close first leg Katie hits 95 to leave tops and takes the leg with throw. Katie back on 119 as West Midlands level at 1-1. Katie hits a 125 and then 94 to leave 55 but wires the double, Kat misses three darts at 52, Katie pinches the leg. (2-1) Legs so far with throw, close 4th leg  both having goes at a double Kat missing 3 @ 32 Katie taking the 3-1 win giving our Lady’s A a 4-2 victory.

Men’s A teams

Steve Earley (26.38) v Michael Baker (26.32) what a high scoring match this was. Steve didn’t do much wrong but clinical finishing from Micheal Baker and Steve loses 1-4.  Carl Beattie v Dean Fullwood so many scores of 60 can’t find the LIPSTICK and finds himself 0-2 down but battles back to go 3-2 up. Dean levels and yet another deciding leg Dean misses 3@48 Carl hits double two to take a 4-3 win, Carl first to admit he was FAR from his best today, BUT it’s all about winning a point which he did. Next up Dan Perry (24.66) v Scott Hall (24.43) what a strange match this was. First four legs went with throw, Scott well in front in the 5th leg leaving 80, then his confidence must of been up as he try’s tops tops to win the leg SCORING 1 two darts above the double top wire( who does that) Dan comes down and PINCHES the leg think Scott still thinking of his error, with Dan now 3-2 up and goes onto take a 4-2 victory. Danny Pearce (24.68) v Ian Jones (23.92) Danny goes into a 2-0 lead misses a few doubles and Ian levels at 2-2. Ian wins 4 legs in a Row Danny losing 2-4.  Scott Mitchell (30.36) v Adam Teasdale (20.02) Scott starts well but really needs someone to push him as Adam is playing Scott Mitchell THE BDO WORLD CHAMP not the dart board ( oh it’s so easy to criticise from down here) and  Scott breaks to go 1-0 up, then starts with a 180 and a 14 dart 2nd leg and he pokes 101 for a 15 dart 3rd leg. Scott coming out an easy 4-0 winner with his 30.36 average the highest of the weekend and YET ANOTHER Man of the Match for Scott.

Next up Dale Masterman ( The Big Show 24.82) v Darren Williams (27.97). Dale goes 0-2 down, then hits a 180 then onto hitting a 138 to leave 16 and he takes the leg. Dale Masterman does little wrong but loses 1-4 Darren Williams the man on form his 27.97 and win giving him West Midlands Man of the Match. So all even at 3-3

Robbie Martin (24.13) v Gavin Baker (25.46) yet another cracking match. Robbie races into a 2-0 lead Gavin takes next with the darts. Robbie misses 3@40 Gavin levels 2-2. Next two legs with the darts yes another deciding leg against the throw, squeaky bum time both had chances Robbie leaves double one returns to shouts of ONE UP ONE IN he doesn’t listen hitting it first dart to take the 4-3 win. Next Tommy Morris ( Tommy Gun 28.23) v Wayne Willis ( 21.65) Tommy FAST & FURIOUS blink and you will miss it yes he’s fast. Tommy hits a 180 on his way to a 13 dart first leg. Tommy hits 4 tons and  60 to leave 41 nice 17 dart 2nd leg. A fist pump from Tommy as he hits his 2nd 180 and pokes 56 to go 3-0 up and throwing some great darts. 4th leg so many scores of 60 all resting on the treble wire then a 140 to leave 100 then 60 to leave tops and it’s all over GREAT TO WATCH and a 4-0 win 28.23 average too.

Kevin Smith (24.00) next up his game one of broken throws as first 5 legs all won against throw giving Kevin a 3-2 advantage. JUST HOLD YOUR THROW KEV and he does to take a 4-2 win. Richard Wright (23.09) v Ash Khayat (25.30)  his match going to 2-2 then Ash went up a gear Richard losing 2-4. Mark Grimes (25.18) v Shaun Carroll (25.61) Marks birthday today I think he might of had one or two (too many) Newcastle Ales although looking at the way he played I think he was just a little unlucky. Mark hits a 137  to leave 16 but wires 8x 4x 2x ending up at the Madhouse leg to Shaun. Mark hits a 140 leaving 80 out (the proper way) in three darts to level. Mark breaks to go 2-1 up, Shaun hits a 131 to leave 32 and levels at 2-2.  A 180 from Shaun and he goes on to take the leg. Mark loses 2-4, leaving Ricky King on last for an important game Dorset winning 6-5 draw or win?

Rickie King (27.09) v John Morris (26.29) what a cracking game this was SO MUCH RED PEN first three legs went with throw, Two tons and a 123and 96 to leave 83 and Ricky looks favourite to take the leg but John hits a 180 to leave 60 both miss chances Ricky poking 11 to go 3-1 up. Great 5th leg from John poking 86 on the bull and he also takes the next to level at 3-3. Deciding leg at least we have the throw. Here’s ware we see if Ricky’s got any bottle as last leg decider is nervy ever-time. Great deciding leg from both after 15 darts Ricky on 40 John on 50  Rickie takes the win giving Dorset’s Men’s A a 7-5 win end result Dorset 21 West Midlands 15

Martins thoughts

Well played Dorset 3 wins and only Men’s B losing we seem to be getting better each game. 3 weeks and we go again Away to Oxfordshire. Women yet again setting everything up for us today.Sometimes you need a little rub of luck this weekend we had a mix of both good and bad. Some great games from both teams and I enjoyed watching them all. Nice start for Terry Gowans he always was a little lucky I seem to remember.  Couple of newbies joining us for the Oxfordshire game look forward to meeting you.


Women’s B. 5-1
Men’s  B       5-7
Women’s A  4-2
Men’s.  A.    7-5

Dorset 21 West Midlands 15


Words: Martin Maidment

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