Firestorm: Winmau Return To Their Peak

Joe Reid reviews a 2022 dart that bridges the gap between action and aesthetics, the Firestorms have, so far, received nothing but rave reviews from darts fans and reviewers alike. 

Their striking Winmau Onyx Performance coating, coupled with the blue, green, and yellow grooves, certainly helps to create a visually striking barrel. 

Breakdown and Specifications

  • Steel Tip – 22g
  • Length: 50.80mm
  • Width: 6.35mm
  • Tungsten Percentage: 90%
  • Points: Winmau 32mm Black
  • Stems: Winmau Vecta Short
  • Flights: Winmau Prism Alpha
  • Coating: Winmau Onyx Performance
  • Price: £49.95

The darts combine a mixture of lateral and longitudinal grooves across the barrel, creating a style of mill-grip exclusive to Firestorm.

Firestorm are available in four steel tip weights (22-28g), and a soft tip counterpart. With each weight increase, the barrel increases in width between 0.15mm and 0.35mm, while the length of the barrel remains consistent throughout. The darts feature a full-length grip, ensuring they can be effectively used by those familiar with a straight barrel dart, regardless of your grip position.

Testers Views

While I was already fascinated by the visual appeal of the dart, I was further intrigued by the grip itself, and how Winmau had developed what they call the ‘latest mill-grip technology’.

I found the longitudinal cuts to be the area of prominence in terms of what I could physically feel, which I personally felt helped me in keeping the darts straight and direct. Strangely, the darts didn’t feel circular to hold, but more octagonal, with the eight longitudinal grooves seemingly separating flattened rings.

The Onyx Performance coating offered a softer feel than if the barrels were plain tungsten. This meant that, for myself, the barrels were comfortable to hold – especially after longer periods of use. The soft-feel coating will quickly warm up, providing the player with yet another dimension of grip. I was a little concerned, however, with the position of the coating. Thankfully, after a few hours of use, there was no evident sign of wear, despite the heavier weight of the barrels I was using, coupled with my aggressive throw.


To complete the setup, Winmau has opted for a 32mm black point, as well as standard shape flights and short Vecta stems. The point offers a substantial board grip when compared to its silver counterparts. Complimenting the overall look of the barrel, the points are a perfect fit.

The Vecta stems feature an aluminium tip, which locks your flights in place without the need for springs or rings. Tried and tested by many of Winmau’s sponsored players the Vecta stems seem to be becoming a popular choice for those tired of picking fallen flights up off of the floor. 

Independent Thoughts

Gareth Murray, invested in these darts shortly after their release. He informed me that they are “simply one of the best-looking darts I have ever seen. I had to buy a set as soon as I saw them”. Gareth also commented on the multi-dimensional feel, stating “they almost [feel] hexagonal when I roll them between my fingers on my backswing when throwing”.


The darts are available for just £49.95 and can be purchased directly through Red Dragon Darts and all good darts stores worldwide.

Closing Thoughts

It’s rare in this day and age to see a dart truly unique, but Winmau has knocked it out of the park. I, for one, am hoping this is the first of a long line of darts to incorporate the mill-grip seen on the Firestorm.

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