West Midlands Review: A Packed Festive Season

Warwickshire finished 2021 in style in the UKDA National League’s Elite Premier Division but will have a delay to their 2022 fixtures as their opener for the New Year this coming weekend should have been an away game against Glamorgan but due to the Welsh COVID-19 restrictions, it has been cancelled.

Fixture number six this coming weekend for the West Midlands in the AON Championship Division of the UKDA’s National League will once again be no easy task for the Midlanders as they will host Hertfordshire who are placed fourth in the promotional table, some five places above them and are 19 points to the good on them.

No game for the Black Country this coming weekend in the Darts for Windows Division Three of the UKDA National League as they have a bye.

Local League Round Up

The Four Oaks and District League have reached the halfway point of their season, a 6-3 win for Boldmere St Mikes at Golden Hind cementing their place at the top of the division one table. Boldmere have completed the first half having won all nine games giving them a lead of four points over second in the division Erdington Arrows who had a close 5-4 home win over fourth in the table Red Lion. Taking over third place in the table from Red Lion is Highcroft Social whose 6-3 win at Oscott Social Club puts them on 12 points, two more than Red Lion.

N.Robins hit this week’s only 180 when his team Pint Pot Flights beat Old Oscott Arrows 5-4. 

The top two teams in the second division both recorded 8-1 wins, leaders Heartlands winning at St Thomas Arrows while second-placed Bishop Vesey won at Sutton Sharks.  

The highest scoring, and by far the best game of the week came from Charley’s Flights and Bills Arrows. In a local derby they fought out a ding dong battle with Charley’s Flights emerging 5-4 victors. The win seeing Charley’s Flights replace their opponents in fourth place in the table.

Full Results: Game 9:

Division One:- Walmley CSC Flights 6 (A.Cooksey 108b,3×100, J.Kavanagh 100,140, P.Moran 160b, W.Cadby 2×100, S.Wilson 123,4×100, G.Gaughan 108,100) Golden Hind Lions 3 (M.Pearce 121, M.Deathridge 101b,100b,140, J.Clarke 116b,108f,137,132, A.Lilley 100, N.Goldie 125,100, D.Haynes 100b), Golden Hind 3 (T.O’Kereke 2×100, W.Naylor 110,140,121,137, 8 darts game, R.Hiett 132) Boldmere St Mikes 6 (B.Linnecor 140,125, R.Johnson 100b, M.McFall 139,2×100,140, C.Millward jnr 112b,125, M.Ashton 100), Erdington Arrows 5 (K.Smith 3×100, C.Winters 2x112b,2×100,140,125, C.Hill 2×100, J.West 112b, T.Colley 100b,100f) Red Lion 4 (B.Hughes 106b, B.Lysaght 140,100, J.Collins 100, D.Vickers 109b,111b,2×100, D.Lowe 100b), Oscott Social Club 3 (P.Graham 100, D.Shannon 120b,2×100, G.Bushell 120b,2×140,126,2×100,9 darts game) Highcroft Social 6 (K.Shorthouse 100,140, S.Shorthouse 140, T.Pallett 121, S.Pritchett 135,100), Pint Pot Flights 5 (J.Moon 140, N.Robbins 101,180, P.Smith 128) Old Oscott Arrows 4 (M.Page 100, P.Locke 120b,100,140, L.Jones 100, A.Lea 100,105f,125, B.Hoare 140,125), Division Two:- Deers Leap 8 (S.Kelly 100, Jamie Sabin 2×100, T.Kelly 100, T.Ross 100, Ant Kimberley 119, R.Nolan 121, R.Batham 100) Sutton Sharks 1 (J.Harris 100,119, C.Gardener 2×100, J.Whale 140, P.Hyde 101,120, Jack Boden 100,105), Bishop Vesey 8 (N.Smallwood 140,100b,100,105, N.Sammons 112b, D.Walton 137, C.Sammons 101b, A.Jones 100) Erdington Flyers 1 (H.Sadler 2×100,140, K.Tooze 100, L.Cooksey 2×100,127), St Thomas Arrows 1 (J.Lynch 137, R.Nelson 6×100, P.Andrews 120) Heartlands 8 (I.Jones 100, J.Rogers 2×140,100, S.McCormack 100,140, John Frost 121), Charley’s Flights 5 (P.Nicholls 3×100,135, T.Hines 120,100, R.Barritt 100, J.Burdett 122,121,3×100, A.Barber 160b, R.Franks 100) Bills Arrows 4 (G.Averill 136b,120b, P.Ellis 100, E.Groves 100,119, R.McLaughlin 105,2×100,120, D.Bond 135,2×100, M.Cooper 100), Plough and Arrows 6 (D.Hughes 130, M.Willetts 135) Rosey Mac’s 3 (N.Bradley 2×123,100, S.Wright 100, J.Stokes 140, J.

With all teams having played eleven games the Kings Norton League have completed the first half of their fixture card and league leaders Copper Fox consolidated their pole position with a crucial and maybe title-winning 6-1 win playing away against their nearest rivals, second in the table E57. The win has taken Copper’s points tally to 20 giving them a two-point buffer on their opponents.

A further two points behind E57 comes three teams all on 16 points, Bournebrook, Rubery Legion and Thurlestone. Bournebrook were also 6-1 winners in their away game against next to bottom of the table Grant Arms, Rubery Legion were involved in a local derby with Rubery Social Club and came out the 5-2 victors and in their home fixture with Toby Jug, Thurlestone were held to a close 4-3 win.

Full Results:Game 11:- Grant Arms 1 (P.Taylor 129, S.Campbell 100,101,109,113, N.Smith 100, P.Smith 100, M.Davies 100) Bournebrook 6 (T.Jeffs 100, L.Arnold 121,134, T.Cullen 2×100, K.Mason 139,2×140, D.Collins 100,180, C.Ryan 117,153, M.Bathurst 2×100,130, T.Bathurst 125), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 2 (D.Whitecombe 100,140, C.Davenport 100, T.Shaw 110, P.Corbett 100,105, S.Carr 100, S.Corbett 121,140, S.Brown 2×100,140) Cock Inn 5 (P.Hughes 100,140, L.Fox 100,121, A.Harvey 2×100,111,121,125, Joe Fox 100, K.Vaughan 3×100,138), Rubery Legion 5 (J.Higgins 4×100, M.Cromwell 121, J.O’Neill 100,125,160, A.Faulkner 100, J.Grainger 100,123, J.Ford 100,125) Rubery Social Club 2 (G.Bailles 3×100, L.Pearce 2×100, M.Malone 100), E57 1 (E.Bird 100, D.Logan 3×100, J.Calt 100, N.Porter 2×100,140, T.Roberts 2×100, R.Morris 2×100,140, A.Mutch 3×100) Copper Fox 6 (E.Simpson 4×100,140, C.Whitehouse 100, D.Marsh 2×100, K.Bedder 2×100,125,180, J.Best 4×100,121, T.Hamilton 2×100,180, R.Mann 2×100, K.Bedder 180), Northfield 7 (J.McGlone 100, L.Allen 100, Mlloyd 3×100,118, J.Taylor 3×100,2×125,135,140, L.Preece 100, P.Draper 100) Kings Heath 0 (J.Bridges 120, A.Homer 2×100,118,140, R.Hampton 125,135, S.Morris 132, P.Hunt 125), Thurlestone 4 (D.Garfield 2×100,121, D.Peace 2×100,123, R.Waldron 2×100,2×140, T.Garfield 2×100,2×123, J.Downer 108,125, A.Deeley 2×100, B.Andrews 100) Toby Jug 3 (A.Phillips 2×100,121, B.Heath 100,117,124,133, A.Aindow 100, M.Bennet 140, R.Packer 100,125, M.Mooney 2×100, S.Jacques 100).

Just one rearranged fixture played in the Camp Hill League which saw league leaders Aston Inn Nomads win 5-2 playing away against Meadway Social.

Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League staged the final of their John Walters Knockout Trophy between league leaders Old Bulls Head and third in the league Gornal Labour Club. It was a very close encounter, after the six singles games the score was level at 3-3 but it was Old Bulls Head who went on to seal a 5-4 win to lift the trophy.

The Open Road – Knockouts Return

The Christmas / New Year period has seen quite a few knockouts throughout the region. In the Birmingham Weekend of Darts held at the Weoley Castle Working Men’s Club, Saturday’s Classic knockouts saw Luke Littler beat Rhys Haden 6-3 to take the men’s title plus the top prize of £1,000, Hayden received £400. The ladies’ title and £500 went to Vicky Pruim who beat West Midlands player Jacqueline Maiden 6-3 in the final, Jacqueline getting £230 as runner-up.   

Sunday’s Open Knockouts produced a 6-4 win in the men’s final in favour of Rob Smith who collected £1,200 for his troubles and runner-up Dave Pallett received £500. The ladies Open winner was Paula Jacklin who clinched the title with a final 6-4 verdict over Evonne Taylor. Once again there was £500 for the winner and £230 for the runner-up.

Neil Pritchard presents winners cheque to
Prakash Jiwa

Hen Lane Social Club was the setting for the Coventry Christmas Open, the final producing a pulsating climax to what was a fantastic day of darts. 

The last encounter of the day went the full eleven legs distance with Prakash Jiwa having his lead cancelled out three times by Chris Wickenden, Wickenden then actually taking the lead for the first time in the seventh leg.

Jiwa drew level in the eighth and forged ahead for a fourth time in the ninth only to see his opponent check out in 13 darts in the tenth to force a deciding leg.

With the first throw advantage, a 60 game shot in 17 darts Warwickshire County player Prakash Jiwa wrapped up the top prize and the title with a 6-5 victory.

Gilbert’s Bar staged a Christmas Knockout which attracted an encouraging 76 players. The final was fought out between Shane Sheridan from Wednesbury and Worcester man Richard Hosey with Sheridan getting the better of the 6-3 result. 

As winner Sheridan received £400 and Hosey, for runner-up collected £200. There was £75 for each of the losing semi-finalists Rob Thompson (Walsall) and Shane Price (West Bromwich), with £20 for the losing quarter-finalists  Scott Hope (Tamworth), Jack Moore (Exeter), Simon Mountford (Droitwich), Jon Blakemore (Walsall). Players going out in the last sixteen also received £10 they were Owen Maiden, Tom Clarke, James Hykin, Ben Johnson, Steve Groucott, Adam Johnson, Chris Hill, Ryan O’Connor. 

In the first round losers, Plate Knockout Ricky Clarke (Kidderminster) picked up the winner’s £50 after beating Chris Fox (Gornal) 4-2 in the final, Fox received £25.

The Ashwood, Stourbridge laid on a Christmas Doubles Knockout with Nick Fullwell and Reece Colley adding to their Christmas coffers a super £300 after beating Ben Johnson and Rob Thompson in the final, as runners-up Johnson and Thompsons picked up £100.

There was £50 for each pair losing in the semi-finals Adam Edgar / Ali Hickinbottom and Rich Bowen / Dan Nicholls. 

Following the main event, there was a singles knockout afterward in which Reece Colley (£150) completed the double by defeating Mark Rollinson (£80) in the final. Losing semi-finalists Matthew Moore and Rich Bowen had £40 each while players going out in the last eight Matthew Davies, Connor Pickett, Josh Pickett, and Alan Smith received £10.


Words: Alan Towe ( @Toweminator)

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