In Your League: Alan Towe gives a West Midlands Round-Up

The Four Oaks and District League have been involved in their Coronation Shield and Norman Day Cup, in the former the leaders of division one Bodmere St Mikes and the leaders of division two Heartlands squared up to each other with Boldmere emerging the 10-5 victors. The only all-division-one clash was a local derby between Old Oscott Arrows and Oscott Social Club which produced a nail-biting 8-7 win for Old Oscott Arrows. 

The remainder of the fixtures saw division one teams matched against division two opponents and saw Red Lion win 13-2 at Charley’s Flights and Golden Hind win 10-5 at Plough and Arrows, 

There were two maximums in the Coronation Shield supplied by J.Morris (Golden Hind) and P.Graham (Oscott Social Club).

In the Norman Day Cup it was the luck of the draw again as three division one sides faced second division opponents. Golden Hind Lions beat Erdington Flyers 12-3, Highcroft Social won 10-5 against Deer’s Leap and Walmley CSC Flights defeated Bills Arrows 10-5. The match between St Thomas Arrows and Sutton Sharks was postponed. 

Full Results: Coronation Cup: Round Two:- Boldmere St Mikes 10 (C.Millward jnr 121b,140,2×100, D.Jarvis jnr 125,100, M.Wild 2×100, J.Liggins 140,3×100,137,125, B.Linnecor 2×140,3×100,116,112b,125,17 darts game, C.Millward jnr 140,17 darts game) Heartlands 5 (I.Jones 105b, G.McCormack 2×100,133, Jim Frost 4×100,155f, J.Rogers 3×100, S.McCormack 100, S.Cain 101b,100), Charley’s Flights 2 (A.Barber 100,102, J.Franks 100, J.Burdett 2×100, P.Nicholls 100, R.Vann 2×100) Red Lion 13 (J.Collins 107,140, D.Vickers 111b,140,100,121, B.Lysaght 100, B.Hughes 100, L.Vickers 100,112, M.Corfield 100, T.Vickers 140, R.Lowe 140), Old Oscott Arrows 8 (M.Page 125,138, B.Hoare 100,121, M.Maher 100,123, P.Locke 100,3×140,125, A.Lea 121,122f, D.Page 100) Oscott Social Club 7 (P.Graham 100b,180, A.Whitehouse 140,3×100, T.Purcell 110b, T.Whyley 100,110b, G.Bushell 136, D.Shannon 118), Plough and Arrows 5 (A.Gough 2×140,2×100,105b, A.Humphriss 3×100,120, K.Gow 148b,4×100,140, D.Hughes 100, A.Nicholls 130b,100) Golden Hind 10 (B.Stephens 2×100,106f, J.Morris 180,140,125, A.Kimberley 2×100,120, F.Naylor 112b,125,2×100, W.Naylor 4×100,140, R.Hiett 2×100), Norman Day Cup:Round Two:- Golden Hind Lions 12 (J.Mahon 120,140, K.Brown 100,140, J.Clarke 100,116,140,120b,134) Erdington Flyers 3 (H.Sadler 2×100,140, L.Cooksey 100), Highcroft Social 10 (K.Neale 102b,100b,2×100, S.Shorthouse 2×100, K.Shorthouse 120b,100,140,100b, T.Pallett 100) Deers Leap 5 (Ant Kimberley 100, T.Ross 2×100, S.Kelly 100b,100, T.Kelly 3×100,123,120f), Walmley CSC Flights 10 (A.Cooksey 142b,140,126,100, W.Cadby 100, S.Wilson 140, G.Gaughan 140,100) Bills Arrows 5 (M.Cooper 3×100,114f,15 darts game, D.Bond 140, G.Averill 118b,125,140,100b,108f,15 darts game).

Kings Norton

As the Kings Norton League kicked off the second half of their season leaders Copper Fox consolidated their number one spot with a 5-2 home win over Rubery Social Club to take their points tally to 22. Second in the table, E57 had a closer 4-3 result playing away against Northfield to leave them two points adrift of the leaders. 

Bournebrook are placed third, they won 5-2 at Rubery Legion leaving them four points off the top but seeing their hosts drop from fourth to fifth in the table with Thurlestone, who won their home tie with Kings Heath 5-2 replacing them in fourth place trailing Bournebrook by just a couple of legs of average.

No joy for the bottom two teams as they both lost their home games by narrow 4-3 results, bottom of the table Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club losing to Toby Jug and next to bottom Grant Arms losing to Cock Inn, Kings Norton still without a point after playing twelve games.

Full Results: Game 12:- Rubery Legion 2 (J.Higgins 100,125,140, A.Faulkner 100,140, R.Higgins 100,2×140, K.Manger 2×100, J.O’Neill 3×100, J.Ford 140, J.Higgins 115f) Bournebrook 5 (T.Jeffs 5×100, D.Collins 2×100, T.Cullen 100, C.Ryan 100, M.Bathurst 100,105,131), Copper Fox 5 (E.Simpson 100,135,140, C.Whitehouse 135,140,180, M.Hamilton 119, D.Marsh 5×100, J.Best 100,140, G.Dews 2×100,2×140) Rubery Social Club 2 (M.Ferriday 105, A.Chatterton 125, G.Bailles 100,125, A.Bailles 3×100,120), Northfield 3 (M.Lloyd 100, L.Preece 3×100,121, L.Allen 100, J.Taylor 100) E57 4 (N.Porter 100, D.Logan 120, T.Roberts 100, R.Morris 2×100, A.Mutch 100), Grant Arms 3 (P.Taylor 100,135,137, N.Smith 125, P.Smith 121, D.Campbell 100,125, V.Walton 123) Cock Inn 4 (P.Hughes 100,108f, B.Nolan 108, L.Fox 100,140, Joe Fox 100, K.Vaughan 2×100,140), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 3 (C.Davenport 2×100, D.Whitecombe 100,118, P.Corbett 100, S.Brown 100) Toby Jug 4 (S.Phillips 100,121, B.Heath 2×100, R.Packer 100,125, S.Jacques 100,124, M.Mooney 100), Thurlestone 5 (J.Downer 100,105, T.Garfield 100,140,114f, R.Waldron 3×100, A.Deeley 100,111f) Kings Heath 2 (A.Homer 140, J.Tulloch 100, M.Marshall 2×100,120,180, R.Hampton 2×100,140).

Sheldon & District

It was not a good start to 2022 for Langley Arrows in the premier division of the Sheldon and District Winter League as they lost 5-4 at home to Dunky’s Boys, not only losing the fixture but also their pole position in the division as they dropped to third place, on the same ten points as their victors who have moved up one place to second. New leaders for the division are Sheldon Marlborough Arrows, their convincing 7-2 win at Hobs Meadow giving them a perfect score of twelve points from their six games and a two points lead over nearest rivals Dunky’s and Langley Arrows.

A 5-4 win over Hornet sees Iron Horse Flights take over the number four spot from Highwood Gerry’s Boys who lost 5-4 at home to Mackadown Social.

In division one the results did not alter the league positions. Sheldon Dukes made it six wins in as many games when they won 5-4 playing away against previous leaders Kingshurst Labour, they remain at the top of the table with Kingshurst still second but like third-placed Hollywood Social are four points adrift of Sheldon and Hollywood also have a game in hand on Kingshurst.

As Langley Arrows lost pole position in the premier division, Langley Flights did exactly the same in division two as they were ousted from the top perch after losing 6-3 at Willclare Sports and Social who have replaced them in the number one spot on ten points from an unbeaten five games. Langley are on the eight points from six games and drop to third in the table behind Journeys End whose 5-4 win at Sheldon Marlborough Ridge puts them on the same ten points as Willclare but again from six games.  

Full Results: Game 6:Premier Division:- Langley Arrows 4 Dunky’s Boys 5 (Andy Hutchings 7 darts game), Iron Horse Flights 5 Hornet 4, Hobs Meadow 2 (Stephen Bellion 180, Pete Vasey 104f) Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 7 (Paul Wallace 180), Highwood Gerry’s Boys 4 Mackadown Social 5, Division One:- Yardley Ex Colts 4 Maggies 5, Kingshurst Labour Club 4 Sheldon Dukes 5 (Anthony Dews 111f, Lee Moluneux 10 darts game), Division Two:- Hampton and Solihull CC 4 Raven 5, Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 4 Journeys End 5, Willclare Sports and Social 6 (Frank Dixon 120f) Langley Flights 3 (Lee Harris 10 darts game). 

Netherton Thursdays

Dudley Ex-Serviceman’s Club, leaders of the Netherton Thursday Night League could not have wished for a better start to the New Year as they travelled to take on their nearest rivals second in the table Old Hill Cricket Club. The result was an emphatic 7-2 win for the Ex-Serviceman’s Club to take their points tally to 33 from thirteen games. The Cricket Club drop to third place but are now some six points adrift of the leaders and have played fourteen games.

Townsend Club move up one place from third, they also have played fourteen games and are on 30 points,  three points off the top after winning their home game with Fairfield 6-3. Bulls Head in fourth place are on the same 27 points as Old Hill Cricket Club, they won 5-4 at Netherton Sports and Social.   

Full Results: Game 14:- Netherton Sports and Social 4 Bulls Head 5, Townsend Social Club 6 Fairfield 3, Old Hill Cricket Club 2 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 7, Netherton Conservative Club 1 Spring Meadow Social Club 8.

Camp Hill

There were just two rearranged fixtures played in the Camp Hill League which saw leaders Aston Inn Nomads make it fourteen undefeated games with a 5-2 win at Meadway Social. Second, in the League Sheldon Marlborough Flights have a game in hand on Aston but are a huge eight points behind them.

In the other fixture played Tyseley Newbies beat bottom of the table Sedgemere Devils 5-2.

Full Results: Rearranged Fixtures:- Sedgemere Devils 2 Tyseley Newbies 5, Meadway Social 2 Aston Inn Nomads 5.

Stourbridge and District

The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League played their Doubles Knockout down to the last eight pairs and winning through to the quarter finals were, C.Moreton/A.Moreton, A.Marson / J.Harper (Ten Arches ‘A’), D.Simpson / A.Batham (Ten Arches ‘B’), N.Cooper / J.Batham (White Horse), M.Pritchard / D.Fox, C.Slater / L.Davies (Bird in Hand ‘A’), A.Smith / J.Churchill (Bird in Hand ‘E’), T.Stockton / J.Wrench (Raven).


Words: Alan Towe

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