You Bet: The Seniors

PHIL Taylor is the firm favourite with the sponsors Jenningsbet to claim the inaugural World Seniors Championship title this weekend. The ‘You Bet’ crew have a look at some other value in the field:

The Favourite:

Taylor leads a star-studded lineup of former World Champions, major winners all over the age of 50 and two qualifiers from open events last November.

The 16-time World Champion will return to the Circus Tavern in Purfleet from February 3-6 – home to some of the PDC’s most memorable moments throughout the 90s and early 2000s.

Taylor, 61, retired from professional competition in 2018 but has remained active in exhibitions and online events in recent years and has been practicing with his grandson in the build-up to the event.

The Stoke on Trent thrower is one of eight seeds who come into the tournament for the Second Round stage and will play the winner of Peter Manley and Deta Hedman.

Jenningsbet, the sponsor, make Taylor 4/5 to claim the World Seniors Championship trophy.

Next Up

Robert Thornton follows in the market at 6/1. Former UK Open and World Grand Prix winner is decent form and, despite a disappointing PDC Qualifying School, his regular Modus Live League appearances have seen him maintain a high level of performance.

Thornton faces former World Champion Bob Anderson with the winner taking on Trina Gulliver, though ‘The Thorn’ is in the top half of the draw alongside Taylor, the two could meet in the Semi-Finals. Thornton is one of few who can claim major final victories of The Power and is not intimidated.

The Other Half

Martin Adams has been shortened in the outright market from 12/1 to 15/2, with ‘Wolfie’ placed in the bottom half of the draw away from Taylor and having produced some superb form moments in the Live League.

Singapore legend Paul Lim follows at 16/1 and is in good enough nick to have qualified for December’s PDC World Championship. Lim has been in constant competitive action in one form or another and despite being amongst the older generation has a remarkable record of success and longevity.

The Team’s Value Pick:

The USA’s Larry Butler may be the least talked about the genuine threat in the field. Despite being in his mid-60s Butler is still highly active and utterly unflappable. He was winning, and reaching event finals, in the USA in recent months and has always risen to the occasion. Could the inaugural PDC World Matchplay Champion grab another slice of darts history? At 40/1, and in the right half of the draw, an each-way bet look a nice option.

The Dark Horse

Lisa Ashton, who also featured at Ally Pally, was handed a place in the event pull-outs caused some changes and is 18/1 to claim glory and lift the trophy. Ashton is in good general form and whilst not quite remaining in the elite PDC 128 she made history by getting there and is in sharp competitive condition and used to playing big games every week. The Legend darts thrower should not be overlooked.

The Greatest Generation:

As a final note, we should mention that some of the odds for the most senior members of the field border on disrespect, in our opinion. These are phenomenally competitive and successful people who will not wish to look bad or spoil their stellar reputations.

It would be no surprise if Bob Anderson worried Thornton or if the winner of Warriner-Little vs Butler went a long way and caused upsets. Others may cause shocks or severely test their younger counterparts.

Without the ‘Greatest Generation’ this event would not exist and for that, amongst many things, we should be very grateful indeed.

For more on what’s in store over the next few days check out Thomas Bartley’s piece on ‘Unleashing the Seniors’.

World Seniors Championship Odds:

  • Taylor, Phil 4/5
  • Thornton, Robert 6/1
  • Adams, Martin 15/2
  • Warren, Wayne 12/1
  • Lim, Paul 16/1
  • Jenkins, Terry 18/1
  • Ashton, Lisa 18/1
  • Painter, Kevin 25/1
  • O`shea, Tony 33/1
  • Deller, Keith 40/1
  • Fitton, Darryl 40/1
  • Butler, Larry 40/1
  • Howson, Richie 40/1
  • Part, John 50/1
  • Walton, John 66/1
  • Prins, Dave 66/1
  • Scholten, Roland 80/1
  • Manley, Peter 200/1
  • Lowe, John 200/1
  • Warriner, Alan 200/1
  • Anderson, Bob 200/1
  • Hedman, Deta 200/1
  • Wallace, Les 200/1
  • Gulliver, Trina 250/1

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