In Your League: West Midlands

After a single lapse in division one of the Four Oaks and District League leaders, Boldmere St Mikes resumed winning ways by beating Old Oscott Arrows 6-3 to give them a total of 22 points, two more than second-placed Erdington Arrows who won their home tie with bottom of the table Oscott Social Club 6-3.

Third in the division, Red Lion somewhat surprisingly lost 7-2 at home to Golden Hind who are seventh in the division to leave them only two points behind their hosts who in turn are a massive ten points off the top of the table.

In a tight match Golden Hind Lions, who are just two places off the foot of the division took the last game to win 5-4 against fourth-placed Highcroft Social. 

The second division produced a top-of-the-table clash between Heartlands and Bishop Vesey which was won decisively by leaders Heartland 6-3 to give them a two-point lead at the top of the division.

Rosey Mac’s man N.Bradley hit as many tons as the opposition side Erdington Flyers put together but it was still not enough to save his team from a close 5-4 defeat.

Full Results: Game 12:Division One:- Red Lion 2 (B.Lysaght 140, M.Corfield 140, R.Lowe 2×100,135, D.Lowe 105b) Golden Hind 7 (A.Kimberley 105b, B.Stephens 120,106f, D.Pickering 180, F.Naylor 100,120, W.Naylor 112b,3×100,2×140,104, J.Greaves 100,123), Erdington Arrows 6 (K.Smith 100, T.Colley 105b,100, C.Hill 100, S.Winters 120b,3×100,137, C.Winters 100) Oscott Social Club 3 (D.Hodgkins 125, D.Shannon 100, A.Whitehouse 140,2×100,116, I.Lloyd 100,117, G.Bushell 2×100), Old Oscott Arrows 3 (B.Hoare 134, P.Locke 121,3×100, M.Page 140, L.Jones 2×100, A.Lea 115) Boldmere St Mikes 6 (B.Linnecor 133, M.Wild 2×100,115f, M.Ashton 120b,100, C.Millward snr 127,100, C.Millward jnr 2×100, B.Liggins 140), Golden Hind Lions 5 (J.Mahon 125, J.Clarke 100,129f, M.Deathridge 4×100, N.Goldie 101b,100, M.Pearce 120b, A.Day 100) Highcroft Social 4 (K.Shorthouse 134,100, K.Neale 116,4×100, S.Pritchett 2×100,116, T.Pallett 100), Pint Pot Flights 3 (P.Southall 100, P.Smith 120b,2×100, M.Pearson Bagnall 120,137,3×100, J.Moon 100, N.Robbins 100) Walmley CSC Flights 6 (A.Cooksey 3×100,102,148f, W.Cadby 120, G.Gaughan 100,121, K.Green 125,2×100,154, J.Kavanagh 2×100), Division Two:- Heartlands 6 (A.Downes 4×100, Matthew Cain 112b,114,100,134, S.Cain 2x105b,121,160b,2×100,131, C.Austin 100b, Jim Frost 100,140, L.Jones 123,100, John Frost 120b,100) Bishop Vesey 3 (C.Sammons 100b,120b, N.Smallwood 120, A.France 134, S.Abbott 100,123, A.Jones 118b,100), St Thomas Arrows 3 (P.Andrews 105, R.Nelson 125,140, M.Avery 100b, G.Stait 140,100,125) Charley’s Flights 6 (P.Nicholls 105b,100,2×121), Rosey Mac’s 4 (A.Poole 100, N.Bradley 160b,2×140,120b,100,101f, S.Wright 100) Erdington Flyers 5 (R.Leonnard 120, L.Cooksey 3×100, H.Sadler 100,140), Sutton Sharks 2 (J.Boden 105b,100, J.Whale 120b, J.Meadows 100, N.Holmes 100) Bills Arrows 7 (G.Averill 100, D.Bond 100, R.McLaughlin 120b,140).

No changes in the top eight places and big wins for the top three teams in the Kings Norton League as they completed their sixteenth fixtures. Leaders Copper Fox had a 6-1 home win over next to bottom of the table Kings Heath while second placed E57 went one better in their away game against bottom team Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club when they handed their hosts a 7-0 whitewash to remain four points off the top of the table. Third in the league Rubery Legion, like the league leaders won 6-1 as they defeated Northfield to give them 24 points the same number as fourth placed Thurlestone who had a rather close 4-3 win at Grant Arms who are just two places off the foot of the table.

The only change in the table this week was that of Rubery Social Club, who beat Toby Jug 5-2 to move above Grant Arms.

Full Results:Game 16:- Rubery Legion 6 (J.Higgins 3×100, M.Ivory 101, R.Higgins 100,123, J.Grainger 2×100,120, J.O’Neill 5×100,140, A.Faulkner 2×100,140, J.Ford 100) Northfield 1 (M.Lloyd 125,2×180, L.Allen 140, H.Taylor 100,140, P.Walton 121, J.Taylor 2×100,123), Bournebrook 3 (D.Collins 2×100,140,120f,15 darts game, T.Cullen 100,108f,180, M.Henson 100,135, C.Ryan 2×100,132, M.Bathurst 2×100) Cock Inn 4 (P.Vaughan 100, P.Hughes 3×100, L.Fox 100,133, A.Harvey 100,125,140, Joe Fox 100,121, A.Vaughan 2×100,117, K.Vaughan 121,180), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 0 (C.Davenport 100, D.Whitecombe 100,140, T.Shaw 100, G.Williamson 100), E57 7 (D.Logan 2×100,125, A.Mutch 2×100,2×140, R.Morris 140, S.Nolan 2×100, T.Roberts 2×100,140, J.Calt 105, N.Porter 2×100, L.Brotherton 140), Copper Fox 6 (E.Simpson 2×100,102,121, C.Whitehouse 121,128,140, D.Marsh 2×100,140, D.McConomy 140, T.Hamilton 2×100, R.Mann 100,125, G.Dews 140) Kings Heath 1 (R.Hitchmough 100,123, D.Parish 2×100, A.Homer 100,140, M.Marshall 118,134, R.Hampton 118,140, N.Pearce 100), Rubery Social Club 5 (G.Bailles 130,140, N.Harris 2×100,140, R.Wooten 100, M.Malone 100, A.Bailles 2×100,140, L.Pearce 2×100,120) Toby Jug 2 (D.Crook 120, A.Philips 2×100,2×125, R.Packer 100, B.Heath 3×100,115,140, S.Jacques 117, D.Hill 140), Grant Arms 3 (P.Taylor 123,140,132, N.Smith 3×100, A.Dewsbury 100, D.Campbell 139, M.Davies 115, V.Walton 2×100,123, S.Campbell 115) Thurlestone 4 (D.Garfield 2×100,180, R.Waldron 2×100,2×140, T.Garfield 2×100,121,180,14 darts game, D.Peace 105, N.Watts 2×100, B.Andrews 101,117,121).

It was cup semi-finals week in the Sheldon and District Winter League and in the premier division games top of the division Langley Arrows went down 5-4 to second in the division Dunky’s Boys. Meeting Dunky’s in the final will be Sheldon Marlborough Arrows after they took out Highwood Gerry’s Boys with a 6-3 result. 

As in the premier games the division one fixtures saw the divisional leaders make their exit as top team Sheldon Dukes lost 7-2 to third in the division Kingshurst Labour Club. In the other last four game Yardley Ex Colts beat Irish Centre 6-3.

Making it a trio of divisional leader going out in the semi-finals Willclare Sports and Social, leaders of division two lost 5-4 to third in the division Langley Flights, Langley will now take on Raven in the final after they won 6-3 against Lyndon Old Boys.

Full Results:League Cup:Semi-Finals:Premier Division:- Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 6 Highwood Gerry’s Boys 3, Dunky’s Boys 5 Langley Arrows 4 (Daniel White 8 darts game), Division One:- Sheldon Dukes 2 Kingshurst Labour Club 7 (K.Richards 180), Irish Centre 3 Yardley Ex Colts 6, Division Two:- Langley Flights 5 (Lee Harris 160f) Willclare Sports and Social 4, Raven 6 Lyndon Old Boys 3.

All of this week’s games in the Camp Hill League finished with a 5-2 result and with just one more fixture to play leaders of the league Aston Inn Nomads suffered 5-2 defeat in their away game against second in table Sheldon Marlborough Flights. The win for Sheldon leaves them four points behind Aston with a game in hand, however should Aston win their final game they would be champions.

Third placed Roost Rebels also finished on the wrong side of a 5-2 scoreline as they lost playing away to Tyseley WMC who are next to bottom of the league. 

Full Results:Game 17:- Meadway Social 5 New Inn 2, Moseley Arms 2 Tyseley Newbies 5, Tyseley WMC 5 Roost Rebels 2, Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5 Aston Inn Nomads 2, Sedgemere Devils had a bye.

The Stourbridge and District Monday Night League played their doubles knockout down to the last eight pairs and making their  way into the quarter finals were, C.Hart / A.Wyte, K.Bambrick / J.Batham (White Horse), J.Jackson / W.Incher, K.Forrest / V.Mitchell (Britannia), B.Watts / J.Payne, R.Jones / A.Dimmock (Bell ‘A’), M.Pye / M.Purchase (Woodman), N.Gordon / B.Stevens (Seven Stars).

Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Last Eight:- C.Hart / A.Wyte, K.Bambrick / J.Batham (White Horse), J.Jackson / W.Incher, K.Forrest / V.Mitchell (Britannia), B.Watts / J.Payne, R.Jones / A.Dimmock (Bell ‘A’), M.Pye / M.Purchase (Woodman), N.Gordon / B.Stevens (Seven Stars).

Week two in the Rowley Monday Night League and Plough and Harrow continue to impress adding an 8-1 win over Spring Meadow to their 9-0 success in week one against Loyal Lodge to their account to keep them ahead on average at the top of the table.

After only two games just three more teams from a starting line-up of sixteen are able to boast a 100% win record and they are Romsley Cricket Club, Bell and Gate Hangs Well, Romsley had a 7-2 win at Roost while Bell had a close 5-4 verdict away to White Swan, Gate Hangs Well returned from Ex Serviceman’s Club with a 6-3 win.

Four teams, Hare and Hounds, Wonder, Three Diamonds and Roost are all without a point so far.

Full Results:Week 2:- Hare and Hounds 2 Windmills End 7, Wonder 4 Loyal Lodge 5, Tividale FC 5 (G.Locke 160b) Whiteheath Tavern 4, Roost 2 Romsley Crocket Club 7, White Swan 4 Bell 5, Cradley Sports and Social Club 7 (Christopher Eaves 180) Three Diamonds 2, Ex-Servicemens 3 Gate Hangs Well 6 (Connor Allan 180), Plough and Harrow 8 Spring Meadow 1.

There were wins for the top four teams and defeats for the bottom four in the Netherton Thursday Night League after completing game nineteen matches. 

Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club added a 6-3 win at Netherton Sports and Social to their tally to keep them six points ahead of the rest of the field with a game in hand. Second in the table Townsend Social Club had a narrow 5-4 win at Spring Meadow Social Club who are next to bottom of the table while third placed Bulls Head won by the same 5-4 margin at home to fifth placed Fairfield.

Old Hill Cricket Club complete the top four places they were the week’s biggest winners as they chalked up an 8-1 victory away to bottom of the table Netherton Conservative Club.

Full Results:Game 19:- Netherton Conservative Club 1 Old Hill Cricket Club 8, Spring Meadow Social Club 4 Townsend Social Club 5, Bulls Head 5 Fairfield 4, Netherton Sports and Social Club 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6.

Eleven teams started the new season in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League and after just the second week only three teams remain undefeated and one of those has only played one fixture. Dewdrop ‘A’ are setting the pace as early leaders adding their 4-3 win at Miners Arms ‘B’ to their opening 5-2 success against local rivals Dewdrop ‘B’. Horseley Tavern are just one leg of average short of the leaders after they won 4-3 against Vine ‘A’.

Waggon and Horses, who had a bye this week are the only other undefeated team, they are currently placed third two points behind the top two teams.

Full Results:Game 2:- Dewdrop ‘B’ 6 Sow and Pigs 1, Miners Arms ‘B’ 3 Dwdrop ‘A’ 4, Vine ‘B’ 4 Miners Arms ‘A’ 3, Horseley Tavern 4 Vine ‘A’ 3, Albion 5 Tamebridge 2, Waggon and Horses had a bye.

Bird in Hand ‘E’ lost their two points lead at the top of the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League when they returned from Ten Arches ‘B’ on the wrong side of a 4-3 result. Bird ‘E’ remain in pole position but now only on average from Fox Inn (Lye) who won their home game against Ashwood 5-2 to give them the same 18 points as the leaders.

Bell ‘A’ despite lying third in the table are in a comfortable position as their latest 4-3 win at Bird in Hand ‘A’ leaves them two points behind the top two teams with two games in hand. White Horse are a further two points short and are on 14 points after their 6-1 win over Ten Arches ‘A’, they are fourth and have three games in hand on the top two and one in hand on Bell ‘A’. 

Full Results:Game 12:- Ten Arches ‘B’ 4 Bird in Hand ‘E’ 3, Bird in Hand ‘A’ 3 Bell ‘A’ 4, Bell ‘B’ 3 Raven 4 (G.Jones 8 darts game), Fox Inn ‘A’ (Lye) 5 (A.Whitehouse 9 darts game) Ashwood 2, White Horse 6 (C.Pickett 160b) Ten Arches ‘A’ 1 (J.Harper 152b).

After something like an enforced two years break the Brierley Hill Monday Night League is back up and running and after the first week’s results it’s The Bridge who head the sixteen teams league after handing out a 9-0 whitewash to The Union.

Dudley Sports ‘A’ and Rose and Crown are close behind the leaders after their respective 8-1 wins over Tommy Turners and Dudley Sports ‘B’.

Full Results:Week 1:- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 6 Shrewsbury Arms 3, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 8 Tommy Turners 1, Bridge 9 Union 0, Roebuck 7 King William 2, Wombourne Pool Bar 5 Brickmakers Arms 4, Black Horse 3 Talbot 6, Rose and Crown 8 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 1, Pensnett Liberal Club 4 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 5.

Alex Simmons has taken over the number one spot in the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League after his 7-1 win over Colin Wood. Simmons has 19 points after two games, one more than his nearest rival Scott Baker who won 8-0 against Roger Ward. 

After the top two come three players all on 17 points Reece Cook-Lucas, Ben Johnson and John Simms, Cook-Lucas won 6-2 against Ray Gutteridge, while Ben Johnson beat Simon Pritchard 5-3. John Simms, like Scott Baker was another 8-0 winner as he defeated Eddie Gripton.

Full Results: Week 2:Board 1:- Eddie Gripton 0 John Simms 8, Jon Blakemore 5 Adam Teasdale 3, Riley Ward 0 Anthony WBA Powell 8, Board 2:- Ray Gutteridge 2 Reece Cook Lucas 6, Gemma Barrett Jenkins 5 Jamie Aplin 3, Phil Clarke 7 Warren Bower 1, Matt Turley 3 Daniel Bridgwood 5, Board 3:- Lee Quarry 7 Sandra Beardsmore 1, Kris Jones 2 Neville Quinton 6, Mal Pugh 4 Jon Williams 4, Board 4:- Alex Simmons 7 Colin Wood 1, Steve Lynch 8 Sarah Maybury 0, Stuart Evans 3 Thomas Hollowood 5, Grant Billings 2 Simon Shrek Mountford 6, Board 5:- Keith Hollowood 3 Artur Łubkowski 5, Roger Ward 0 Scott Baker 8, Ben Johnson 5 Simon Pritchard 3, Jamie Webb 6 Michele Pritchard 2.

With games fast running out in the Black Country Super League leaders Railway Tavern continued their push for the title with a resounding 5-0 win over Rowley Bar and Grill to give them a total of 114 points which is only two more than second placed Yeltz Bar ‘A’ who added a 4-1 win against third in the table Allen’s Bar ‘C’ to their account leaving their opponents still in third place but now 14 points behind them.

Full Results:Game 20:- High Acres ‘A 4 Yeltz Bar ‘B’ 1, Allens Bar ‘A’ 3 White Swan 2, Railway Tavern 5 Rowley Bar and Grill 0, Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 4 Allens Bar ‘C’ 1, Allens Bar ‘B’ 3 Horse and Jockey 2, High Acres ‘B’ 4 Old Hill Cricket Club 1.

Images: Winmau

Words: Alan Towe (Supported by Red Dragon)

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