Rock Heads Table As Doets Makes His Mark

Unsurprisingly after his superb efforts over the opening weekend, Josh Rock leads the way on the Winmau Development Tour Order of Merit after 5 events.

Fellow recent Tour Card winner Kevin Doets has surged into third place whilst last year’s winner Bradley Brooks started strongly and is second. Ireland (both North and Republic) has started at a gallop with Keane Barry Nathan Girvan and Conor Heneghan joining Rock in the top section of the table.

Team 360, headed by Steve Brown (and supported by the JDC and Winmau) has also started promisingly. Jurjen van de Velde (9th) and Nathan Rafferty carry the standard for the fast-developing team.

Doets also enjoys company as his TSMC stablemate Adam Gawlas also is well inside the top 16.

Impressively, after 5 events over 130 players have got at least £50 on the board:

PositionNameTotal Prize Money
1Josh Rock£5,000
2Bradley Brooks£3,200
3Kevin Doets£2,750
4Keane Barry£2,600
5Nathan Girvan£1,550
6Conor Heneghan£1,450
7Lewy Williams£1,450
8Jarred Cole£1,350
9Jurjen van der Velde£1,300
10Christopher Holt£1,200
11Nathan Rafferty£1,150
12Niels Zonneveld£900
13Adam Gawlas£850
14Sebastian Bialecki£800
15Tomas Houdek£750
16Owen Roelofs£700
17Dom Taylor£700
18Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£700
19Alec Small£650
20Leighton Bennett£650
21Keenan Thomas£600
22Jacob Gwynne£600
23Cavan Phillips£550
24Dylan Slevin£550
25Owen Maiden£550
26Sam Cromwell£500
27Oliver King£500
28Ciaran Teehan£500
29Fabian Schmutzler£450
30Geert Nentjes£450
31Maikel Verberk£400
32Keelan Kay£400
33Fred Box£400
34Llew Bevan£400
35Charlie Manby£350
36Nathan Care£350
37Riley Rees-Tucker£350
38Justin Hewitt£350
39Roman Benecky£300
40Tom Heldt£300
41Nathan Potter£300
42Harry Gregory£300
43Killian Heffernan£300
44Joshua Richardson£300
45Adam Howard£250
46Alex Jacques£250
47Morgan Scott£250
48James Beeton£200
49Moreno Blom£200
50Damian Vetjens£200
51Gillian Koehoorn£200
52Mark Tabak£200
53Sean McKeon£200
54Gary Steven£200
55Lewis Coates£200
56Youri Brouwer£200
57Jack Vincent£200
58Jack Male£200
59Jimmy Bristow£200
60Viani Van den Bergh£200
61Billy Bristow£150
62Thomas Turner£150
63Wesley Veenstra£150
64Owen Bates£150
65Marcel Gerdon£150
66Bradly Roes£150
67Craig Galliano£150
68Mikey Rees£150
69Coby Jones-Swanson£150
70Damian Mol£150
71Sam Coenders£150
72Liam Meek£150
73Danny Goddard£150
74Kieron Robinson£150
75Connor Hopkins£150
76Kieran Peek£150
77Ben Phillips£100
78Brian Fletcher£100
79Jacob Hibbert£100
80Lennon Cradock£100
81Cam Crabtree£100
82Daniel Andrew Jones£100
83Liam Blakeley£100
84Byron Garner£100
85Joey de Jong£100
86Marcus Taylor£100
87Daniel Perry£100
88Lewis Gurney£100
89Vinay Ramnath£100
90Tavis Dudeney£100
91Connor Pickett£100
92Jakub Janaszkiewicz£100
93Jordan Ward£100
94Jake Fewell£100
95Mitchell Elliott-Bailey£100
96David Schlichting£100
97Joshua Hermann£100
98Sean Cummins£100
99Chris Birch£100
100Seppe Giebens£100
101Angelo Balsamo£50
102Anna Votavova£50
103Bob Houghton£50
104Cameron Anderson£50
105Dominik Gruellich£50
106Joshua Lloyd£50
107Mitchell Leeming£50
108Sebastian Bech£50
109Billy Warriner£50
110Ieuan Halsall£50
111Jaikob Selby-Rivas£50
112Jake Neale£50
113Pacey Large£50
114Robbie Chalmers£50
115Robin Stegler£50
116Daniel Thomas£50
117Jamie Marten£50
118Liam Fowkes£50
119Scott Millar£50
120Scott Smith£50
121Adam Dee£50
122Connor Arberry£50
123Harry Kelly£50
124Jack Dickinson£50
125Jack Kerr£50
126Katie Sheldon£50
127Keanu van Velzen£50
128Lukas Immanuel Jensen£50
129Nathan Ball£50
130Sean Negrette£50
131Tom Garfield£50


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Lead Image: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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