Senior Darts, Mastered!

During the recent World Seniors Darts inaugural event, one of the many things we observed was the unusual dynamic of the fans supporting the event. Along with the 40 plus nostalgia-based audience, there were a significant number of young and non-UK fans who were seeing many of these legendary players for the first time. It very much seemed to capture their imagination and enthusiasm.

One such supporter was our own ‘Going Dutch’ writer Wim Blokpoel:

After the massive success of the very first Jenningsbet World Seniors Championship, the World Seniors Darts Tour will follow with the very first World Seniors Masters! At the end of May, 20 players will try to win the title in the legendary Lakeside Country Club. One of them is, obviously, World Seniors Champion Robert Thornton, who will try to make it back-to-back wins! 16 time champion of the world Phil Taylor is also there, but after a disappointing defeat to Kevin Painter at the Circus Tavern, The Power has said it will be the last tournament for him if he doesn’t perform again. 

Runner-up at the Seniors Martin Adams, and semi-finalists Kevin Painter and Terry Jenkins will also be there at the Lakeside. Three legendary female players in Lisa Ashton, Deta Hedman and Trina Gulliver also join the party! Bob Anderson, who finished his game at the world seniors with a 180 is hoping for a better draw, having faced eventual winner Thornton in the very first round at the Circus Tavern.

Former world champions John Lowe and Keith Deller are also trying their best again, especially Keith ‘138’ Deller is practicing more than ever and is extremely driven to perform well. Three-time World champion John Part, and former World Masters winners Les Wallace and Colin Monk are also there in Milton Keynes! Dutch darting hero Roland Scholten also has another go, as does ‘Silverback’ Tony O’Shea. 


Finally, 3 spots will be decided by pro tours and qualifiers which will be played in the following months, while the final spot will go to a fan favourite: 9-dart hero Paul Lim who was chosen by the fans in a poll on social media! Being chosen over the likes of Chris Mason, Co Stompé and Larry Butler, it is obvious that the fans are loving the Singapore Slinger, who is still capable of throwing very good darts.

With the sold-out crowds in the Circus Tavern, another big crowd is expected at Lakeside, and it will be a brilliant atmosphere from the 27th till the 29th of May, which you don’t want to miss!


Words: Wim Blokpoel, Images: WSDT & Chris Sergeant (Unless stated)

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