In Your League: New Black Country Single League Thrives

After the recent lull in darts due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the West Midlands, thanks to Marie Millward, has a brand new darts league, the Black Country Thursday Night Singles League hosted by Allens Sports Bar, Tipton. 

In its inaugural season, the league has attracted an encouraging total of twenty-nine players including a variety of professional, county, super league, and local league players.

After the opening round of fixtures Gareth Johnston, with 8-0 wins over Lewis Handley and Alfie Jacques leads the field, his perfect start giving him maximum points of 20. Just one point behind Johnston is Benjamin Hollowood who kicked off his campaign with a similar 8-0 win against Alex Mason and then followed up with a 7-1 success over Paul Harrison.

There is a quartet of players after the top two, Reece Colley, Graham Hall, Shane Price and Shane Sheridan all on 18 points, only two adrift of leader Johnston.

Full Results: Week 1:- Stella Sims 4 James Davies 4, Shane Sheridan 6 Jake Sheldon 2, Robert Pierce 5 Paul Harrison 3, Gareth Johnston 8 Lewis Handley 0, Nick Fullwell 7 Cheryl Allcock 1, Justin Evans 7 Angie Carroll 1, Reece Colley 8 Paul Dicken 0, Shane Price 8 Jack Rollinson 0, Benjamin Hollowood 8 Alex Mason 0, Robert Pierce 7 Joe Colley 1, Graham Hall 6 Heather Wright 2, Jason Lowe 7 Martin Angell 1, Lewis Handley 6 Cheryl Allcock 2, Jordan Ward 5 Kieron Ford 3, Gareth Johnston 8 Alfie Jacques 0, Benjamin Hollowood 7 Paul Harrison 1, Joe Colley 5 Steven Gillam 3, Heather Wright 7 Alex Mason 1, Graham Hall 8 Stella Sims 0, Reece Colley 6 Justin Evans 2, James Davies 6 Angie Carroll 2, Nick Fullwell 5 Jason Lowe 3, Shane Price 6 Jordan Ward 2, Martin Angell 5 Kieron Ford 3, Jake Sheldon 4 Jack Rollinson 4, Shane Sheridan 8 Paul Dicken 0. 


The Camp Hill League were involved mainly in cup finals this week, first the League Cup which was played off at the Moseley Arms and saw current league leaders Aston Inn Nomads retain the League Cup title with a close 4-3 verdict over Roost Rebels.

Aston Inn was the venue for the final of the Consolation Cup in which Tyseley Newbies defeated possible if not probable league champions Sheldon Marlborough Flights, again with a very close 4-3 result.   

There was just one rearranged league fixture played, Tyesley WMC, who are next to bottom of the league beating Sedgemere Devils, who are bottom of the league, 5-2.  

Full Results: League Cup:Final:- Aston Inn Nomads 4 Roost Rebels 3, Consolation Cup:Final:- Tyseley newbies 4 Sheldon Marlborough Flights 3, Rearranged League Fixture:- Tyseley WMC 5 Sedgemere Devils 2.


With only four more fixture remaining in the Kings Norton League, leaders Copper Fox have a six point’s advantage over their nearest rivals Rubery Legion after adding their latest 5-2 win over Thurlestone who drop one place in the table to fifth. E57 lose their number two spot following a very surprising 4-3 defeat away to Grant Arms who are some six places below them in the table fourteen points fewer. Replacing E57 in second place is Rubery Legion who had a convincing 6-1 win at home against bottom of the league Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club.

Bournebrook have moved up into fourth place just one leg of average to the good on former fourth placed Thurlestone but a huge ten points off the top after their 6-1 win over next to bottom Kings Heath.  

Full Results:Game 18:- Copper Fox 5 (E.Simpson 2×100,122,2×140, C.Whitehouse 100,140, D.Marsh 2×100,114,140, D.McConomy 2×100, T.Hamilton 2×100, R.Mann 100, G.Dews 4×100,121,133) Thurlestone 2 (J.Downer 100,125, A.Deeley 101, R.Waldron 4×100, T.Garfield 100,118,2×140), Rubery Social Club 3 (A.Pearse 100, L.Pearse 100,2×120, A.Bailles 100,105,140, M.Ferriday 100, G.Bailles 100,103,131,2×140, M.Malone 124) Northfield 4 (L.Allen 100,140, S.Denton 100, M.Lloyd 123,2×140, P.Draper 130, J.Taylor 2×100,140), Grant Arms 4 (P.Taylor 117,133, N.Smith 2×100,2×140, V.Walton 100,135, M.Kearney 124) E57 3 (N.Porter 100, D.Logan 100,121,125, R.Morris 3×100,125, T.Roberts 4×100,140, A.Mutch 140, M.Ellis 114, D.Price 100), Rubery Legion 6 (J.Higgins 2×100,121,2×140, K.Manger 100,140, A.Faulkner 3×100,106f, M.Ivory100, J.Grainger 100,120, J.O’Neill 2×100, P.Medlicott 100,140) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 (G.Williamson 123, C.Davenport 2×100,160, D.Whitecombe 100,101, S.Brown 100,116, S.Carr 100, S.Corbett 100), Cock Inn 5 (P.Hughes 3×100,140, L.Fox 2×100, A.Harvey 100,114, Joe Fox 2×100, A.Vaughan 3×100,2×140,180, K.Vaughan 100,120) Toby Jug 2 (D.Crook 100, A.Aindow 100,121, A.Pillips 100,2×114, B.Heath 100, S.Jacques 2×100,140), Bournebrook 6 (T.Jeffs 100, T.Cullen 121,140, D.Collins 3×100,140, L.Arnold 2×100,140, M.Bathurst 2×100,2×140) Kings Heath 1 (N.Pearse 100, D.Parish 100,121, P.Hunt 2×100, J.Tulloch 100,121, S.Morris 100, A.Homer 134).


While leaders Boldmere St Mikes had a comfortable 7-2 win at Walmley CSC Flights in division one of the Four Oaks and District League second-placed Erdington Arrows were 5-2 up against Highcroft Social but finished with a somewhat close 5-4 result. At two points behind St Mikes, Erdington are still in with an outside chance of winning the divisional title but they do have a couple of tough fixtures remaining. 

In division two Heartlands and Bishop Vesey both won 6-3 in turn against Plough and Arrows and Sutton Sharks, they are separated by just two points with Heartlands leading the division. 

Third and fourth-placed Charley’s Flights and Plough and Arrows can still mathematically win the title, however with only four more games to play and six points off the top it is very unlikely they will do so. Charley’s Flights were 6-3 winners against Rosey Mac’s.

What a match it was when Bills Arrows visited St Thomas Arrows and hit 17 tons including two 180’s, yet with only 5 tons St Thomas hit the doubles and won 5-4. 

There were maximums for Bills Arrows M.Cooper and R.McLaughlin, McLaughlin recording his second in two weeks, and one for M.Page (Old Oscott Arrows).

Full Results: Game 14: Division One:- Golden Hind Lions 3 (J.Mahon 102, M.Deathridge 100b,100,131, A.Lilley 102b,140,112, A.Day 116f,140,125, D.Haynes 100b, J.Clarke 100, R.Hasluck 2×100) Golden Hind 6 (T.O’Kereke 120b,129,100, F.Naylor 112b,3×100, D.Pickering 140,100, A.Kimberley 137,128,115, B.Stephens 140,100, W.Naylor 112b,3×100,2×121), Erdington Arrows 5 (C.Winters 2×100,107, S.Winters 100, T.Colley 100b, K.Smith 100b,120b,122, J.J.Armstrong 121, C.Martin 113) Highcroft Social 4 (K.Neale 108b,2×100, S.Pritchett 128,2×100, K.Shorthouse 100,140, T.Pallett 140,100), Walmley CSC Flights 2 (P.Moran 2×100, A.Cooksey 140,3×100,103, K.Green 120,116,100,125, S.Wilson 100, J.Kavanagh 4×100) Boldmere St Mikes 7 (M.Wild 100b,140,2×100,136, C.Millward jnr 140, C.Millward snr 105b,100,100b,130, J.Liggins 140,115,100, B.Linnecor 100, M.Ashton 160b,100b,100,116f), Oscott Social Club 4 (T.Whyley 100,130, T.Purcell 100, P.Graham 2×100,140) Old Oscott Arrows 5 (M.Page 100,180, B.Hoare 140, D.Page 136b, P.Locke 100,140, A.Lea 100), Division Two:- Sutton Sharks 3 (C.Gardener 120b,121, J.McKeever 100, J.Boden 125, C.Baldwin 120b,100,140) Bishop Vesey 6 (A.France 100, A.Jones 121, N.Sammons. 2×100,101, N.Smallwood 120b,126f,105b), St Thomas Arrows 5 (M.Avery 100, P.Andrews 120b,140,120f, M.Andrews 100) Bills Arrows 4 (G.Averill 125,100,120b,116, D.Bond 100b,100, M.Clark 105b,122, M.Cooper 120b,100,121,180, R.McLaughlin 2×100,140,180,135), Deers Leap 5 (T.Ross 120, R.Batham 100, T.Pedley 100, Ant Kimberley 100, T.Kelly 5×100,120) Erdington Flyers 4 (R.Liennard 105, K.Tooze 139,104,120, L.Cooksey 116, A.Linehan 2×100), Charley’s Flights 6 (P.Nicholls 3×100, T.Hines 100,136, J.Morahan 108b, J.Burdett 3x112b,124,100, R.Vann 100) Rosey Mac’s 3 (J.Cox snr 120, N.Bradley 2×100, S.Wright 117,2×100), Heartlands 6 (S.Cain 160b,101,2×100,120, Jim Frost 105b,139,100, C.Austin 120b,121, J.Rogers 120, John Frost 120b,160b,140, Matthew Cain 2×100,103,137) Plough and Arrows 3 (S.Alexander 100, Roxy Bennett 118f, A.Humphriss 3×100, D.Hughes 100b).


Sheldon Marlborough Arrows and Langley Arrows are locked together on 20 points at the top of the premier division of the Sheldon and District Winter League after Sheldon won 5-4 at home against Mackadown Social to keep them two legs of average to the good on Langley who also played at home and were 6-3 winners against Iron Horse Flights. 

Third in the division Dunky’s Boys lost ground in the title race and fell four points behind the top two teams when they suffered a 5-4 home defeat at the hands of the Highwood Gerry’s Boys team who are fourth in the division and four points behind their hosts.

Hollywood Social opened up a two-point’s buffer at the top of division one when they won 5-4 at home against second in the table and previous divisional leaders Sheldon Dukes. Third-placed Kingshurst Labour Club won 5-4 against Irish Centre to keep within four points of Hollywood but a 6-3 victory for fourth-placed Shirley Misfits over Yardley Ex Colts, despite leaving them four points off the top do have two games in hand on all three teams above them.

Willclare Sports and Social lost 5-4 playing away to next to bottom of the division two table Raven but remain in pole position on average and also have a game in hand on second-placed Langley Flights who after beating Journeys End 5-4 replaced them in the number two spot.   

Full Results: Week 11:Premier Division:- Dunky’s Boys 4 Highwood Gerry’s Boys 5, Hornet 5 Hobs Meadow 4, Langley Arrows 6 (Simon Edwards 154f) Iron Horse Flights 3, Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 5 (Terry Webster 11 darts game) Mackadown Social 4, Division One:- Irish Centre 4 Kingshurst Labour Club 5, Maggies 5 Meadway Sports and Social 4, Shirley Misfits 6 (J.Lee 180,7 darts game) Yardley Ex Colts 3, Hollywood Social 5 (Colin Kettlewell 180) Sheldon Dukes 4 (Lee Molyneux 114f), Division Two:- Raven 5 Willclare Sports and Social 4, Hampton and Solihull CC 3 Lyndon Old Boys 6, Journeys End 4 (James Cassidy 109f) Langley Flights 5 (Julian Harris 10 darts game). 


In a top of the table clash in the Netherton Thursday Night League leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club had a 7-2 trouncing by an in-form Townsend Social Club who are second in the table and now just one win behind their opponents, but Townsend have played one game more than the Ex Serviceman’s Club.

Third in the league Bulls Head were the week’s biggest winners handing out an 8-1 defeat to bottom of the table, with just one win in nineteen games, Netherton Conservative Club.   

Full Results: Game 20:- Netherton Conservative Club 1 Bulls Head 8, Old Hill Cricket Club 4 Spring Meadow Social Club 5, Netherton Sports and Social 4 Fairfield 5, Townsend Social Club 7 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 2.


The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League had the semi-finals of their Doubles Knockout this week which saw currently third in the league White Horse win 4-3 against second in the table Bird in Hnad ‘E’ and with a similar 4-3 scoreline Ten Arches ‘B’ defeated their local rivals Ten Arches ‘A’.

Full Results: Doubles Knockout: Semi-Finals:- White Horse 4 Bird in Hnad ‘E’ 3, Ten Arches ‘B’ 4 Ten Arches ‘A’ 3.


It was cup matches for the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League, round two of the Waggon and Horses sponsored League Cup in which there were 5-2 wins for Albion and Waggon and Horses who defeated respective opponents Miners Arms ‘B’ and Vine ‘A’. S.Cliff hit a maximum for his team Horseley Tavern in their close 4-3 win over Vine ‘B’ while league leaders Dewdrop ‘A’ recorded the biggest win of the round when they handed their visitors, next to bottom of the league Tamebridge, a 7-0 whitewash.

Full Results:League Cup sponsored by Waggon and Horses, Ocker Hill:Round Two:- Miners Arms ‘B’ 2 Albion 5, Dewdrop ‘A’ 7 Tamebridge 0, Vine ‘B’ 3 Horseley Tavern 4 (S.Cliff 180), Waggon and Horses 5 Vine ‘A’ 2.


The Rowley Monday Night League is only up to week four and of the sixteen teams that began the season only two remain undefeated, Bell top the table, their latest 7-2 win at Ex Serviceman’s giving them a two legs of average lead over second in the table Gate Hangs Well who were 6-3 winners at Spring Meadow.

Plough and Harrow, Whiteheath Tavern, Romsley Cricket Club and Tividale FC are all within two points of the top two teams, Plough and Harrow and Romsley Cricket Club both losing for the first time when the former lost 5-4 at home to Windmills End and the latter went down by the same margin at Cradley Sports and Social. Whiteheath Tavern had a 5-4 win at White Swan and Tividale FC won their home tie with Wonder 6-3.

Full Results: Week 3:- Windmills End 4 Spring Meadow 5, Gate Hangs Well 6 Hare and Hounds 3, Three Diamonds 2 Ex Serviceman’s 7, Bell 5 Cradley Sports and Social 4, Romsley Cricket Club 5 White Swan 4, Whiteheath Tavern 9 Roost 0, Loyal Lodge 3 Tividale FC 6, Wonder 2 Plough and Harrow 7, Week 4:- Hare and Hounds 4 Three Diamonds 5, Spring Meadow 3 Gate Hangs Well 6, Tividale FC 6 Wonder 3, Roost 2 Loyal Lodge 7, White Swan 4 Whiteheath Tavern 5, Cradley Sports and Social 5 Romsley Cricket Club 4 (D.Stanton 180), Ex Serviceman’s 2 Bell 7, Plough and Harrow 4 Windmills End 5.


Week three of the Brierley Hill Monday Night League and only average separates the top four teams. Roebuck head the table, increasing their average by handing bottom of the table Tommy Turner’s a 9-0 whitewash. Dudley Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ are four legs behind Roebuck in second place, they won 7-2 at home against Dudley Sports ‘B’, the Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ team are third a further one leg of average behind after winning 7-2 at the Bridge. Making up the top four is Talbot, who are six legs short of Roebuck after their close 5-4 victory at Pensnett Liberal Club.

Five teams Black Horse, Shrewsbury Arms, Dudley Sports ‘B’, Union and Tommy Turner’s are all still to get their first points on the board.

Full Results: Game 3:- Dudley Sports ‘A’ 6 Shrewsbury Arms 3, Bridge 2 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 7, Roebuck 9 Tommy Turners 0, Wombourne Pool Bar 6 Union 3, Black Horse 4 King William 5, Rose and Crown 6 Brickmakers Arms 3, Pensnett Liberal Club 4 Talbot 5, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 7 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 2’


At the halfway point of the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League White Horse are in pole position with a total of 22 points from a possible 24. In the latest round of fixtures White Horse won 6-1 at Crestwood to keep them two points to the good on second placed Cross, Oldswinford (formerly Britannia) who had a bye this week.

There is a gap of four points to third and fourth placed Ten Arches and Bell ‘A’, Ten Arches winning 6-1 at Seven Stars and Bell ‘A’ having the better of a 5-2 result at Gate Hangs Well.

Full Results:Game 15:- Bird in Hand 4 Woodman 3, Seven Stars 1 Ten Arches 6, Gate Hangs Well 2 Bell ‘A’ 5, Bell ‘B’ 3 Fox Inn (Lye) 4, Crestwood 1 White Horse 6, Church Tavern, Rose and Crown, Cross, Oldswinford (Britannia) all had a bye.


Old Bulls Head have made it an impressive seventeen wins in seventeen games in the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League after beating fourth-placed Seven Stars 5-4. The win gives them a six points lead with just five games to go to the end of the season and the question now being asked is can they go throughout the season without conceding a single defeat?

New Inn are second in the league, still keeping in with a very outside chance of taking the title with a 7-2 win over Pensnett Liberal Club which also keeps them two points ahead of third placed Gornal Labour Club who won 6-3 at Griffin.

Full Results:Game 17:- Jolly Crispin 6 Chainyard 3, New Inn 7 Pensnett Liberal Club 2, Griffin 3 Gornal Labour Club 6, Old Bulls Head 5 Seven Stars 4, Meadow Lark 4 Red Cow 5, Lamp Tavern 7 Five Ways 2. 


Week four was a perfect week for Jon Blakemore in the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night League as he recorded two back-to-back 8-0 wins. Jon’s opening game was against Justin Evans and he rounded the night with a further success against Michele Pritchard to take his points tally from five games to 46 and a lead of eleven points over second in the table Simon Mountford who like the majority of the league has only played four games, the latest one seeing him win 8-0 against Eddie Gripton. 

Former leader Scott Baker was held to a 4-4 draw by seventh placed John Simms, Baker now on 33 points and third in the league, Simms has 29 points.

Full Results:Week 4:Board 1:- Jon Blakemore 8 Justin Evans 0, Grant Billings 6 Warren Bower 2, Jon Blakemore 8 Michele Pritchard 0, Phil Clarke 4 Arthur Lubkowski 4, Board 2:- Andrew Jervis 7 Anthony Powell 1, Chris Hill 7 Colin Wood 1, Kris Jones 4 Daniel Bridgwood 4, Riley Ward 1 Reece Cook-Lucas 7, Board 3:- Eddie Gripton 0 Simon Mountford 8, Gemma Barrett-Jenkins 4 Alex Simmons 4, Jon Williams 4 Simon Pritchard 4, Mal Pugh 8 Sandra Beardsmore 0, Board 4:- Stuart Evans 1 Martin East 7, Andrew Jervis 8 Ray Gutteridge 0, John Simms 4 Scott Baker 4, Board 5:- Keith Hollowood 6 Thomas Hollowood 2, Roger Ward 3 Neville Quinton 5, Steve Lynch 5 Jamie Webb 3.


With just one more fixture to play Railway Tavern have lost pole position in the Black Country Super League. Game number 21 saw Railway uncharacteristically lose 3-2 playing away to High Acres ‘A’ who are fifth in the league and 24 points behind Railway. The defeat sees them drop to second place with Yeltz Bar ‘A’ taking over in the top spot with 119 points following their 5-0 win over High Acres ‘B’. The two results have seen Yeltz Bar ‘A’ open up a three points lead over Railway   

The title now goes down to the wire depending entirley on the outcome of the final results for Yeltz Bar ‘A’ and Railway Tavern. 

Full Results:Game 21:- Horse and Jockey 5 Rowley Bar and Grill 0, Allens Bar ‘C’ 4 Yeltz Bar ‘B’ 1, Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 5 High Acres ‘B’ 0, White Swan 3 Old Hill Cricket Club 2, High Acres ‘A’ 3 Railway Tavern 2, Allens Bar’A’ 4 Allens Bar ‘B’1.


Words: Alan Towe, Images: Chris Sergeant / Tip Top Pics

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