Studd supports Stroke Association Bronze Bully Replica

Rod Studd is backing the launch collectible replica of the iconic Bronze Bully celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Bullseye – the legendary TV game show – in support of the Stroke Association.

Forty years on, the show’s popularity remains undiminished. Bullseye has achieved an unbroken run on television for four decades, attracting audiences of over 19.8 million viewers. Repeats of the show can still be seen on Challenge TV on Freeview, Sky, and Virgin Media in the UK.

Popular Sky Sports darts commentator Rod Studd survived a serious stroke in May 2020, spending over a month in hospital and undergoing extensive rehabilitation to help him re learn to walk. “I’m delighted to be supporting the Stroke Association and am looking forward to having my very own Bronze Bully!

Having a stroke came as a massive shock to me, one minute I was fine and then suddenly, I felt unwell, a bit woozy. I realised I couldn’t pick my feet up. It was like they were in quicksand. Then I collapsed in the back garden. It was a really very difficult time for myself and my family, but I’m pleased to say my recovery is going well. I’ve gone back to work and continue to progress. I feel positive about the future as I continue the physical rehab and rebuild my life after my stroke.

Visual of the original Bronze Bully

Blu Goblin creates premium, limited edition, exclusively licensed collectible models, replicas, figures and art, from nostalgia to modern-day, across the worlds of entertainment, sport and gaming. Proceeds from every single transaction raise money for good causes. having been created to celebrate a specific event, anniversary, launch or major milestone. Every Blu Goblin drop is unique and availability is strictly limited.

In the early days of developing Blu Goblin, Louis Kennedy approached Bulldog Licensing to discuss opportunities from the portfolio of brands it represents, including Bullseye.

Vicky Miller, Licensing Director at Bulldog Licensing said “We loved the Blu Goblin model as soon as we saw it. Creating high-quality, limited edition products for fans and supporting incredibly important causes at the same time is a winning combination. We are thrilled to be working with the team to launch this very special Bronze Bully, a super, smashing, great way for fans to celebrate 40 years of their favourite game show!”

Laura Wood, Brand and Social Media Manager for Bullseye, added

“The Stroke Association is a charity that is very close to our hearts and having just celebrated our 40th anniversary, partnering with them and Blu Goblin to bring replica Bronze Bully Trophies to our fans feels very special to us. As Jim Bowen would have said, this is a ‘super, smashing, great’ partnership.”

A key feature of the partnership is to raise funds and awareness for the Stroke Association, a charity working across the UK to support people to rebuild their lives after stroke. The charity’s work has particular significance to Bullseye fans as long-time show host Jim Bowen survived two strokes. 

Saul Heselden, Head of Corporate Partnerships at the Stroke Association said: “Stroke strikes every five minutes in the UK and it changes lives in an instant. Our much-needed specialist support, research, and campaigning are only possible with the generosity of our supporters. 

We’re thrilled that Bulldog Licensing and the Blu Goblin team have worked together to support the Stroke Association through the sale of limited edition replicas of Bronze Bully. The funds raised will go a long way in supporting our work to rebuild even more lives after stroke.” 

For each limited edition, Bronze Bully sold, Blu Goblin will donate 10% of the sales to the Stroke Association.

Tracey Richardson, Licensing and Partnerships Director at Louis Kennedy said:

“I recommend all Bullseye fans, darts enthusiasts and Stroke Association supporters visit now, where they can sign up for our Newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, to ensure they are the first to know when the Limited Edition, replica Bronze Bully trophy, is available to order.” 


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