The European Revolution: A Decade’s Roll of Honour

The creation of the European Tour prompted much speculation and comment when announced towards the end of 2011. Many players and their teams underestimated the impact of the new events whereas some others realised their impact immediately and encouraged their players to target them:

“I saw them as a huge opportunity for lower-ranked players. They were going to get a lot more chances at getting on stage in front of big crowds and even TV cameras. To us it was a no brainer” (AIM180)

In ten years 31 players, with Luke Humphries becoming the latest only recently, have claimed an event and many more have reached finals and semi-finals. As a final testament to the success of the tour one simply has to look at the number of events.

From a handful in 2012 through to 13 weekends in 2019 the tour has proven a huge success, have a look below to see the names on the trophies and the rapid growth of the new format:

Austrian Darts OpenWiener NeustadtJustin PipeJames Wade6-3
German Darts ChampionshipBerlinPhil TaylorDave Chisnall6-2
European Darts OpenDusseldorfRaymond van BarneveldDave Chisnall6-4
German Darts MastersSindelfingenAdrian LewisIan White6-3
Dutch Darts MastersNulandSimon WhitlockPaul Nicholson6-1
UK MastersButlins MineheadJohn PartStuart Kellett6-4
European Darts TrophySindelfingenWes NewtonPaul Nicholson 6-5
European Darts OpenDusseldorfMichael van GerwenSimon Whitlock6-2
Austrian Darts OpenWiener NeustadtMichael van GerwenMervyn King6-3
Gibraltar Darts TrophyGibraltarPhil TaylorJamie Lewis6-1
German Darts ChampionshipHildesheimDave ChisnallPeter Wright6-2
German Darts Masters SindelfingenSteve BeatonMervyn King6-5
Dutch Darts MastersVeldhovenKim HuybrechtsBrendan Dolan6-3
German Darts ChampionshipHildesheimGary AndersonJustin Pipe6-5
Dutch Darts MastersVeldhovenMichael van GerwenMervyn King6-4
German Darts MastersBerlinPhil TaylorMichael van Gerwen6-4
Austrian Darts OpenSalzburgVincent van der VoortJamie Caven6-5
Gibraltar Darts TrophyGibraltarJames WadeSteve Beaton6-4
European Darts OpenDusseldorfPeter WrightSimon Whitlock6-2
European Darts Grand PrixSindelfingenMervyn KingMichael Smith6-5
European Darts TrophyLeipzigMichael SmithMichael van Gerwen6-5
German Darts ChampionshipHildesheimMichael van GerwenGary Anderson6-2
Gibraltar Darts TrophyGibraltarMichael van GerwenTerry Jenkins6-3
German Darts MastersMunichMichael van GerwenJohn Henderson6-5
Dutch Darts MastersVenrayMichael van GerwenJustin Pipe6-0
International Darts OpenRiesaMichael SmithBenito van de Pas6-3
European Darts OpenDusseldorfRobert ThorntonKim Huybrechts6-2
European Darts TrophyMuelheimMichael Smith Michael van Gerwen6-2
European Darts MatchplayInnsbruckMichael van GerwenDave Chisnall6-4
European Darts Grand PrixSindelfingenKim HuybrechtsPeter Wright6-5
Dutch Darts MastersVenrayMichael van GerwenDaryl Gurney6-2
German Darts MastersMunichMichael van GerwenPeter Wright6-4
Gibraltar Darts TrophyGibraltarMichael van GerwenDave Chisnall6-2
European Darts MatchplayHamburgJames WadeDave Chisnall6-5
Austrian Darts OpenViennaPhil TaylorMichael Smith6-4
European Darts OpenDusseldorfMichael van GerwenPeter Wright6-5
International Darts OpenRiesaMensur SuljovicKim Huybrechts6-5
European Darts TrophyMuelheimMichael van GerwenMensur Suljovic6-5
European Darts Grand PrixSindelfingenMichael van GerwenPeter Wright6-2
German Darts ChampionshipHildesheimAlan NorrisJelle Klaasen6-5
German Darts ChampionshipHildesheimPeter WrightMichael van Gerwen6-3
German Darts MastersJenaMichael van GerwenJelle Klaasen6-2
German Darts OpenSaarbruckenPeter WrightBenito van de Pas6-5
European Darts Grand PrixSindelfingenPeter WrightMichael van Gerwen6-0
Gibraltar Darts TrophyGibraltarMichael SmithMensur Suljovic6-4
European Darts MatchplayHamburgMichael van GerwenMensur Suljovic6-3
Austrian Darts OpenViennaMichael van GerwenMichael Smith6-5
European Darts OpenLeverkusenPeter WrightMervyn King6-2
Dutch Darts MastersMaastrichtMichael van GerwenSteve Beaton6-1
German Darts Grand PrixMannheimMichael van GerwenRob Cross6-3
International Darts OpenRiesaPeter WrightKim Huybrechts6-5
European Darts TrophyGottingenMichael van GerwenRob Cross6-4
European Darts OpenLeverkusenMichael van GerwenPeter Wright8-7
German Darts Grand PrixMunichMichael van GerwenPeter Wright8-5
German Darts OpenSaarbruckenMax HoppMichael Smith8-7
Austrian Darts OpenPremstattenJonny ClaytonGerwyn Price8-5
European Darts Grand PrixSindelfingenMichael van GerwenJames Wade8-3
Dutch Darts MastersZwolleMichael van GerwenSteve Lennon8-5
Gibraltar Darts TrophyGibraltarMichael van GerwenAdrian Lewis8-3
Danish Darts OpenCopenhagenMensur SuljovicSimon Whitlock8-3
European Darts MatchplayHamburgMichael van GerwenWilliam O’Connor8-2
German Darts ChampionshipHildesheimMichael van GerwenJames Wilson8-6
Dutch Darts ChampionshipMaastrichtIan WhiteRicky Evans8-5
International Darts OpenRiesaGerwyn PriceSimon Whitlock8-3
European Darts TrophyGottingenMichael van GerwenJames Wade8-3
European Darts OpenLeverkusenMichael van GerwenRob Cross8-6
German Darts ChampionshipHildesheimDaryl GurneyRicky Evans8-6
German Darts Grand PrixMunichMichael van GerwenSimon Whitlock 8-3
German Darts OpenSaarbruckenMichael van GerwenIan White8-3
Austrian Darts OpenPremstatten/GrazMichael van GerwenIan White8-7
European Darts Grand PrixSindelfingenIan WhitePeter Wright8-7
Dutch Darts MastersZwolleIan WhiteMichael van Gerwen8-7
Danish Darts OpenCopenhagenDave ChisnallChris Dobey8-3
Czech Darts OpenPragueJamie HughesStephen Bunting8-3
Austrian Darts ChampionshipViennaMensur SuljovicMichael van Gerwen8-7
European Darts MatchplayMannheimJoe CullenMichael van Gerwen8-5
International Darts OpenRiesaGerwyn PriceRob Cross8-6
Gibraltar Darts TrophyGibraltarKrzysztof RatajskiDave Chisnall8-2
Belgian Darts ChampionshipHasseltGerwyn PriceMichael Smith8-3
German Darts ChampionshipHildesheimDevon PetersenJonny Clayton8-3
European Darts Grand PrixSindelfingenJose de SousaMichael van Gerwen8-4
International Darts OpenRiesaJoe Cullen Michael van Gerwen8-5
Hungarian Darts TrophyBudapestGerwyn PriceMichael Smith8-2
Gibraltar Darts TrophyGibraltarGerwyn PriceMensur Suljovic8-0
International Darts OpenRiesaGerwyn PricePeter Wright8-4
  • German Darts Championship Hildesheim Michael van Gerwen Rob Cross 8-5
  • German Darts Grand Prix Munich Luke Humphries Martin Lukeman 8-2
  • Austrian Darts Open Graz Michael van Gerwen Danny Noppert 8-5
  • European Darts Open Leverkusen Michael Van Gerwen Dimitri Van den Bergh 8-5

European Tour Event Wins

Michael van Gerwen35
Peter Wright6
Gerwyn Price6
Phil Taylor4
Michael Smith4
Ian White3
Mensur Suljovic3
Kim Huybrechts2
James Wade2
Dave Chisnall2
Joe Cullen2
Justin Pipe1
Raymond van Barneveld1
Adrian Lewis1
Simon Whitlock1
John Part1
Wes Newton1
Steve Beaton1
Gary Anderson1
Vincent van der Voort1
Mervyn King1
Robert Thornton1
Alan Norris1
Max Hopp1
Jonny Clayton1
Daryl Gurney1
Jamie Hughes1
Krzysztof Ratajski1
Devon Petersen1
Jose de Sousa
Luke Humphries
Total Winners31


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