Live League: Warburton into the final

Mike Warburton secured his place in Saturday’s finale on Wednesday, after winning four of his five matches, as Group A came to a close, with the fields being confirmed for Groups B and C for Week 2 of Phase 2 at the Online Darts Live League.

Warburton, who entered Wednesday’s play in 2nd on 6 points from the opening day of Group A, won four of his five matches as he secured his place in Saturday’s finale, by recording victories over Martin Adams, Robert Thornton, Lee Cocks and Robert Owen, with his only defeat coming against Jesus Noguera, as he ended on 14 points from a possible 20 overall.

Elsewhere, despite also ending the day on 8 points, Robert Owen narrowly missed out on an automatic spot in the finale, as he finished 2nd overall on 12 points and will compete in Group B, alongside Robert Thornton, who finished 3rd on 10 points. The duo will be joined by Lee Evans, Mike Gillet and debutant Steve Brown.

Lee Cocks, Jesus Noguera and Martin Adams will all compete in Group C, after the trio finished 4th,5th and 6th respectively, all on 8 points each and will be joined by Andy Jenkins, David Pallett and Johnny Haines.

Online Darts Live League continues on Thursday with Group C commencing from 9:30am GMT and Group B commencing from 10pm GMT. Play will be streamed live on Online Darts TV YouTube channel or via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide.

Online Darts Live League Week 2
Group A Day 2- Wednesday 23rd March
Robert Owen 4-0 Robert Thornton
Mike Warburton 4-0 Martin Adams
Lee Cocks 4-3 Jesus Noguera
Mike Warburton 4-1 Robert Thornton
Robert Owen 4-2 Jesus Noguera
Lee Cocks 4-3 Martin Adams
Jesus Noguera 4-3 Mike Warburton
Robert Thornton 4-1 Martin Adams
Robert Owen 4-2 Lee Cocks
Robert Thornton 4-1 Jesus Noguera
Mike Warburton 4-1 Lee Cocks
Robert Owen 4-2 Martin Adams
Robert Thornton 4-2 Lee Cocks
Jesus Noguera 4-3 Martin Adams
Mike Warburton 4-2 Robert Owen


Image: Live League

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