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Following the phenomenal success of Darts World’s special, one-off, digital publications, such as our annual Souvenir Edition, we are delighted to announce the launch of Darts World Extra

DWE will be a frequent publication, often between our regular print issues and for specific moments in the Darts’ World. This inaugural issue for example celebrates the return to full strength of all branches of our superb sport and is subtitled: THE WORLDS

Within its 70 pages you with find guides, previews and reviews of the PDC, Lakeside, Women’s, Youth and Senior’s World Championships. By April 10th Darts will once more have all its traditional World Champi0ons in place and one or two more besides.

Thanks to our friends and magazine sponsor Winmau, and our digital sponsors at Red Dragon darts, we are delighted to offer all darts fans this inaugural issue of DWE absolutely FREE of charge by clicking here and reading or downloading the magazine at your leisure.


Welcome to Darts World Extra: ‘The Worlds’

World Darts Championships have been writing their own multifaceted story since 1978. The latest novellas are scheduled to be written, between last December and April 2022, when this season’s four World Championships are completed. Soon darts will have filled five World Champion categories: Professional (PDC), Amateur, Women’s, Youth and Seniors realms for the very first time.

We began on December the 15th, soon after Ted Evetts had claimed the World Youth title, the William Hill (PDC) World Championship returned to a packed Alexandra Palace. In a rare piece of cosmic justice Peter Wright is now enjoying a normal year as World Champion as opposed to his last Covid restricted reign in 2020. 

New Year’s Day should have featured the return of The Lakeside to our screens. For the 35th time, players, including holder Wayne Warren, were scheduled to battle for a (WDF) World title on that famous stage and the right to join the ranks of Bristow, Lowe, Barney and Duzza. COVID had other ideas and the entire production was delayed until the first week of April.

The Women’s World Championship will provide a link between the two, as many of the top players have seized the opportunity to play both the new PDC women’s system and take on reigning champion Mikuru Suzuki and the other elite ladies in the WDF field.

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In between times, we returned to another of darts’ storied venues. The Circus Tavern was home to the main PDC event for many years and, after the roaring success of World Senior Darts’ inaugural event, it will be at the forefront again! 

Players from at least three different eras took the stage as darts’ remarkable expansion saw the demand for another glimpse of these iconic figures. Phil Taylor returned to competitive darts but seemed to misjudge his preparation. Robert Thornton’s triumph was well deserved and a tremendous advert for his, and Martin Adams, Live League participation.

Darts World Extra – ‘The Worlds’ will be your guide, reviewer, and companion for all these events and more besides. Within its digital pages, you will find stories, snippets, facts, and features that cover the many attractions of these fascinating tournaments. Meet the players, the fans, and others who make the events.

If you gathering information for an annual flutter then You Bet will offer odds and ways to add interest. The popular bets will give you information on who is on hot form and who rises to the occasion.

We feature articles such as Michael’s World on the major champions, challengers, and players of interest. There are interviews with legendary figures, and current popular characters, each of whom is vying to lift a trophy over the next few weeks.

Features such as Talking Points and Unsung Heroes add colour to the ever-growing story of Darts’ World Championships. 

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We look forward to sharing these varied and exciting tales with you. For more check in often at dartsworld.com & dartsworld50.com


Words: CJ Harris-Hulme

Images: Darts World 2022

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