On the Oche: Darts World 579

The Spring 2020 calumny that befell our sport has been placed firmly in the past and its many branches have returned to something of their full strength.

The WDF successfully holding their World Championships at Lakeside, and defying Covid’s final attempt to derail them, we can safely say that Professional, Amateur, Women’s, Youth and Senior and Disability darts are at least as functional as prior to the pandemic and in some cases in better health.

Bearing the above in mind Darts World is conscious that we too need to return to our reason for being. It is time for us to cover more of what darts players do and less of what they say. More of what happens ‘On The Oche’ and perhaps a little less of what happens elsewhere. With that in mind, you will find that DW covers a wider range of events across all codes.

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Our ‘On Tour’ sections return and we will add more as often as we can. The pandemic showed the importance of tier, amateur, and independent darts and we mustn’t forget it. The newly formed ADC has even created a way for ‘Open events’ to become a tour with rankings, records, and other features. 

The Magic Weekend bringing the UKDA season to a close congratulations will be due to those who toughed out some very hard times in order to ensure that ‘County Darts’ survived the machinations and or neglect of its previous custodians. To pull off a complete season, while Covid was still a major factor and guidelines changed almost every week, is an achievement that all at the UKDA and its teams, officials and players should be very proud of.

It seems both major codes are determined to host a fresh start as well as hold on to their prized assets. Neil Duff and Beau Greaves claimed first World (WDF) titles at their storied venue, whilst at the same time, Danny Noppert bagged a first TV ranking crown. 

In case you’d been wondering, a certain Green Machine looks to have been refurbished and is back to firing on, almost, all cylinders. At all levels, it looks like full steam ahead for darts.

As if to remind us to take nothing for granted, our sport was hit with the double blow of the sudden death of both Mike Gregory and Nigel Pearson. Although different in style, and substance both men made huge contributions to darts and Darts World pays full tribute between these covers. RIP


Darts World Magazine (Issue 579) and 2022 bundle offers
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