Between the Covers: Darts World 579

DARTS WORLD’s Spring ’22 issue, or DW 579 as it’s known around here, is on sale now!

It’s packed full of superb images, interesting features and a smattering of interviews from across the darting world. From the recent majors to UKDA season’s end to ADC amateur leagues and tournaments we’re all over it.

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Taking our queue from DW’s main title headings here is a little of what you can expect:

Oche Icons:

In some ways, our cover story involves an OCHE Icon in the Lakeside itself. Debutant reporter Harry Masterson experienced the WDF event as an unbiased newcomer with few if any preconceptions as such his detailed reports of all the major championships are refreshing, honest, and entertaining. The images from Chris Sargeant are also very impressive.

We remind you of Danny Noppert taking his chances and claiming a first ranking major, at the UK Open, and the superb efforts made by a variety of others in Minehead including Michael Smith and Keane Barry.

We review the Premier League just after the halfway stage of its new format as well as share a fan’s night out at the Manchester Night with Keiran Woods and friends.


Amateur or grassroots darts has a major presence in DW579. There are UKDA match results from two more matches as well as a look at the title deciders and tables where possible.

The ADC is building up a head of steam and will soon host its first Winmau British Championship Weekend.

Our Amateur Award is nominated and decided upon three times in the special edition. Delays caused by illness have meant DW and Toff Watches can present three awards at once covering issues 577-579 inclusive.

Our long-standing Grassroots Darts journalist and Darts World archivist Alan Towe gives us an edition of The Open Road as well as his usual remarkable effort at results and report collation!

The Numbers:

In this issue, we introduce you to the Super 8s. The last eight (or the top eight) are undeniably the success in any event. Regular appearances there will see you rise to the very top echelon. Whether your a Pro, Junior, Amateur or even a manufacturer!


Our friend Wim Blokpoel enjoys the recent positivity surrounding Dutch darts and looks ahead in his regular Going Dutch feature. Steve Brown updates us Stateside and pays his own touching tribute to Nigel Pearson.

The Pearly King lets us into some news from the Channel Islands and will be there to report it in person for the next issue and there is big news from down under via the WDF ‘On Tour‘ page.

On Tour

Our ‘On Tour’ sections are back with a bang as the season gets warmed up and every category is firing on all cylinders. Pro, Challenge, Development, Women’s, and the WDF all feature. The ADC and the MODUS Live League also get the once over and a spot in the Super 8s.

Next Gen

James Martin pens a timely ode to Keane Barry after the youngster’s dramatic run in the UK Open. We also check back in with Team 360 as JR Lott sees how they are getting gone.

Legacy & Tributes

Thomas Bartley previews the upcoming Senior Masters and wonders whether Phil Taylor can recapture some of the dominance of his previous career?

We also pay tribute to two people who contributed to the success of our sport and the bringing it safely from era to era.

Mike Gregory took on the greats from the game’s early ‘Golden Age’ and was good enough to beat them often, and to carry off the earliest WDC ( PDC ) events as the game moved on.

Nigel Pearson contributed immensely to our sport and helped Darts World Magazine as well. Our tribute is summed up by the word in the tab below in the printed magazine: LEGEND

In addition, there are our wide-ranging columnists and supplemental stories from new contributors. Keiran Wood’s Flagged Down is highly recommended, as is James Martin‘s ode to Keane Barry.

All in all, whether it’s the columns of The Wizard, Jayeff or Laura Turner or the Ricky Evans interview from Paul Woodage we are sure there is something for everyone between the Covers of DW 579


Darts World Magazine (Issue 579) and 2022 bundle offers
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