Wizard’s Wizdom – Have Tungsten, Will Travel

Glancing through an early Darts World (Issue 579) draft I noticed that there are several ‘On Tour’ summaries. The reason I spotted these, in particular, is that at some point since my last column I seem to have competed on almost every single one of them!

Shortly after my last column, it was a return to Southampton and my first MODUS Live League of 2022. I had a good solid week with some very strong patches. Lisa Ashton must have been sick of the sight of me after the week. We played throughout the week and twice on finals night! But it’s nice to get a weekly win under my belt after a few runners-up spots.

Winning Week 4 meant returning immediately for Champions Week and although I again played solidly. I narrowly missed out on finals night.

Next up was my first proper venture onto the WDF Tour with the Isle of Man event. Whilst I have played events that happened to be WDF affiliated – I lost consecutive Open Holland finals to a certain Michael Van Gerwen – this was my debut in terms of taking part in a full festival. 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and you can see why such events have proved so popular over the years. However, the different atmosphere and facilities take a little getting used to and I did not show my best on this side of the game. 

Shortly after returning home, I received a call asking if I could fill a place in the two Pro Tour events being held the following weekend in Germany! As a veteran of Pro Tours being held in Dutch, German and Austrian hotels I simply said yes and started packing.

It was a nice feeling to ply my trade back at the very top level again and in much better circumstances than my last ‘guest appearance’ a couple of years back. This time I had decent victories on both days and was a touch unfortunate not to go further, in my view!

Home for a week, it’s nice to see the family every now and again! Before heading off to Germany again, this time for a Challenge Tour weekend. This turned into a mixed bag weekend for me and that might be being generous. I am playing some really good stuff in patches, everything I have worked on for four years or so is coming on strong. But, stringing the spells together at the right times had eluded me on the Challenge Tour more often than I would like. 

Congratulations to ‘Rocky’ Jenkins who you can never write off as he proved again with a last-day event win.

I landed back from Germany on a Sunday night. Drove home and managed to grab new clothes and a quick catch before returning to Southampton (Monday evening) for Phase II of the Live League! 

To cap it off you may have noticed that I featured high on the ADC rankings after a decent couple of early-season open results. I shall return to that promising new circuit for the Northeast Weekend of the Winmau Championship Tour. 

I expect to find my invitation to the Women’s Series in the post when I finally get home…..


Colin Osborne (@colozzy180) is a PDC Championship League of Darts Winner, a UK Open finalist, and multiple Pro Tour event champion.

Image: PDC

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