Barstow Leads Off Latest Live League

Chas Barstow took the early lead on Tuesday, in ending Day 1 of Group A, top, after winning four of his five matches, with Champions Week of Phase 3 commencing at the Online Darts Live League.

Barstow, who entered Champions Week having won Week 2 of Phase 3 at the Live League, won four of his five matches as he took the early lead in Group A, after recording victories over Nathan Girvan, Jim McEwan, Graham Usher and Ryan Furness, with his only defeat coming against Scott Williams, denying him a daily clean sweep. 

Elsewhere, Scott Williams and Nathan Girvan ended the day 2nd and 3rd respectively on 6 points each, with Jim McEwan and Graham Usher sitting 4th and 5th respectively on 4 points and Ryan Furness bottom on 2 points. 

Online Darts Live League continues on Wednesday with the six players returning on the final day of Group A, hoping to boost their chances of securing a place in Saturday’s Finale, with Barstow leading the way thus far. Players who finish in places 2-6 will be split into two groups in Thursday and Friday’s play with Afternoon and Evening sessions taking place on both days, as well as new players entering the fray. Play will begin at 9:30 BST on Wednesday and will be streamed live on Online Darts TV YouTube channel or via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide.

Online Darts Live League Champions Week

Group A Day 1- Tuesday 24th May 

Chas Barstow 4-0 Nathan Girvan 

Jim McEwan 4-2 Ryan Furness

Graham Usher 4-2 Scott Williams

Chas Barstow 4-3 Jim McEwan 

Nathan Girvan 4-3 Graham Usher

Scott Williams 4-0 Ryan Furness

Chas Barstow 4-1 Graham Usher

Jim McEwan 4-3 Scott Williams

Nathan Girvan 4-0 Ryan Furness

Graham Usher 4-3 Jim McEwan 

Chas Barstow 4-2 Ryan Furness

Scott Williams 4-1 Nathan Girvan 

Ryan Furness 4-3 Graham Usher

Nathan Girvan 4-3 Jim McEwan 

Scott Williams 4-3 Chas Barstow



Words: Joe Williams

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