Hall Dominates Birmingham’s Summer Weekend of Darts

Weoley Castle WMC was the setting for a “Summer Weekend of Darts in Birmingham” with no fewer than four competitions being played off over the weekend.

On Saturday there was the men’s and women’s Classic Knockout, the men’s competition attracting a total of 75 players, losers in the last sixteen Anthony Webster, Paul Boulton, Thomas Garfield, Mark Dudbridge, Rich Hosey, Nick Fullwell, Wayne Willis and Wayne Harrison all receiving £40.

In the quarter-finals, there were wins for Ryan Palmer, Kevin Leung, Lee Evans and Graham Hall who in turn took out Charlie Symons, Dale Heritage, Matt Jackson and Brian Dawson who each picked up £50.

The last four games saw Kevin Leung win 5-0 against Ryan Palmer and Graham Hall win 6-3 against Lee Evans with £125 going to both Palmer and Evans.

The final was a really close affair going to the wire with in-form Graham Hall just getting the 7-6 edge on Kevin Leung to collect the winners £750, as runner-up Leung received £300.

In the ladies Classic Janine Gough,  Enola Wilson, Lacey Hughes and Stella Sims each received £30 for losing to respective opponents Vicky Pruim, Sarah Roberts, Rebecca Brouse and Amanda Harwood in the quarter-finals while Vicky Pruim and Rebecca Brouse in turn lost to Sarah Roberts and Amanda Harwood in the semis and collected £70 each.

As in the men’s event, the ladies final went to the last leg with Sarah Roberts clinching the winner’s £300 prize with a 6-5 win over Amanda Harwood who picked up £140.

Sunday’s Open entries were a little disappointing but that didn’t detract from some quality darts as Graham Hall just failed to make it a double when he lost 7-2 in the final to Luke Woodhouse but nevertheless he added a further £300 to his coffers with Woodhouse winning the top prize of £500.

Losing semi-finalists Steven Thompson and Darts World’s own Colin Osborne each received £130 while there was £60 for losing quarter-finalists Nick Fullwell, Ryan O’Connor, Chris Skeates and Mark Dudbridge.    

Taking the top prize of £300 in the ladies open was Vicky Pruim who beat Evonne Taylor (£140) 6-5 in the final.  

Other cash winners were Amanda Harwood and Sarah Roberts who received £70 for losing in the last four and there was £30 for Paula Jacklin, Grace Angell, Emma Manning and Rebecca Brouse who went out in the quarter-finals.

Full Results: Saturday’s Birmingham Men’s Classic: Last Sixteen:- Charlie Symons 5 Anthony Webster 0, Ryan Palmer 5 Paul Boulton 4, Kevin Leung 5 Thomas Garfield 3, Mark Dudbridge 0 Dale Heritage 5, Lee Evans 5 Rich Hosey 0, Matt Jackson 5 Nick Fullwell 3, Wayne Willis 1 Brian Dawson 5, Wayne Harrison 1 Graham Hall 5, Quarter-Finals:- Charlie Symons 1 Ryan Palmer 5, Kevin Leung 5 Dale Heritage 0, Lee Evans 5 Matt Jackson 4, Brian Dawson 3 Graham Hall 5, Semi-Finals:- Ryan Palmer 0 Kevin Leung 6, Lee Evans 3 Graham Hall 6, Final:- Kevin Leung 6 Graham Hall 7,

Sunday’s Birmingham Men’s Open: Last Sixteen:- Nick Fullwell 5 Adam Gallett 0, Peter Wright 1 Steven Thompson 5, Thomas Garfield 2 Ryan O’Connor 5, Matt Jackson 1 Graham Hall 5, Chris Skeates 5 Mark Bolton 4, Matt Gallett 3 Colin Osborne 5, Luke Woodhouse 5 Chris Millward 0, Mark Dudbridge 5 Daniel Lee 3, Quarter-Finals:- Nick Fullwell 3 Steven Thompson 5, Ryan O’Connor 3 Graham Hall 5, Chris Skeates 4 Colin Osborne 5, Luke Woodhouse 5 Mark Dudbridge 4, Semi-Finals:- Steven Thompson 0 Graham Hall 6, Colin Osborne 4 Luke Woodhouse 6, Final:- Graham Hall 2 Luke Woodhouse 7,

Saturday’s Birmingham Women’s Classic: Last Sixteen:- Vicky Pickford 0 Janine Gough 4, Jo Locke 0 Vicky Pruim 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Lauren Stokoe 1, Enola Wilson 4 Lainey Webb 0, Rebecca Brouse 4 Steph Williams 0, Lacey Hughes 4 Qingxin Zhao 1, Mandie Howard 3 Stella Sims 4, Grace Angell 2 Amanda Harwood 4, Quarter-Finals:- Janine Gough 3 Vicky Pruim 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Enola Wilson 0, Rebecca Brouse 4 Lacey Hughes 0, Stella Sims 1 Amanda Harwood 4, Semi-Finals:- Vicky Pruim 3 Sarah Roberts 5, Rebecca Brouse 1 Amanda Harwood 5, Final:- Sarah Roberts 6 Amanda Harwood 5, 

Sunday’s Birmingham Women’s Open: Last Sixteen:- Paula Jacklin 4 Karen Wallace 0, Amanda Harwood 4 Heather Wright 3, Vicky Pruim 4 Leanne Wilson 1, Grace Angell 4 Qingxin Zhao 2, Lacey Hughes 1 Emma Manning 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Laney Webb 0, Evonne Taylor 4 Jo Locke 3, Enola Wilson 3 Rebecca Brouse 4, Quarter-Finals:- Amanda Harwood 4 Paula Jacklin 3, Grace Angell 0 Vicky Pruim 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Emma Manning 1, Rebecca Brouse 2 Evonne Taylor 4, Semi-Finals:- Vicky Pruim 5Amanda Harwood 0, Evonne Taylor 5 Sarah Roberts 4, Final:- Evonne Taylor 5 Vicky Pruim 6.


Words: Alan Towe (Supported by Red Dragon Darts)

Images: PDC

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