World Paradarts Puts on a Show for the Winmau Trophy

Disability darts put on a show for the World, with the World Paradarts Winmau Trophy taking place from 20th – 22nd May. Darts World’s own John Fowler was in Oostende to officiate and enjoy this superb competition

G-Darts Belgium are the hosts of this exciting disability darts tournament at the Vayamundo Oostende, Belgium. The event was open to all WPD disability darts organisations across the World.

Countries entered teams of four – two standing and two wheelchair players. These players participated in the main event being the team competition for the World Trophy, there was also a range of playing formats for singles, and pairs.

89 players from 14 countries played in this outstanding event competing for a total of 7 titles. They are as follows – Team event, Ladies + Men’s wheelchair singles, Ladies + Men’s standing singles, Wheelchair pairs and standing pairs.

With the event making history separating the Women’s and Men’s field for the first time, G Darts and World Paradarts welcomed New World Champions to their ranks.

The results for all events are as follows –

Team Event

Finals: Belgium vs France 9:1

Joint 3rd place Netherlands and Hungary

Ladies Wheelchair Singles

Finals Chloe Francq (Bel) v Chanine Vriezen (Ndl) 2:1

3rd place Sandra Broeders (Bel)

Ladies Standing Singles

Finals Bianka Stauch (Ger) v Gabby Wehrt (Ger) 1:3

Joint 3rd Lora Josey (USA) and Therese Wierlaard (Ndl)

Men’s Wheelchair Singles

Finals Serge Van Belle (Bel) v Vinnie D’Hondt (Bel) 3:4

Joint 3rd Mark Couchman (NI) and Darren Kennish (IoM)

Men’s Standing Singles

Finals Evi Foulon (Bel) v Paul Gelder (Eng) 4:1

Jt 3rd Michelovic Van Velzen (Ndl) and Hagen Stelter (Ger)

Wheelchair Pairs

Finals Mark Couchman (NI) and Darren Kennish (IoM) v Serge Van Belle (Bel) and Vinnie D’Hondt (Bel) 3:4

Joint 3rd Phil Lees & Amar Dehar (Eng) and Ian Lewis & Kevin Stringer (Eng)

Standing Pairs

Finals Heiko Bohnhorst and Armin Wilhelm (Ger) v Evi Foulon and Kurt Vanderkerckhove (Bel) 2:4

Joint 3rd Paul Gelder & Michael Callaghan (Eng) and Matt Doe & David Johnson (Eng)

World ParaDarts also presented 4 awards for Services to Disability Darts to 4 people. These unsung heroes have tirelessly worked behind the scenes for over 7 years in their own countries and internationally.

Without these 4 people’s continuing hard work and dedication, disability darts and tournaments such as the World ParaDarts Winmau Trophy would not be possible.

Recipients were:

  • Marijke Zomer from the Netherlands
  • Thierry Gellinck from Belgium
  • Vinnie D’Hondt from Belgium
  • Ricky Chilton from Wales

Sarah Smale of World Paradarts Director added ‘It was an amazing weekend the players are truly inspirational with their hard work and dedication to the sport of darts.

After the last couple of years, for all these players from all these countries to be able to actually get together made it a very special weekend”

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Images: Rocco Maes and World Paradarts

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