Talking Points Extra II

Talking Points is a regular area of the Darts World Website and involves important or smaller pieces of news or those stories which may need longer exposure than the 24hrs cycle usually allows.

We included a version in our digital publication Darts World Extra (The Worlds) Talking Points proved so popular that it is now the opening section of every issue of Darts World Extra here are DWE II’s:

Euro Stars

For more than a decade our ‘Coach’ has been extolling the virtues of the European Tour. To be honest it’s gone on so long that we tune him out at times. Yet, Luke Humphries has used the Euro Tour as a springboard to a big career step-change as did Joe Cullen before him. Could it be that coach was correct all along?

It was obvious to me that the talent level in darts was much more equal than people would admit. The problem was that when new players qualified for big events they were at a major disadvantage. Every year almost all of them were KO’d quickly through a combination of nerves, heat, crowds, and lack of major matchplay skills”

As soon as heard about the European Tour I insisted the players I worked with took it really seriously. That much stage play, with cameras and a big raucous crowd, was priceless”

Within months it was benefitting Justin Pipe and Ian White hugely. Then, as we have seen recently, it started to be useful for players to make that last leap to major TV finalists and winners.

But ‘Coach’ was still not done!

Now it’s having the same function for WDF players, especially continental Europeans. Whereas they have struggled on the biggest TV stages before, suddenly they are coming through strongly. Martin Schindler and Thibault Tricole are two examples but my favourite is the breakthrough of Wesley Plaisier”. @aim180

Battle of the Sexes?

Liz Fletcher-Wright gives a mention to those ladies that have been playing in the Winmau/PDC Challenge and Development Tours as well as in the Seniors and other televised events. You ladies have taken on the men and have often held your own or better. 

“It just goes to show you can play as well as the men and therefore you should never be underestimated.”

Fallon Sherrock what can I say? You really have proved it by playing so well in the Grand Slam and Ally Pally and that Nordic Masters run…the world is your oyster, so keep it going. Lisa Ashton is another great lady player who’s been playing against the men on many an occasion, won a tour card, and then also proved she could compete.

Deta Hedman is just one great lady and a superb ambassador for ladies’ darts within the UKDA and the WDF. Not that she misses out completely on playing the PDC events when timetables allow. Her career will be looked back upon as outstanding, trailblazing, and barely believable.

All these ladies are playing in the PDC Women’s Series of Darts to try to gain a place in the Grand Slam, PDC Worlds, and now the Women’s World Matchplay good luck to each and every one of you.

Webby’s Wonder 170

Darts fans who like a bit of oche banter, as well as those who think of Mark Webster as a follically challenged darts pundit, had a treat on social media recently with Webster hitting a ‘Big Fish’ finish, in true World Champion style, in front of 3000 darts mad German fans. 

It was perhaps the banter between the players on stage for a doubles game – Joe Cullen, Jonny Clayton, and Max Hopp making up the foursome –  that made the finish so impressive. Webster, the 2008 Lakeside World Champion, took to social media immediately afterward to big up his efforts. Jonny Clayton replied that he hoped the footage was lost….

The interaction between the players both on the stage and over the air since has been a pleasure to behold and a reminder of the positive fun element that social media can bring to our sport. Check out the scenes here


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