Beaton’s Test Bed

Oche legend Steve Beaton has been venturing into new areas this week with his debut as an online product analyst and tester. The Bronze Adonis seemed natural, with his self deprecating humour and relaxed demeanor, as he talked over a few of his fellow Winmau player’s models:

Merv King SE ( 22g)

With Steve’s grip being at the very back of the dart some of the features of other player ranges are neutralized. Here though Steve seemed very impressed with how they would work for Merv’s rolling take up (transition). It was clear that the 1996 Lakeside World Champion was comfortable with his old rival’s latest ‘Weapons of Choice’

Steve gave the King SE an 8/10 rating.

Simon Whitlock (Gold SE)

Image has always seemed important to Steve and he was immediately impressed by the look and styling of this model. After a wayward first three to adjust from the King’s. Steve seemed to adapt very quickly indeed but he seemed less enthusiastic despite appearing to throw well.

Joe Cullen SE

The second iteration of Joe’s Winmau dart has been almost universally well-received and Steve was no exception. Immediately the darts seemed to stand up in the way Steve likes and were acting as a target for the next one. In addition, it appeared that Steve liked the feel and felt them be familiar and comfortable. Again the 58-year-old quickly had the treble 20 in his sights and was impressed by the cosmetic elements of the dart and setup.

MVG Exact

Watch carefully here. These may well work a lot better than might be thought. Steve throw it from the back of the dart and although that does not fit with Micheal it would work with someone like Eric Bristow, or even Gary Anderson, whose grip on the actual dart was/is so light as to be virtually non-existent. The adonized coating that allows Mike’s dart to feel soft (or worn in) also seems to appeal to Steve.

Steve then ventured even further out of his comfort zone with another selection of “The Big Boys” darts. Red Dragon champions Jonny Clayton, Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price’s latest or favourite models will all feature in Part II.

It seems then that our own Joe Reid and AIM180 should be worried about what Steve may do when he calls it a day on the main circuit. Surely a few hours of testing a week might fit well with a few senior events and his ever regular exhibition work?


Images: Winmau

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