A Jubliee Weekend of ADC Action

The ADC affiliate action returns over the weekend and what a line-up is in store for the Winmau Sky Lounge Ranking Series 2022 in Washington. Matt The Action Jackson the ADC Number 1 will be taking part as well as Adam Atkinson the Number 2. 

The 38-year-old has been the most consistent player on the ADC circuit picking up points at every tournament he has entered. In under a month, The Action picked up 128 points – from the 23rd of April to the 21st of May- as he sits on 584 points in current proceedings. 

The Englishman could be further ahead in the rankings if he had chosen to play in the ADC Championship Tour Events at the end of April which Atkinson managed to win and reach the Last 16 of across the two days. Regardless he sits 54 points clear of the man from the Northeast ahead of Washington at the weekend where the two could meet should they get through their earlier tournament matches. 

27-year-old Atkinson has had three stand-out performances this year that have really helped his rankings point tally, winning ADC Championship Tour 1 where he won 256 points, as well as winning the Middlebeck Open and the Knack Ranking Series where he picked up 128 points for both victories.

Lloyd Pennell has won two for two tournaments in the ADC, winning the Peter McMenamin Memorial Open on the 21st where he picked up 128 points, before winning in York last week where he earned 64 points. The Lincoln thrower has risen strongly through the rankings, now sitting third and only 76 points from fourth-placed Graham Hall. 

The 37-year-old is 70 points of second-placed Atkinson and will also be heading to Washington to take part on Saturday as he looks to make it a hat-trick of victories in three weeks of action. There are 128 ranking points available to the winner with the runner-up receiving 64 and a big performance from any of the top three could be a telling difference in the race for the first spot. 

Geoff Murray who won Event 3 last week will feature once more in Washington, after rising to sixth in the rankings with his 128 ranking points earnt. Could the Englishman upset the top three and win again in the Northeast to close the gap on fifth-placed Tony Wood, who will not be in action over the weekend. 

Kevin McDine will also feature once more, after taking part last week for event three where he lost his second-round match to Paul Williams, resulting in just four ranking points. The Wallsend thrower is 11th in the rankings, ten points from tenth-placed Tony Newell who was the other 256 points earner from the ADC Championship Tour. 

Other events over the weekend taking place include The Penyffordd British Legion Darts Slam, and the Ruskin Sports June GSod being held in St Helens are events that will be held on Sunday. Saturday sees the Imperial Darts Slam and the Liverpool Open KO + Plate Comp at Riley’s a well-known host for events in the ADC.

The action also continues tonight within the ADC, with events including the Thursday RBL Round Robin 6 Event being held in Swanage. Friday sees the Southport Jubilee Grand Slam, which will include former Premier League darts participant Wes Newton who is registered for the tournament. 

Bank Holiday Weekend Schedule:


  • Thursday RBL Round Robin 6 
  • Botanical Gardens, Atherton June Bank Holiday Slamp


  • (BHPD) Friday Night Flyer II
  • (BHPD) Friday Night Flyer II – Plate
  • Off The Rails, Crewe June Bank Holiday GSoD
  • Southport Jubilee Grand Slam 


  • (Northeast) Winmau Sky Lounge Ranking Series 2022- Event 4
  • The Imperial Hotel Darts Slam 
  • Liverpool Open KO + Plate Comp


  • Penyffordd British Legion Darts Slam 
  • Ruskin Sports June GSoD

ADC Rankings:

  1. Matt Jackson: 584pts
  2. Adam Atkinson: 530pts
  3. Lloyd Pennell: 460pts
  4. Graham Hall: 384pts
  5. Tony Wood: 380pts
  6. Geoff Murray: 318pts
  7. Lee Budgen: 284pts
  8. Adam Warner: 276pts
  9. Steve Brown: 262pts
  10. Tony Newell: 256pts
  11. Kevin McDine: 246pts
  12. Paul Nesbitt: 210pts
  13. Phil Borthwick: 209pts
  14. Adam Mould: 203pts
  15. Ryan Anderson: 201pts
  16. Gary Hayes:196pts


Words: Harry Masterson

Images – Featured: ADC, In Text: 1) ADC, 2) PDC

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