World Darts Open Receives a Warm Welcome

AS darts returns to its full strength it’s been superb to see the number of new initiatives, events and organisations that have been presented to players and fans alike.

It’s fair to say that few, if any, have generated the kind of reaction as that generated by the ADC’s World Darts Open.

The £40,000 competition will make its debut appearance this December during what promises to be a superb weekend of amateur darts.

There are in effect three types of player entry for both the men’s and women’s events. There will be a number of seeded players ( 32 men and 8 Women) made up of International Qualifiers and Ranking tables seeds and then there will be up to 256 (men) and 64 (Women) players who will enter on a simple pay-to-play basis.

The reaction from across the darting spectrum has been of high interest and the initial impression has been very positive. An example would be Robert Thornton who simply said “Wow”!

So far I, as an observer, have been very struck by the international participation and qualification structure. Affiliated organisations in Oceania, Scandinavia, Ireland and elsewhere have already announced qualifying events and will be supporting their players to take part.

A ‘back of a fag packet’ calculation indicates that the ADC and their Oceania team, are offering close to £10,000 worth of support to their qualifiers so they can take part. Flights and associated expenses do not come cheap from that part of the world and it’s an impressive effort. Popular New Zealand Player and Lakeside contestant Haupai Puh reacted with:

 “Fantastic work @dartscircuit, a great way for other countries to be a part of this. Let’s go New Zealand”

Could we see the next Whitlock or Heta emerge? It will be particularly interesting to see who takes the ladies’ spot?

Also quick out of the gate have been the Irish darts community. Two separate qualifiers have already been confirmed for the seeded position offered to INDO and the two other Ireland spots.

Following a pattern that’s been witnessed across the darting organisations the Scandinavian nations did not drag their heels and have scheduled a qualifier in Iceland already.

With more nations soon to schedule their qualifier here is how INternational qualifiers will fit into the seeding pattern.


8 Benelux Qualifier 1
9 Benelux Qualifier 2

10 JDC Advanced Tour Winner – 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Henry Coates
11 Germany Qualifier 1
12 Australia Qualifier 1
13 Germany Qualifier 2

14 UK Ranking Table 1
15 UK Ranking Table 2
16 JDC Advanced Tour Runner up – 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Leighton Bennett
17 Benelux Qualifier 3
18 Benelux Qualifier 4
19 Germany Qualifier 3
20 Germany Qualifier 4
21 Australia Qualifier 2
22 New Zealand Qualifier
23 Scandinavia Qualifier 1
24 Scandinavia Qualifier 2

25 Red Dragon Champion of Champions Winner
26 Mediterranean Qualifier 1
27 Mediterranean Qualifier 2
28 INDO Irish Qualifier
29 Ireland Qualifier 1
30 Ireland Qualifier 2
31 Italy Qualifier 1
32 Italy Qualifier 2


1 UK Ranking Table (Highest Placed Lady)
2 Benelux Qualifier
3 Ireland Qualifier
4 Oceania Qualifier
5 Germany Qualifier
6 Scandinavia Qualifier

7 UK Ranking Table (Second Highest Lady)
8 INDO Irish Qualifier

The ADC’s CEO Scott Hunt has been delighted by the response and added:

“People seem to have really warmed to the International aspect of this event. From Scandinavia to Oceania the reaction has been swift and overwhelmingly positive”

“ Offering people opportunities in their own nations, and often supporting them to take part, instead of having to travel the world, seems to have gone down very well….”

The qualifiers are scheduled to take place in the Summer and Autumn and the field will begin to take shape with the other seeds (more on that soon!) being settled via title or competition wins and ranking table results.

We will also be able to see, via Darts Atlas, the entries in various nations as well as the field for the (Pay-to-Play) – group stages as it builds. 

It’s fair to say that the early reaction to this Winmau-backed brand-new event has been peppered with interest and curiosity. It will be fascinating to watch it develop between now and December.

Darts World will be there to witness the inaugural event and watch it all come together. Keep checking in on the ADC and World Darts Open area for the latest updates and information.


Images: ADC

Words: JR Lott

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