Dutch Open Diary: First Impressions

An early morning here in Assen, where the WDF Dutch Open singles events will start very soon. As I came in, there was a woman saying me how much she loves penguins (as there’s a penguin on my shirt), and I immediately noticed how friendly the people are who work here.

So, this building is so enormous that even finding the press room cost me about 15 minutes! It seems like there are 3 important rooms: one with some practice boards where the paradarts players and the women will play their games later today. A bigger room, where the massive stage is as well, has loads and loads of boards for the men event. Finally, the last darts room is where the tribune is, and where the streamed games will be played.

During my search to the press room, I saw WDF Boys World Champion Bradly Roes who struggled walking, so hopefully that will be over soon and won’t affect his game!

When I went to the room for the paradarts players, I saw famous dartsfan Jackie Goethals, famous for his appearances in the Lakeside crowd, a lot of people were screaming his name when he walked in, he really is a popular person in the world of paradarts!

Now, it’s waiting for the games to start, just 45 minutes to go!

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