ADC Reward Wide-ranging Excellence in World Darts Open Seedings

THE recently announced ADC World Darts Open has received a positive response across the board. Much of this is of course the novelty of a new, and large-scale, event that widens their playing choices. But there is more to it than that.

The originality of the event seems to be attracting attention from specific categories of players and commentators. The international angle was immediately obvious and has already begun to pick up speed.

The 256 (64 for the Women’s) ‘pay and play’ group stage is self-explanatory and will attract both those who love a darting weekend away and those who feel they have a chance to progress with the group stage format.

Of more interest to those, like me, who have followed the evolution of the ADC for the past couple of years, is the way the seeding spots for the top 32 (8) are being worked.

Players in the UK will have a number of ways to qualify as one of the 32 Men’s Seeds or 8 Ladies Seeds.

The cut-off for seeded places will be 11.59 pm October 31st, 2022, otherwise known as Halloween. With a huge number of local affiliated events to take place between now and then the ranking tables places could go right down to the wire.

These criteria reward both participation in local events but also excellence and bravery in selecting which ones you will play. Might it even encourage some of those promoters who prefer to remain unaffiliated to change their view?

The benefits of climbing the ranking table are growing every day. Matt Jackson was presented with our Amateur Award and then recently invited to the Live League.

With a package worth hundreds of pounds on offer, as well as Q School places and other benefits to be announced. The ADC rankings are well worth trying to climb.

In addition, the same benefits are available to those who excel at the other levels of the ADC’s three-legged stool. If you are a belt ( title holder) sanctioned by the ADC, then you will get a seeded place. If you top the ranking at the ‘major level’ of the ADC tour you will also gain the benefits and there is also a place for the winner of the superb Champion of Champions event.

Now some of us may have the odd quibble over the seniority of these seedings, and we may see some interesting adjustments when players qualify from more than one criteria on the list?

Overall it’s clear that the ADC is trying to construct events that encourage players to take part locally and then strive to excel at the various levels. They also seem keen to reward both.


  • Seeded #1 ADC Global Champion
  • Seeded #2 ADC European Champion
  • Seeded #3 ADC Scottish Champion
  • Seeded #4 ADC Welsh Champion
  • Seeded #5 ADC English Champion
  • Seeded #6 Winmau Championship Tour Winner
  • Seeded #7 Winmau Championship Tour Runner-up
  • Seeded #14 UK Ranking Table Number 1
  • Seeded #15 UK Ranking Table Number 2
  • Seeded #25 Red Dragon Champion of Champions Winner


  • Seeded #1 – Highest Ranked UK Lady on Main Ranking Table
  • Seeded #7 – Second Highest Ranking UK Lady on Main Ranking Table

All seeds will receive free accommodation for their 4-night stay. Being as all seeds enter on the Saturday afternoon session, are guaranteed £100 in prize money and will enter straight into the knockout phase*.

*(Accommodation fully refunded if already purchased – Recommended to secure your place)

Words: JR Lott

Images: ADC

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