Dutch Masters Diary: First Impressions

Sunny weather is not the perfect darts weather, although it did make the traveling to the Ziggo Dome a lot nicer. When I go into the venue, I was waiting on my press card, and the man I was waiting behind was Kirk Bevins himself!

Strangely enough he was wearing a raincoat, I guess he expected English weather here! It was already pretty hot in the venue, not as extreme as at the World Cup in Frankfurt though (thankfully).

When I went to the backstage area, it was absolutely full of doors but after a search I did manage to find the press room, where Media Director Dave Allen and some other media guys were already settled.

I then had a look at the arena itself, and from the outside, the Ziggo Dome did not look impressive at all but from the inside it’s a beautiful venue! 45 minutes to go and it was pretty empty, however half an hour later it was more filled than I expected!

Back at the press room I was happily surprised we could just conduct the interviews in the press room itself. Now that the press was ready, and the filled crowed was more than ready: let the games begin!


Words and Images: Wim Blokpoel

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