Wright on Retaining Matchplay Title: “Easier Than Last Year…”

Defending the biggest titles in darts has always been what separates the truly great from the merely very good. Peter Wright is out to make sure he is in the former group!

A glance at the history of the World Matchplay provides proof enough of the difficult task awaiting Snakebite in Blackpool. Despite the event being won by many great names, only three men have defended the crown. So, does the World Champion think he can join Harrington, Taylor and Van Gerwen?

“Absolutely, I really fancy my chances, I always do well in Blackpool”

At times last year, Peter was almost unplayable in the Winter Gardens and he is confident of a repeat performance:

“ I almost always reach the semi, finals, or better and I have these two weeks to get ready. I know what to do these to be ready”

Is that simply a lot of board work and hard graft practice?

“It’s more just getting my throw right and getting my dart to go into the board how I want it to. I like to get the angle they enter the board correctly and maximise my potential 180 scoring…” “You need them these days”

Oh dear, that sounds ominously like you’ll be trying out more darts before going to Blackpool!  Where does the inspiration or the idea to try a new dart come from, are you just going back through decades of playing or…

“ Yes, but other things, such as the venue and the stage etc. are important. Especially for a final. The heat in the Winter Gardens makes my dart fly in a totally different way even than it does in the practice room.”

Assuming that darts very own Tinkerman solves his current technical hitch he is certainly approaching the defence of his crown with a characteristic positivity:

“ Yeah I have a few ideas to work on, but form-wise I think I can win it easier than I did last year…”

Remembering the standard Wright produced to put his name on that trophy, the above is quite a statement….


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