Choose Your Weapons: Snakebite Double World Champion SE

By our estimate, Peter Wright is associated with around 30 models of dart. Whether it’s his latest tinker or some established favourites they are always worth a deeper dive.

The Double World Champion Special Edition is based on perhaps his most successful model:

Initial Impressions: 

‘Double’ are a superbly built, and finely engineered, addition to the Premium Player/Special Edition section of the market. Originally commissioned to celebrate Peter’s second Ally Pally Triumph in January 2022. 

The diamond grip has been complimented by various ‘Snakebite’ themes, including Euro 11, Element Blue and Gold, over the years.

We tested the natural and ‘Black Diamond’ versions which are just a little less flamboyant than the blingy Gold edition!

  • Product: Darts (Steel Tip) 
  • Brand: Red Dragon 
  • Model Name: Double World Champion (Peter Wright) 
  • Variation / Edition: Natural Black 20g 
  • £79.90

For such a seriously gripped and engineered dart it has a remarkably slim feel and looks. The grip is both impressive and unusual. It is more of a surface than a grip and thus allows complete individuality to the holding position and grip pressure.

What’s In the Box: Snakebite Double World Champion comes in the recent Peter Wright-themed, pull-out box. Inside are three barrels, three nitro stems (Black, Gold & Silver), and a set of Peter Wright, std shape, Double World Champion design, flights. 

Tester Quotes:

“MVG might really fancy some of  these, especially worn in ones” ….Serious Amateur

“I love the grip, it’s quite aggressive initially yet, it feels less likely to stick than deep/sharp grooves” …..  Pub Player

“ They flew brilliantly, especially to the treble ring! The grip was very new to me but soon I could see why it works for Peter…Elite Player

Testing Process: Our test team subjected ‘Double’ to a variety of throw styles, conditions, and setups, with 1000+ darts thrown. Our testers used ‘Snakebite Double SE’ in competitive practice, training drills, over a weekend for social games, and a public practice session. In addition, players were asked to try their preferred combination or any other setup they felt might work. 

Variations: Double SE natural/black model variation is also available in 22g and 24g.

Results:  All three of our testers were impressed with the general look of the ‘Double’ model. The diamond grip intrigued them whilst the natural/black colour was deemed subtle and “not too harsh on the eye”. Two of our three players liked the initial feel of the dart in their hands. The words ‘different’ and ‘interesting’ were popular.  

Debbie Downers:  Our players rated the looks, production, and initial feel, of the dart, very highly. They took a bit of getting used to and some players would not adjust. 

The firmest holder felt the sheer complexity of the grip gives the impression of a fatter, not consistent, middle section of the dart although he did accept that a worn set might be perfect.

The Tech Bit:  For a heavily engineered dart ‘Double’come in at a slim 6.1mm wide. The distinctive cosmetics and grip pattern combine to create the impression of an even slimmer model. The 54.6mm length is at the longer end of the spectrum and is advantageous to the direct thrower. The slightly rounded ‘nose cone’ area is essential on a long dart with a pronounced grip as it enables confidence in “going at the target”. The diamond-coated ring grips provide a high-quality surface that will mold with the user over time. A little patience is richly rewarded.  

Set Ups: Double SE come supplied with a ‘Player Set Up’ of Snakebite Double Flights & Medium Nitro Stems. This setup works well for the majority of throwers and is very high quality for an included item. The length of the dart seems to lead to no-nonsense setups. Two of our testers preferred a shorter stem version of the set-up, claiming a significant improvement in fluency. 

Durability: Double stood up well over the 1000+ darts we subjected them to. The diamond grip does cause an increase in marks to the smooth areas of the darts, diamond is seriously hard after all! The colour scheme, and styling, seemed to distract from this in a better way than the early pale ‘Element’ grip darts. 

The Snap Shot: All our testers agreed that the ‘Snakebite Double’’ is a superb-looking dart, a considerable upgrade on the std version. All also agreed that those who throw very directly will buy in most. The grips feel quite aggressive and take a little getting used to. The cost, whilst high, is definitely justified by the tech and design that has gone into the end result.  

Cost: At just under £80, ‘Double SE’ are a premium piece of design, production and performance that you would expect.  

A firm thrower, who has a lighter grip, will benefit hugely, ironically an MVG type might gain the most! 

9/10 – @aim180ltd


Originally appeared in Darts World Extra 4

Images: Red Dragon and Darts World Magazine

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