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DARTS WORLD EXTRA’s opening piece is often some bullet points that have provided interest, debate or conversation between darts players, fans and within the industry in the previous few weeks:

Beau Peeps

Blimey, there are a lot of folk trying to grab some of the Beau Greaves buzz. First, we have this nonsense about whether she is World Champion, Women’s World Champion, World Amateur Champion or Lakeside Champion etc.  

Poor Phil Barrs was first to stumble as he managed to step on the social media landmine with a clumsily worded tweet. The pile-on was OTT and he clarified his view very quickly afterward. 

Next up is the PDC’s habit of referring to those who are WDF/BDO Champions as ‘Lakeside Champions’ this was born out of the various disputes between organisations years ago and not wishing to place other champions in a bracket with their own events. They refer to Neil Duff in this way and to complain about them using the same title for Greaves, even though hers is the only current Women’s World title, is plain daft. 

Rose Returns

Well, it didn’t take Lisa Ashton long to return to the top end of the WDF. The attention being paid to Greaves may actually help Ashton, who is no longer the main focus of attention. The Lancashire Rose claimed her automatic place at the Lakeside with victory in the British Open, removing Beau en route, looks set to be ranked in the top five very soon and is now highly likely to play three or four World Championships (PDC, WDF, Women’s and Seniors) in early 2023! 

Wright Grumpy?

Is it me or has Peter Wright gotten out of bed on the wrong side. The colorful World Champion is not famed for getting into disputes or crossing swords with other players etc. Yet twice within a couple of weeks, he has featured in tiffs with Dimitri Van den Bergh and Niels Zonneveld. No comment on the rights and wrongs but it seems out of character for Peter….


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