Wizard’s Extra Wizdom

Welcome to the first of these ‘Extra Wizdom’ thingamajigs. Didn’t there used to be an advert with the tagline “ Get a little Extra….”?

I have just got back from a first trip to the new MODUS Super Series set up and what a fabulous few days it was. Unusually, I was in a Thursday and Friday night group and knew I was going to have to hit my best recent form to get through.

I’d been itching to get down there and try out the new setup since first glimpsing it a few weeks ago. Oddly, I had a feeling I would enjoy it and play well.

Here’s a little tip for all those who play there, or at any new venue: Spend a few minutes after arrival working out the lay of the land. 

Not just where the board is or the practice room but where you arrive and exit, where you pop for food, a vape, or smoke, and even where the bathrooms are.

Then check out the stage views, angles, and atmosphere. The sounds from a stage oche are usually totally different from a closed room, often hollow and more thumping. 

Personally, I don’t tend to throw stage practice darts, until those immediately before the game, but I do get up there and check my stance and get familiar with how it all feels and looks. It nearly always seems to be me who gets caught to be the one for camera angle checks.

I managed this quite early on Thursday and was ready to go in good time. My group really summed up everything that Super Series can be about. In addition to ‘The Wizard’ we had the fast-rising talents that are Sebastian Bialecki and Nathan Girvan representing the next generation, Matty Dennant showing ability that may flower late and Scott Williams who is currently one of the form players in world darts. 

Just to add a little Extra (see what I did there?) We had a three-time World Champion from my home area on commentary! Duzza isn’t too shabby on the mic either.

On the playing side, The Wizard held his own rather well against that array of talent and I happily topped the group after winning 6 games from 8 including the toughest ones. 

On finals night it was not quite to be. It was Scott Williams who found an ‘Extra’ gear (See what I did there again?) to take out a 148 finish in our semi-final deciding leg!

I wish Scott all the best for Champions Week and look forward to my next visit! Catch you all in the next Darts World.


Colin Osborne is a multiple Pro Tour title winner, Championship of Darts winner (2009), and a UK Open finalist. @colozzy180


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