UKDA National League: Midlands Report

Warwickshire County Darts Organisation’s second fixture in the Cosmo Darts Premier Division of the UKDA National League was an away game against Essex. Prior to the fixture Warwickshire were fourth in the division with 23 points and their hosts fifth on 22 points so a close result was envisaged.

That however was not the case as the home team went on to win 21-15 to lift them to third in the table with 46 points and see Warwickshire drop two places to sixth with 38 points.

The Warwickshire ladies teams were in form as they both chalked up 4-2 victories with Tammy Montgomery taking the ‘A’ teams match award for her 23-12 average and 3-0 win over Wendy Collins while Chloe McKivett was the ‘B’ teams top lady with a 20.59 average and again a straight 3-0 win in her game with Kerry Rudd.

It was not such good news for the men’s teams as the ‘B’ side lost 8-4, Nigel Heydon the man of the match with a 27.57 average in his 4-3 win over Phil Brewster and taking the ‘A’ team’s award was Jamie Atkins who had 28.05 average in his 4-2 win over Darren Peetoom as the team went down 9-3.

Full Results: UKDA National League: Premier Division: Cosmo Darts Premier Division: Essex 21 Warwickshire 15: Essex MA 9-3 Warwickshire MA:Men’s ‘A’:- Phil Halls 3 Jenson Walker 4, Brad Halls 4 Jack Wareing 3, Keegan Brown 4 Noel Grant 0, Richie Howson 4 Tom Martin 1, Joe Russell 4 Kevin Dowling 0, Wayne Gleed 4 Wayne Mynard 3, Paul Marsh 4 Gareth Braham 3, Darren Peetoom 2 Jamie Atkins 4, Ben Adams 4 Chris Wickenden 2, Craig Vickers 4 Steve Hine 2, Lennie Holmes 1 Matty Washbrooke 4, Steve Haggerty 4 Jamie Hughes 3, Essex MB 8-4 Warwickshire MB: Men’s ‘B’:- Danny McIntyre 4 Carl Winters 3, Shaun Fox 4 Ian McFarlane 3, Darren Richardson 4 Adam Wood 3, Bryan Margerison 3 Mark Martin 4, Jason Murphy 4 Lee Miller 3, Simon Monk 2 Dave Hill 4, Scott Lawrie 4 Karl Reynolds 2, Michael Hancocks 4 Carl Green 0, Andrew Currivan 4 Martin Tonks 1, Rob Donat 2 Adam Hancock 4, Phil Brewster 3 Nigel Heydon 4, Jamie Peetoom 4 Mark Strong 2, Essex WA 2-4 Warwickshire WA: Women’s ‘A’:- Karen Williams 3 Caroline Pike 1, Stacey Ellis 1 Natalie Gilbert 3, Wendy Collins 0 Tammy Montgomery 3, Leanne Halls 3 Marian Conway 0, Carol Pinfold 0 Sue Gulliver 3, Donna Gleed 1 Donna Pinch 3, Essex WB 2-4 Warwickshire WB: Women’s ‘B’:- Lynn Kelly 0 Angela Jones 3, Kerry Rudd 0 Chloe McKivett 3, Sue Waterman 1 Courtney Hine 3, Ann Farmer 0 Hannah Meek 3, Jade Gofford 3 Nina Bolt 2, Karen Breen 3 Melanie Jones 2.


Black Country County Darts Organisation’s second fixture in division two of the UKDA National League was a home tie with Norfolk who were riding high at the top of the table after their opening 21-15 home win over newly promoted Gloucestershire while Black Country were lying two places off the foot of the table following their first game 20-16 defeat away to West of England.

There was little joy for the ladies as the ‘B’ team lost 6-0 and the ‘A’ also lost going down 4-2 with Chez Allcock taking the match award for her 3-0 win over Teresa Felgate giving her a 17.28 average.

Both of the men’s teams were victorious, the ‘B’ side chalking up their first win in two as they won 7-5 with Jamie Rollinson taking the match award with a super 31.26 average in his 3-1 win over Gary Knott. The ‘A’ team made it two wins in as many games winning 10-2 to earn an overall 19-17 win for the weekend. A straight 4-0 win over Evan Wilson gave Reece Colley the man of the match award, another 30 plus average as Reece recorded a 30.36 average.

Black Country move away from the bottom of the table going up four places to fourth on 38 points, seven short of new leaders West of England. Norfolk drop down to third with 41 points the same number as second in the division Tyne and Wear.

Full Results: UKDA National League: Division Two: Black Country 19 Norfolk 17: The Black Country MA 10-2 Norfolk MA: Men’s ‘A’:- Alex Howells 4 Jack Holmes 3, Rob Smith 4 Darren Brown 3, Paul Wells 4 Craig Venman 2, Dan Nicholls 4 Aaron Taylor 0, Trevor Brennon 4 Vinny Mudd 0, Gaz Johnson 4 James Cole 3, Rich Bowen 2 Olly King 4, Justin Evans 4 Andrew Hircock 0, Stephen Jones 4 Terry Redhead 1, Reece Colley 4 Evan Wilson 0, Graham Hall 3 David Wilson 4, Shane Price 4 Darren Youngs 3, The Black Country MB 7-5 Norfolk MB: Men’s ‘B’:- Martyn Harper 2 Ashley Brown 3, Dan Fellows 1 Dan Taylor 3, Adam Edgar 3 Kim Buckingham 1, Gavin Smith 3 Hamish Varnon 0, Liam Kelly 3 David Dearing 2, Jamie Rollinson 3 Gary Knott 1, Ali Hickinbottom 2 Terry Stanmore 3, Neil Steventon 3 Timothy Mann 0, Connor Whitehouse 3 Lewis Winter 1, Jamie Barrowman 0 Dale Paul 3, James Hykin 0 James Goldsmith 3, Cayden Smith 3 Jon Sharp 1, The Black Country WA 2-4 Norfolk WA: Women’s ‘A’:- Maxine Prosser 1 Stephanie Potter 3, Natalie Mansell 3 Marie Stopher 1, Steph Koyna 1 Mandy Gray 3, Heather Wright 2 Julia Virgoe 3, Chez Allcock 3 Teresa Felgate 0, Shannon Hall 0 Sandra Page 3, The Black Country WB 0-6 Norfolk WB: Women’s ‘B’:- Grace Angell 2 Nicole Bartram 3, Stella Sims 0 Linda Varnon 3, Lacey Hughes 1 Lucy Hoddy 3, Doreen Hunt 0 Claire Broom 3, Angie Carroll 0 Gemma Reynolds 3, Sarah Tromans 1 Lynsey Childs 3.


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