Even Flow: A Pearl Of A Practice Drill

ONE of the most important ways to improve your game is to practice groupings. If you’re a beginner it should be the main skill to focus on initially.

By ‘grouping’ I mean the ability to follow up the first dart with one or two more darts close to the first one. Grouping is somewhat of an issue for many players. You may get a nice first dart at 20 but the next darts goes a bit left into number 5.  For the 3rd dart, you overcompensate and it ends up in number 1.  And that dreaded 26 is a fact…

I’ve added a few great grouping games on GoDartsPro over the years. The popular A1 game and the tougher one, Mikkos Megatrain, for more experienced players for example.

The Game

I felt we needed a fun grouping game for everyone to get some scorings.
But also a game where once you manage to get your grouping issues sorted, you’ll be able to reach some great scores.

So I came up with the game EVEN FLOW.

The game idea of course is to try to get your darts close to each other and to get a nice flow in your throws. But I also wanted to give the game an added twist to be able to try different strategies for the scorings.

The Rules:

With the standard option, you score by hitting at least 2 darts in the same field on the board. Once you’ve scored on a field, that field is closed and you need to find new fields to score in for the next throw.

So let’s say you hit the first dart in big single 20, the second dart in big single 5, and the third dart again in big single 20.

You now scored 40 and the big single field of 20 is now locked and marked red in the interactive dartboard in the game.

So for the next throw, you need to try to hit at least 2 darts in some other field to score. Trying to aim at 20 can be risky since you’ve already locked one of the fields…but treble 20 is always tempting of course…

Let’s say you now aim at T19 but your 1st dart slips into the big single 7.
You now need to decide if you’ll try to go for the T19 again or –  play safe, and aim for a big single 7 again to at least score something with this throw.

You can try different strategies this way and it’s all about your goal for the session and how good you are (or think you are).


As always, focus on your throwing motion and practice only if you’re fully focused.

Btw, as a side note… I named it to honour one of my all-time favourite bands PEARL JAM and their great song… EVEN FLOW

Take care and enjoy your darts. Anders


Words: Anders Östman (godartspro.com are the official Practice Partner of Darts World Magazine)

Images: Game Graphics by GoDartsPro (others by Darts World Magazine)

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