Mission Progress: 2022 Launch

In case you hadn’t noticed it’s launch season in the darts industry. The second of the larger brands to launch within a few days was Mission. The Darts Corner-backed brand went with a broad launch. Nine player darts, more accessories and brand news besides

A selection of product reviews will be showcased on Darts Worlds’ various platforms over the next few months, as well as many more reviews from their exciting and innovative range!

Josh Rock (Signature Darts)

Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated product of the launch, emerging talent Josh Rock has finally had his signature darts released. A simple straight barrel with a black PVD coating, as well as electric blue rings and re-machined silver groves create an impressive look.

Steel-Tip (22g, 24g, 26g), Soft-Tip (18g)

John O’Shea (Signature Darts)

A player who darts with a prior sponsor I’ve reviewed before, the John O’Shea darts were my most eagerly anticipated set of the release. Modeled from his Winmau World Masters winning darts, the barrels feature a simple ring grip, with a reverse taper towards the point. They have undergone the Ryan Joyce treatment, and have been coated with a Coral Titanium Nitride PVD coating. 

Steel-Tip (22g, 24g, 26g), Soft-Tip (18g)

Darryl Fitton (Signature Darts)

Perhaps an inclusion not many expected, but welcome nonetheless – Fitton’s new arrows are a fantastic-looking dart. The rear scallop is a new addition for him, as well as a striking red and black colour scheme. A longer angled taper is also an interesting inclusion and one I’m interested to see in person. 

Steel-Tip (22g, 24g, 26g), Soft-Tip (18g)

Roman Benecky (Signature Darts)

The Czech theme runs throughout Roman Benecky’s new darts, with a red electroplated finish inspired by the Czech flag prominent within the front half of the barrel. The barrel contains unique contoured radial groves, intertwined with radial milled cuts to further enhance the level of grip offered by the barrel.

Steel-Tip (22g, 24g), Soft-Tip (18g)

Lee Evans (Signature Darts)

While perhaps my least favorite barrel of the launch, these are nonetheless a dart to suit the masses. A simple dual-ring grip makes up the bulk of the barrel, with a barrel shape preferred by many. I have to give credit to whoever at Mission designed the flights – they look amazing!

Steel-Tip (21g, 23g)

Rhian O’Sullivan (Signature Darts)

Another simplistic design, the Mission Rhian O’Sullivan darts take inspiration from the darts used by John Lowe and the late Andy Fordham. A basic ring grip offers, as Mission claim, a 4/10 rating in terms of grip level, somewhat enhanced by the wide barrel. 

Steel-Tip (23g, 25g)

Joe Murnan (Signature Darts)

Despite a simplistic design, I’m very much a fan of Joe Murnan’s first Mission darts. A Bristow-esque barrel offers a very low level of grip, but a consistent feel across the 48mm barrel. The groves are inlaid with blue electroplating, which compliments his new design of flights, and the supplied Mission Sabre shafts.

Steel-Tip (23g, 25g)

Mission Suzanne Smith (Signature Darts)

Another bomb-style dart, though these are a complete contrast to Rhian’s. Two unique styles in three separate sections, with a milled dual-ring grip housed between two micro-grip sections, offer what Mission determined is an 8/10 level grip – perfect for those that demand more from the equipment they use!

Steel-Tip (24g, 26g)

James Hurrell (Signature Darts)

Despite James having two previous sets from prior sponsors, he has never derived from his original design – this has proved true once again in his new Mission darts. A separated rear micro-grip, coupled with a more aggressive front ring/razor hybrid grip is his preferred style, with purple painted rings and a rear black PVD coating to complete the look.

Steel-Tip (22g, 24g, 26g), Soft-Tip (18g)

Sabre (Shafts)

Mission have taken advantage of the growing demand for aluminium/polycarbonate hybrid shaft with the introduction of the Sabre range. Available in 9 colours (black, white, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple and clear), as well as three lengths (36mm (short), 40mm (tweenie) and 49mm (medium)), meaning there will be a style to suit every player. The tops are also available in a range of colours (gold, black, silver, blue, red, green), so you can truly customise every part of your look at the oche! 

Mission Lunar (Points)

My personal highlight – I love the look of the Mission Lunar points. The points feature a milled slash, which increases the grip in the board, as well as reducing the risk of bounce-outs. The standard points are available in silver and black, and come in a choice of four lengths – 32mm, 36mm, 38mm and 40mm. The points are available in CS (complete section grip), or FS (front section grip), depending on your personal preference. 

Mission have also transferred the Lunar range to the popular Sniper points, for those that prefer the tapered points. 

In addition to the Lunar range, a minor addition was that of the Ripple points, which are now available as soft-tip conversion points.

To see all the details and enter the competition watch the Launch video here: To see all the details and enter the competition  watch the Launch video here: 


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