The Darts World 50 – 1973

This article, from Issue 2, is essentially a scoop on the birth of the BDO. The ‘Super Teams’ are in fact the early Counties and the National League that is ‘likely to be formed this spring’ became what was the BICC league and is currently the UKDA’s National League!

Lookout for Alan Towe’s fuller explanation of the events surrounding this seminal moment in UK darts.

The competition to design a badge for the new organisation was very successful and resulted in a Darts World reader designing the emblem that is still recognised today!

The Darts World 50

Very few publications can lay claim to being “The Official Voice” of their sport. But then not many are almost 50 years old and have coexisted side by side with the object of their affection throughout the swings and roundabouts of two golden eras and at least one near collapse.

In the early 1970s, a handful of ingredients were coming together to form the recipe for the huge success of the hitherto lesser-known pub game of Darts. Darts World Magazine was one of those ingredients.

Editor, proprietor and instigator, Tony Wood, welcomed readers to the new Darts World magazine for our November/December 1972 debut (Issue 1). The ingredients mentioned above could all be seen within those first 36 pages and then in every issue that followed.

DW have chronicled the ups and downs, the major events, and the minutiae while championing the game at every opportunity.

The Darts World 50 offers 50 highlights selected direct from our pages during what must now be thought of as the ‘Golden Age/s of Darts’.

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