Bullseye Maths Makes the Grade

THE PDC’s Bullseye Maths initiative will form part of the 2022 Maths Week England scheme from November 14-18.

Maths Week England was founded in 2019 to raise the profile of the subject across the country and encourage positive participation in mathematics.

This year’s learning resources being made available for schools include a Bullseye Maths activity pack to introduce schoolchildren to the fun and inclusive darts-based scheme.

Bullseye Maths was launched by the PDC in February, with support from family maths charity Maths on Toast.

In-school sessions and worksheets provided by the Room 180 Academy at Nottingham College are accompanied by an online Mathlete game provided by GoDartsPro at the specially-designed Bullseye Maths portal at pdc.tv/maths.

“It’s great that the Bullseye Maths activity pack will be part of the Maths Week England resources and we hope that this is a popular and fun addition to the scheme,” said PDC Chief Executive Matt Porter.

“Bullseye Maths has been received incredibly well this year by both the pupils who have enjoyed our in-school sessions and by people participating online.

“To be part of Maths Week England will be another chance for people to experience Bullseye Maths and to engage further in mathematics.”

Maths Week England CEO Andrew Jeffrey said: “We are very pleased to be able to share these resources with schools and families.

“It is our firm belief that everyone has both the potential and the right to succeed in maths, which provides such a vital set of life-skills, so the more people we can reach with activities like this the better.”

Lucy Davis, CEO of Maths on Toast, the family maths charity says: “Darts is a great way to have fun using numbers and to realise that maths really is everywhere!

“Taking your time to explore how the different score combinations work together will really deepen maths understanding, and we’re always pleased to see opportunities for families to do have fun doing maths together!”

For more information about Bullseye Maths, please see pdc.tv/maths.

For more information about Maths Week England, please see mathsweekengland.co.uk.

The Bullseye Maths activity pack is available via mathsweekengland.co.uk/?page_id=246

For more information about Maths on Toast, please see mathsontoast.org.uk.


Images: PDC

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