Super Heneghan Qualifies

Conor Heneghan secured his place in Saturday’s finale on Wednesday, after winning four of his five matches to end his Group A campaign, top, as the field was confirmed for Groups B and C at the Modus Super Series.

Heneghan, who entered Wednesday’s play on 14 points from the opening two days, topped the group overall. He recorded victories over Jacques Labre, Lisa Ashton, Jack Vincent and Andreas Harrysson, with his only defeat coming against Mike Warburton, to end on 22 points from a possible 30.

Elsewhere, Mike Warburton and Andreas Harrysson will compete in Group B, after the pair finished 2nd and 3rd respectively overall, with Warburton ending on 20 points and Harrysson
on 16 points.

The duo will be joined on Thursday and Friday evening by Lee Evans, Matt
Dennant and Jamie Kelling.

Jacques Labre, Lisa Ashton and Jack Vincent will all compete in Group C, after finishing 4th, 5th and 6th respectively overall, with Labre ending on 16 points, Ashton on 10 points andVincent on 6 points.

The trio will be joined by Josh Richardson, Lee Shewan and Richie Parkin.

Modus Super Series continues on Thursday with Group C commencing from 9:30am GMTand Group B commencing from 10pm GMT.

Play will be streamed live on the Modus
YouTube channel, Sporty Stuff TV or via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide.

Modus Super Series Week 5

Group A Day 3- Wednesday 23rd November
Conor Heneghan 4-1 Jacques Labre
Mike Warburton 4-2 Jack Vincent
Andreas Harrysson 4-3 Lisa Ashton
Mike Warburton 4-2 Conor Heneghan
Lisa Ashton 4-3 Jacques Labre
Andreas Harrysson 4-0 Jack Vincent

Conor Heneghan 4-3 Lisa Ashton
Andreas Harrysson 4-2 Mike Warburton
Jacques Labre 4-3 Jack Vincent
Mike Warburton 4-2 Lisa Ashton
Conor Heneghan 4-3 Jack Vincent
Jacques Labre 4-3 Andreas Harrysson
Lisa Ashton 4-3 Jack Vincent
Jacques Labre 4-1 Mike Warburton
Conor Heneghan 4-3 Andreas Harrysson



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