Bull Score: Perfect Pressured Practice

The Bull-Score game on GoDartsPro is a combination of different games my late colleague Mikko Laiho used during his years as a professional darts coach.This game will put you under serious pressure. 

Pressure is also one of the key ingredients needed to make up a great game. You need to practice under pressure regularly to prepare for matches and tournaments where you constantly need to play your best under pressure. Also, every dart counts in this game, so even if your first two darts missed the targets, make the last dart count. 

The game rules are easy to learn but you need to be fully focused to perform great in this game.

You can play this game at different intervals/lengths, but the game on GoDartsPro have 10 throws as the default option.

The Game

Throw at bull until you hit either the green or red part of the bull and use your remaining darts to try to score as much as possible.

If you managed to hit bullseye (red only) to open up the scoring part, the score will also be doubled. 

Let’s say you hit the bullseye with your first dart. 

Then you have two darts left to try to score as much as possible. 

You hit T20 with your first dart and S20 with your second darts and scored 80.

Since you managed to hit bullseye – that score is also doubled to 160  and you also get 50 points for the bullseye – which makes up 210 points for one throw. 

On your next throw you miss bull with your first dart but hit the outer bull (green) with your second dart.  Your third dart hits S20 which gives you a total score of 45.  25 for the outer bull + the score you got with your third dart.

Next round, you miss bull with your first and second dart, but hit bullseye with your third dart.

Which gives you 50 points. 

If you miss bull with all three darts –  refocus and try again.


Bull-Score is a great game to use as part of your warming-up routine before a match.

Since you both need to focus to hit a certain target, but also need to work on your power scoring with the remaining darts and repeating that every dart counts!

The game interface on GoDartsPro.com is easy to use, just tap the buttons for your bull hits and your scores. If you got a Scolia device it is even easier since the darts and score will be auto-tracked for you. 

And remember – make every dart count!

Enjoy your darts! Anders


Words: Anders Östman (godartspro.com are the official Practice Partner of Darts World Magazine)

Images: Game Graphics by GoDartsPro others by Darts World Magazine

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