First Impressions: Red Dragon’s Day

It seems like only yesterday I was in this position, writing post-launch first impressions articles for the Winmau and Mission launches. Now it’s the turn of the former’s sister company, Red Dragon, who unveiled their 2023 collection today, ahead of the start of the PDC World Darts Championship.

I’ll be taking a deep dive into the products launched today, before then bringing more detailed reviews of some products on behalf of Darts World – stay tuned!

Gerwyn Price Avalanche Pro, Avalanche Gold, Ionic

Three sets were added to the ‘Iceman’ range within this launch. The avalanche series caught my eye, with a ‘traction enabled’ smooth section towards the front of the barrel. The ‘Pro’ variant features the traditional blue and silver color scheme synonymous with the ‘Iceman’ brand, while the Avalanche Gold is, well… gold.

The Ionic darts are a far more straightforward release – they are Gerwyn’s match-darts, featuring a rainbow coating. Certainly a welcome addition for those who  use Gerwyn’s darts, but all in all, a bit of an underwhelming release.

Jonny Clayton Element, Oxide

It seems with the Jonny Clayton range, Red Dragon have taken influence from previous designs and ideas from prior releases – not that this is a bad thing. Clayton’s new ‘Element’ darts nod to the Peter Wright Element darts, with a central diamond coating to provide an extremely high level of grip to the user. The ‘Oxide’ darts take inspiration from Winmau’s MVG range, providing a worn, comfortable feel to the barrel.

Peter Wright Spirit

It wouldn’t be a Red Dragon launch without a new set in the ever expanding Peter Wright range – this is no exception. A dart that caught my eye as a potential match dart for myself, the barrels feature a full length grip, with 10 degree angular cuts. The barrels retain the Peter Wright ‘blueprint’ of being long and thin – a dart many will feel comfortable using.

Luke Humphries TX-1

Finally. After however long, Red Dragon have finally released a set of match-darts for Luke Humphries, and I couldn’t be more pleased – I’d actually pre-ordered these before they’d been officially announced! A simple ring grip, with a nod to the older Winmau Simon Whitlock darts Luke used – I cannot wait to receive my set!

Jamie Lewis SE

Perhaps one many didn’t see coming, but Jamie Lewis has his own SE darts in a range Red Dragon look keen to expand on. While very similar to his match darts (which are currently on sale over on the Red Dragon website for under ÂŁ20!) it is clear the grip has been amped up. I’m a big fan of these darts, but would’ve liked to have seen a different coating. A future release, perhaps…

John Henderson SE

An update to his previous SE darts, Henderson has seen his darts coated black, with the addition of gold rings towards the center and rear. Another one perhaps not many saw coming, but sure to be a hit with the many fans the ‘Highlander’ has acquired over the years.

Gian van Veen

A bit of a hidden release, but nevertheless a welcome surprise. Gian van Veen has been threatening the big-time for a while now, and with his new Red Dragon darts, I wouldn’t put much past him doing so! An aggressive micro-ring grip towards the front of the barrel, and a simplistic design towards the rear. Definitely one of my picks from this launch!


A grip similar to that of Winmau’s Aurora Fochesato darts, the Crossfire range appears heavily focused on the severity of the grip, with wider cuts offering increased aggression to the barrel.


A very interesting design, and one I personally cannot make heads-nor-tails of… I’m intrigued to try that rear grip section, with the groves running up the barrel, as opposed to around it…


Available in ‘Screamin’ Green’ and ‘Shocking Pink’, the Atura range features a tear-drop grip at the rear, an aggressive-looking ring grip at the front, and a rather striking colour scheme. You’ll certainly turn heads down the local using these!

Razor Edge Elite, Amberjack Pro, Javelin Spectron

As expected, certain ranges have seen an overhaul, as Red Dragon looks to bring older lines back into modern times. The popular Razor Edge range has seen a new addition, with the release of the ‘Elite’ darts, which utilise a re-cut PVD coating. The Amerjack Pro adds a Danny Noppert style dart to the product line, while the Javelin Spectron, much like the Gerwyn Price Ionic darts, adds a new style without changing the dart itself.

In addition to the many darts on offer, Red Dragon have also released a wide range of flights, stems, surrounds and more, featuring likenesses to the top professional players Red Dragon sponsor. The popular Raptor GT points are now available in gold, and both Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price Optima Multipacks will ensure your darts are fully kitted out in the style of your favourite player! A few new clothing items, including an Alfa Romeo-style Red Dragon shirt, complete the launch, along with Ionic Wristbands and a Jonny Clayton Flight Punch!

And thats a wrap! Let us know @Darts_World and @JoeReid180 what your favourite product is, as well as what you’d like to see us cover in future reviews!


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