Mixed UKDA Fortunes For Midlands Sides

Warwickshire County Darts Organisation finished the old year in the Premier Division of the UKDA National League in style with a 23-13 home win over Cornwall and although they remain fifth in the table they have reduced the deficit on new leaders Hampshire from 24 to 18 points. Hampshire have replaced Lancashire in pole position following their 20-16 home win over them giving them a total of 101 points with Lancashire second on 97, Warwickshire having 83.

Saturday’s games saw wins for both the ladies and men’s teams as the former won 4-2 with Hannah Meek lady of the match with a very respectable 20.20 average. The men’s ‘B’ won 8-4 with Mark Carter their top player averaging 29.97.

There were mixed results for Sunday’s games as the ladies slipped to a 4-2 defeat with Tammy Montgomery making it three consecutive match awards with a 21.25 average. The men’s ‘A’ side won 9-3 and taking their match award with a superb 30.83 average was Jamie Atkins.

Full Results: Premier Division: Cosmo Darts Premier Division:

Warwickshire 23 Cornwall 13:

Warwickshire MA 9-3 Cornwall MA:

Men’s ‘A’:- Kevin Dowling 4 Michael Jones 2, Tom Martin 4 Simon Rees 3, Gareth Braham 4 Paul Ellis 2, Wayne Mynard 1 Simon Knowles 4, Matty Washbrooke 4 Jez Campe 1, Jamie Atkins 4 Neil Meneer 0, Chris Wickenden 4 Tex Thomas 0, Jack Wareing 2 Dennis Bryant 4, Noel Grant 4 Kevin Dunstan 0, Jenson Walker 2 Matt Knowles 4, Jamie Hughes 4 Kevin Bray 3, Steve Hine 4 Greg Hambly 0.

Warwickshire MB 8-4 Cornwall MB:

Men’s ‘B’:- Karl Reynolds 3 Sam Hicks 4, Martin Tonks 3 Paul Ellis 4, Mark Tomlinson 3 Simon Furse 4, Adam Hancock 3 Joseph Yendle 4, Noah Rose 4 Patrick Archibald 1, Nigel Heydon 4 Tyrone Stephen 0, Dave Hill 4 Richard Craddock 2, Ian McFarlane 4 Josh Symons 2, Mark Strong 4 Mark Odgers 0, Mark Carter 4 Jaden Whitting 1, Mark Martin 4 Lee Agar 3, Scott Hope 4 Carl Jeffery 1.

Warwickshire WA 2-4 Cornwall WA:

Women’s ‘A’:- Caroline Pike 2 Tracey Hancock 3, Marian Conway 0 Maria O’Brien 3, Donna Pinch 3 Sarah Gill 0, Kat Spanswick 0 Pauline Mead 3, Sue Gulliver 1 Nikki Furse 3, Tammy Montgomery 3 Teresa Brookshaw 2

Warwickshire WB 4-2 Cornwall WB:

Women’s ‘B’:- Nina Bolt 3 Debbie Crocker 0, Angela Jones 3 Jacqui Champion 1, Chloe McKivett 2 Rachel Graves 3, Melanie Jones 1 Becky Curnow 3, Courtney Hine 3 Emma Dow 2, Hannah Meek 3 Laura Shepherd 1.

Warwickshire will be hoping to reduce the gap even further this coming weekend when they travel to the Plumstead Common WMC, 71 Kirkham Street, Plumstead, London, SE18 2JS where they will take on London who are currently on 61 points and only three places off the foot of the table.

Selected to play against London are Men’s ‘A’:- Jamie Atkins, Gareth Braham, Kevin Dowling, Noel Grant, Steve Hine, Jamie Hughes, Tom Martin, Wayne Mynard, Jack Wareing, Jenson Walker, Matty Washbrooke, Chris Wickenden, Men’s ‘B’:- Mark Carter, Adam Hancock, Nigel Heydon, Dave Hill, Scott Hope, Pete Hughes, Ian McFarlane, Karl Reynolds, Noah Rose, Mark Strong, Mark Tomlinson snr, Martin Tonks, Reserves:- Carl Green, Ryan Hawkes, Dave Honey, Lee Miller, Sam Price, Carl Winters, Women’s ‘A’:- Marian Conway, Natalie Gilbert, Sue Gulliver, Tammy Montgomery, Caroline Pike, Donna Pinch, Women’s ‘B’:- Nina Bolt, Courtney Hine, Angela Jones, Melanie Jones, Chloe McKivett, Hannah Meek, Reserves:- Wendy Adams, Denise Keyte.


It turned out to be a good end of the year for the Black Country County Darts Organisation in division two of the UKDA National League as their 24-12 home win over Bedfordshire saw them take over the number one spot in the division with a total of 95 points, nine more than the former leaders and now second placed West of England.

Full Results: Division Two: Black Country 24 Bedfordshire 12:The Black Country MA 9-3 Bedfordshire MA:Men’s ‘A’:- Rob Smith 4 Philip Price 1, Shane Price 4 Paul Bailey 2, Dan Nicholls 4 Chris Dilley 2, Reece Colley 4 Richard Wood 3, Gaz Johnson 4 Carl Yeowell 3, Tom Bissell 4 Kelly Corcoran 3, Trevor Brennon 4 Paddy Clowery 2, Alex Howells 2 Gareth Murray 4, Paul Wells 4 Barry Davies 1, Stephen Jones 4 Iain Styles 2, Rich Bowen 3 Dara Curran 4, Gavin Smith 2 Trevor Ellacott 4.

The Black Country MB 9-3 Bedfordshire MB:

Men’s ‘B’:- Graham Hall 3 Paul Hale 0, Shane Sheridan 0 Russ Albon 3, Martyn Harper 3 Aiden O’Mahoney 1, Chris Hickman 1 Josh Hook 3, Jamie Barrowman 3 Luke Ely 2, Cayden Smith 3 Gary Brown 2, Gavin Smith 3 Paul Smith 0, Dan Haden 3 Russ Stringer 1, James Hykin 3 Steve Richardson 1, Connor Whitehouse 3 Ryan Tharby 2, Mark Rollinson 1 Mark Kingdon 3, Jamie Rollinson 3 Tim Wright 0.

The Black Country WA 3-3 Bedfordshire WA:

Women’s ‘A’:- Shannon Hall 3 Lisa Pitchfork-Perkins 2, Steph Koyna 3 Shirley Williams 1, Maxine Prosser 0 Diane Nash 3, Sarah Jane Parker 0 Maria Perrin 3, Tammy Chance 0 Holly Meadwell 3, Chez Allcock 3 Kerry King 1

The Black Country WB 3-3 Bedfordshire WB:

Women’s ‘B’:- Heather Wright 3 Netty Hockley 1, Lacey Hughes 3 Helen Styles 2, Angie Carroll 2 Fran Bent 3, Stella Sims 1 Lynda Drawe 3, Grace Angell 1 Donna Hutt 3, Doreen Hunt 3 Irene Maddy 2.

This coming weekend Black Country will once again play at home as they entertain Cumbria who are some six places below them in the table and have eighteen fewer points.


In the L-Style Division One of the UKDA National League West Midlands although having a game in hand on all of the teams above them are next to the bottom of the table with 62 points, just five more than bottom-placed Worcestershire. They will have no easy task this coming weekend as they travel to the Cressex Community Centre and Social Club, 232 Cressex Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 4UD where they will take on the local county Buckinghamshire, who are third in the division and are nineteen points to the good on their visitors.


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