Mission Go To Infinity

It’s launch day once again, this time for Mission Darts, and their eagerly anticipated ‘Infinity’ range!

The new flagship board for Mission is the new Samurai Infinity, the successor to the popular Samurai II board used within the UKDA County System. The Samurai Infinity is marketed as a “Professional High Quality Bristle Dartboard”, with several alterations and improvements from the previous design.

The board features an ultra thin wire construction, as well as deeper printing, which allows the board to look newer for longer – especially useful given more and more players are switching to aggressively tipped points.

Vibrant blue graphics line the outside of the board, while the number ring has been blacked out, allowing for greater focus on the numbers on the outside.

Emphasis has been placed on higher dart retention and scoring capabilities, with Mission claiming that the “sharp angle of the wires enable the darts to glance over them and into the scoring areas, resulting in less bounce outs and damage to the darts”.

Also released was a new surround with Samurai Infinity graphics, as well as a Samurai Infinity branded case, and dart flights.

The board will retail at £49.95, and will be available directly from Darts Corner along with the rest of the launch, as well as most reputable retailers.

A full review of the Infinity range will be available though Darts World in due course – keep an eye out on Darts World socials!


Images: Mission

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