Dutch Open Diary – Day 3: The Winners

Sunday was final day at the Bonte Wever in Assen, for the 2023 Dutch Open!

Some hot favourites for the mens event surprisingly didn’t make the last 8, James Hurrell and Michael Unterbuchner amongst them. One who did make it was defending champion Jelle Klaasen who played world master Wesley Plaisier in the quarterfinals! It wasn’t as good a match as expected but Klaasen won it comfortably 5-2.

Belgium’s Andy Baetens impressed with a last 8 win over Dennie Olde Kalter, and then it was Arjan Konterman who beat the last UK player in the event, Aaron Turner, 5-2. ‘Azza’ wasn’t at his best after having thrown really great darts earlier in the day but he did give the crowd some entertainment!

Last quarterfinalist was Berry van Peer who beat Joey ten Berge! In the semi’s, Klaasen lost and did not defend his title, as Baetens beat him 2-1 in sets! Van Peer then saw off Konterman to make the final!

Congrats to the other event winners today, the pairs winners Beau Greaves & Deta Hedman, and Christian Kist and Michael Stoeten who won an absolute thriller against Jelle Klaasen and Chris Landman in a last leg!

Also congrats to the youth winners, Scotland’s Sophie McKinlay and Dutch boys Ruben Baalmans and Sydnee de Vries!

In the women’s final it was Beau Greaves against Aileen de Graaf and Aileen once again proved she loves to play in this event, as she beat defending champion Greaves 5-2 to pick up the Dutch open title for the 4th time!

In the men event, Van Peer kept his cool and defeated Baetens 3-1 in sets to win his first ever WDF seniors title and crown himself the 2023 Men Dutch Open Champion!

What an event, congrats to the winners and happy to meet so many nice people as well as playing and even marking a game! Until 2024 then….


Words and Images: Wim Blokpoel

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