Wawrzewski Leads

David Wawrzewski and Lee Budgen took the early lead on Thursday in ending Day 1 of their respective groups, top, as they look to join Adam Hunt in the Saturday’s finale at the Modus Super Series.

Wawrzewski made his return to the Super Series by taking the early lead in Group C, after winning four of his five matches, as he recorded victories against John Part, Ciaran Teehan, Pete Burgoyne and Danny Smith, with his only defeat coming against Tony Wood.

Elsewhere, three players in Tony Wood, Pete Burgoyne and Ciaran Teehan ended the day 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively on 6 points each, whilst Danny Smith and John Part sit 5th and 6th on 2 points each.

In Group B, Lee Budgen took the early lead, after winning three of his four matches, as he recorded victories against Adam Lipscombe, William Borland and Fallon Sherrock, with his only defeat coming against Steve West.

Elsewhere, three players in Steve West, Adam Lipscombe and Fallon Sherrock ended the night 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively on 4 points each, whilst William Borland sits bottom on 2 points.

Modus Super Series continues on Friday with players continuing to battle out as they aim to join Adam Hunt in Saturday’s finale, with Wawrzewski and Budgen taking the early lead thus far. Group C will commence from 9:30am GMT and Group B will commence from 10pm GMT. Play will be streamed live on the Modus YouTube channel, Sporty Stuff TV or via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide.

Modus Super Series Week 7
Group C Day 1- Thursday 23rd March

Tony Wood 4-0 David Wawrzewski
Ciaran Teehan 4-3 Danny Smith
Pete Burgoyne 4-0 John Part
Tony Wood 4-1 Danny Smith
David Wawrzewski 4-1 John Part
Pete Burgoyne 4-2 Ciaran Teehan
Tony Wood 4-2 John Part
Danny Smith 4-2 Pete Burgoyne
David Wawrzewski 4-0 Ciaran Teehan
John Part 4-3 Danny Smith
Ciaran Teehan 4-3 Tony Wood
David Wawrzewski 4-3 Pete Burgoyne
Ciaran Teehan 4-2 John Part
David Wawrzewski 4-1 Danny Smith
Pete Burgoyne 4-2 Tony Wood

Group B Day 1
Adam Lipscombe 4-2 Steve West
William Borland 4-3 Fallon Sherrock
Lee Budgen 4-3 Adam Lipscombe
Fallon Sherrock 4-3 Steve West
Lee Budgen 4-3 William Borland
Fallon Sherrock 4-3 Adam Lipscombe
Steve West 4-1 William Borland
Lee Budgen 4-3 Fallon Sherrock
Adam Lipscombe 4-2 William Borland
Steve West 4-1 Lee Budgen

Modus Super Series Week 7
Group C Day 2 Fixtures- Friday 24th March
Pete Burgoyne v Tony Wood
Danny Smith v David Wawrzewski
John Part v Ciaran Teehan
David Wawrzewski v Pete Burgoyne
Tony Wood v Ciaran Teehan
Danny Smith v John Part
Ciaran Teehan v David Wawrzewski
Pete Burgoyne v Danny Smith
John Part v Tony Wood
Pete Burgoyne v Ciaran Teehan
David Wawrzewski v John Part
Danny Smith v Tony Wood
John Part v Pete Burgoyne
Ciaran Teehan v Danny Smith
Tony Wood v David Wawrzewski

Group B Day 2 Fixtures
Steve West v Lee Budgen
Adam Lipscombe v William Borland
Lee Budgen v Fallon Sherrock
William Borland v Steve West
Fallon Sherrock v Adam Lipscombe
Lee Budgen v William Borland
Fallon Sherrock v Steve West
Adam Lipscombe v Lee Budgen
William Borland v Fallon Sherrock
Steve West v Adam Lipscombe


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