Winter League Conclusions and More Cup Finals

It was finals week in the Sheldon and District Winter League, first the Punchbowl which consisted of four Premier League teams and saw all three games finish with a 5-2 scoreline. In the semi-finals there were wins for the league’s top two teams Sheldon Marlborough Arrows and Langley Arrows who in turn defeated Raven Arrows and Hollywood Social. Sheldon Marlborough Arrows were unable to add a further trophy to their already won divisional title as the division’s runners-up Langley Arrows won 5-2.

The three final games of the Sheldon Shield all had a close 4-3 result when in the semis division two’s Brian’s Flights beat Shirley Misfits from division one and division one side Willclare Sports and Social won against their premier league opponents Highwood Gerry’s Boys. With a maximum from Matthew Holt Willclare then went on to win the title 4-3 with Brian’s Flights finishing as runners-up.

There was just one rearranged division two fixture played which saw Iron Horse Rebels win 7-2 at Castle Bromwich WMC to see them replace Brian’s Flights at the top of the table with a two points lead on their rivals but trailing on average, the title will be decided in the final game when the two teams square up to each other.

Full Results: Punchbowl: Semi-Finals:- Raven Arrows 2 Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 5, Langley Arrows 5 Hollywood Social 2, Final:- Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 2 Langley Arrows 5, Sheldon Shield:Semi-Finals:- Brian’ Flights 4 Shirley Misfits 3, Highwood Gerry’s Boys 3 Willclare Sports and Social 4, Final:- Willclare Sports and Social 4 (Matthew Holt 180) Brian’s Flights 3, Rearranged Fixture:Division Two:- Castle Bromwich WMC 2 Iron Horse Rebels 7.


The Kings Norton League have reached week five of their new campaign and the top two teams Northfield and Copper Fox extended their unbeaten run to five games. Northfield top the table on average after adding their 4-3 home win over Cock Inn to their account while Copper Fox have reduced the average deficit to just three legs after winning 6-1 at Coppice. Thurlestone and Bourneville are just two points behind the leading duo, Thurlestone had a 5-2 home win over Grant Arms while Bourneville had a much closer 4-3 home success over Rubery Social Club.

Full Results: Game 5:- Northfield 4 (R.Hitchmouth 2×100,125, L.Allen 100,125,140, M.Lloyd 123,2×140,153f, O.Draper 100, D.Hopkins 100, N.Proctor 101, R.Broadhurst 140) Cock Inn 3 (P.Hughes 7×100, L.Fox 3×100,118, John Fox 101, A.Vaughan 2×100,125,3×140, Joe Fox 2×100,2×140, S.Cartwright 121), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 0 (M.Bandy 2×100, L.Pearce 100, D.Whitecombe 100, S.Corbett 2×100) Bournebrook 7 (M.Welsh 100,140, T.Cullen 135, D.Collins 3×100, M.Bathurst 100,125, C.Ryan 134, R.Chambers 140, T.Cullen 180, A.Pearce 138, T.Shaw 132), Longbridge 4 (C.Evans 140, J.Woodward 2×100,180, K.Malone 100,105, N.Harris 100,140, L.Adams 121) Kings Norton Flights 3 (P.Lilley 100, M.Hanley 100, R.Fisher 121,2×140, K.Owen 100, G.Lee 101, M.Fisher 100, P.Lilley 113f), Coppice 1 (D.Hill 2×100,140, B.Heath 2×100, A.Ward 120,140, A.Chidley 2×100, A.Aindow 100,140, R.Packer 100) Copper Fox 6 (D.Marsh 121,140, G.Dews 2×100,140, K.Bedder 100,140, T.Hamilton 3×100,130,140, D.McConomy 3×140, M.Hamilton 100,125), Thurlestone 5 (N.Watts 100,140, T.Garfield 2×100,134,2×140,180, R.Waldron 3×100,120,125,134,140, B.Andrews 2×100, S.Deeley 2×100, A.Savage 100, M.Deeley 143, D.Newton 140) Grant Arms 2 (A.Dewsbury 2×100,121, P.Taylor 125, N.Smith 100, V.Walton 2×100, S.Hale 100), Bourneville 4 (P.Smith 125,140, M.Collins 100, G.Carver 100,140) Rubery Social Club 3 (A.Faulkner 100, M.Cormell 3×100, J.O’Neill 2×100,137, C.Organ 122).


A 7-2 home win over Sutton Sharks helped Minworth Flights to hold on to their two points lead at the top of the Four Oaks and District League, their nearest rivals Oscott Social Club chalking up a 6-3 win away to Pint Pot Flights. Scott Armers lost their third place to Erdington Arrows after they lost 5-4 at St Thomas Arrows and Erdington won 6-3 at home against Rosey Mac’s to leave them on the same twenty-six points as Scott Armers but with a superior average, both teams are some ten points off the top.

One outstanding division one fixture was played off which saw Walmley CSC Flights win 5-4 at home against Golden Hind Lions, the win seeing Walmley overtake their opponents and move up one place to seventh, Lions finished the season eighth.

Full Results: Game 20: Division Two:- Erdington Arrows 6 (L.Dells 100, H.Sadler 140, A.Lineham 100, J.West 121,100) Rosey Mac’s 3 (Neil Bradley 100, John Cox snr 100, Matthew Clarke 100), Pint Pot Flights 3 (Pete Smith 120b,105b,140, Jim Moon 101b, Nigel Robbins 109f,130,109,121, Phillip Southall 100,125, Mick Bagnall 100, Martin Phillips 122b) Oscott Social Club 6 (Gary Bushell 121,100, Alan Whitehouse 125,100, Robert Graham 100, Simon Shorthouse 100,140), Minworth Flights 7 (Martin Partridge 116, Karl Reynolds 121,131, Neil Clarke 100, Ryan Barritt 100) Sutton Sharks 2 (Chris Gardener 108b,100b Michael Taylor 100, Jason Meadows 125), St Thomas Arrows 5 (Chris Connelly 100, Jim Lynch 125, Martin J. Andrews 112b, Gill Lynch 100) The Scott Armers 4 (Lee Gumbley 125, Mark Felkin 137, Jamie Sabin 101b, Shane Kelly 114, James Sabin 105), The Funky Bear 7 (Rob Wright 109, George Robotham 100, Simon Robotham 133,135, Samuel Murcott 112b,126) Sutton Sports and Social 2 (Peter Ryder 101b,140, John Paul Roddy 112b.138), Plough and Arrows 7 (Roxi Bennett 121, Anthony Dews 100, Kieran Gow 2×140) Deer’s Leap 2 (Adam Dunn 100, Anthony Kimberley 125, Tom Ross 130), Rearranged Fixture:Division One:- Walmlet CSC Flights 5 (Billy Cadby 2×125,100, Jake Liggins 100b,180, Ben Liggins 100,140, Jamie Meredith 160b) Golden Hind Lions 4 (Neil Goldie 100, Rick Hasluck 100,115,133, Marc Pearce 140, James Clarke 100,156b).


Perfection lived up to their name in the South West Birmingham Clubs League when in game number three they handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their hosts Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club, this being Perfection’s first win in three and seeing them move up three places in the table to seventh. Leaders Longbridge United had a narrow 4-3 home win over Stirchley United to keep them top of the table but only by one leg of average as West Heath CEM took over the number two spot from Avenue Social after they won 5-2 against Avenue who drop two places to fourth. Third in the league Quarry Club, like the two teams above them have won all three games the latest of which was a 4-3 win at Stirchley Flights.

Full Results: Game 3:- Bournebrook 4 (D.Collins 100,180, J.Warman 100, T.Jeffs 112,100) Northfield Town 3 (J.Cutler 140,125,105, M.Mooney 140), KingsNorton Ex Service 0 (M.Hanley 100) Perfection 7 (G.Webb 100,100b, O.Draper 100, D.Smith 115, A.Savage 125), Longbridge United 4 (P.Hughes 100, S.Cartwright 140, M.Lloyd 160b, A.Sutton 2×100, T.Garfield 180,125,100,9 darts game) Stirchley United 3 (M.Welsh 125,112,100b, M.Carmel 100, A.Cullen 3×100, M.Bathurst 2×100, K.White 115), Moseley All Service 5 (T.Pratty 140, P.Jackson 112b, T.Shaw 105b,121, S.Corbett 105b,140) Northfield Conservative 4 (G.Corbett 101b,133, T.Cahill 100), Stirchley Flights 3 (L,Pearce 100, G.Williamson 140,120b, A.Reynolds 100) Quarry Club 4 (Joe Fox 2×100, A.Vaughan 160b,121,9 darts game, L.Fox 140, N.Hurst 100, M.Malone 109), West Heath CEM 5 (J.Guy 100b,137, K.Webb 120b,100,121, T.Taylor 100, B.Andrews 100, G.Carver 100, A.Deeley 140) Avenue Social 2 (A.Faulkner 113b, A.Harvey 100b,100, D.Kent 105b,100,125, K.Bedder 160b,9 darts game).


Twenty-five wins from twenty-five games that’s the record so far for Cross (Oldswinford) in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League after their most recent 6-1 win at Rose and Crown ‘B’. With a maximum fifty points Cross have a four points lead over second placed Old Liberal Club who now have a game in hand after having a bye this week. Despite winning 5-2 at Netherton Conservative Club third placed Ten Arches are a huge ten points adrift of the leaders. It was a good week for bottom of the table Glasscutters as they recorded their first win of the season, their first in twenty-five games when they won their home tie with next to bottom of the table Britannia 7-0 to put them within two points of both Britannia and Old Cat Inn.

Full Results: Game 26:- The Princess 7 Fox Inn (Lye) 0, Rose and Crown ’B’ 1 Cross (Oldswinford) 6, Mount Pleasant 6 Rose and Crown ‘A’ 1, Seven Stars 5 Church Tavern 2, Netherton Conservative Club 2 Ten Arches 5, Old Cat Inn 2 Gate Hangs Well 5, Raven 4 Crestwood 3, Bird in Hand 3 Bell 4, Glasscutters 7 Britannia 0, Old Liberal Club had a bye.


Leaders of the Netherton Thursday Night League Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ had their fixture with Spring Meadow Club cancelled this week and second placed Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ accepted the opportunity to reduce the arrears to two points with a convincing 8-1 win at Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ but they have now played one game more than the leaders. Third placed Bulls Head won their home game against fifth in the league Townsend Social Club 5-4 while fourth placed Hill and Cakemore had the biggest win of the week a 9-0 success at Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘B’.

Full Results: Game 23:- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 1 Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ 8, Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘B’ 0 Hill and Cakemore 9, Bulls Head 5 Townsend Social Club 4.


Shock of the week in the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League was the 6-3 home defeat of leaders Gornal Labour Club by sixth in the league and still ten points behind them, Jolly Crispin. With just one more fixture to play the title has been thrown wide open to one of the top two teams, reigning champions Old Bulls Head being the other contenders to the title. Old Bulls Head won their home game with Chainyard 5-4 to put them on the same thirty-six points as Gornal Labour Club but trailing by some four legs of average. Should be quite a lot of nerves showing in the final week’s fixtures, but what an end to a season!!

Full Results: Game 21:- Gornal Labour Club 3 Jolly Crispin 6, Old Bulls Head 5 Chainyard 4, New Inn 5 Five Ways 4, Meadow Lark 3 Griffin 6, Pensnett Liberal Club 3 The Cabin 6, Red Cow 2 White Horse 7.


Prior to this week’s fixtures in the Rowley Monday Night League the Rowley Bar and Grill had only won three of their thirteen games but in game fourteen they produced the upset of the week when they won 5-4 at home against Gate Hangs Well who were top of the table with just the one reversal in their thirteen games. The defeat has cost Gate Hangs Well the leadership as they have been replaced in the number one spot by White Swan whose 6-3 win at Tividale FC has taken their points tally to twenty-six, two more than now third placed Gate Hangs Well. Bell have moved up from third to second in the league, their 8-1 win at Windmills End leaving them, like Gate Hangs Well two points short of the leaders.

Full Results: Game 14:- Windmills End 1 Bell 8 (Shane Price 180), Waterfall 5 Spring Meadow 4, Romsley Cricket Club 7 Loyal Lodge 2, Whiteheath Tavern 4 Hill and Cakemore 5, Wonder 3 Rowley Labour 6 (Rich Lenton180), Huntingtree 2 Plough and Harrow 7, Tividale FC 3 (G.Locke 177) White Swan 6 (Conker White 180,8 darts game, Matt Wakefield 160b), Rowley Bar and Grill 5 (Adam Bunce 10 darts game) Gate Hangs Well 4.


Only three of the starting line-up of sixteen teams in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League are able to boast a 100% win record after the opening three games, a conclusive 7-0 win at Wheatsheaf maintains Bird in Hand ‘E’s’ top position, they have a three legs of average lead over second placed Old Liberal Club ‘A’ who won 6-1 at Fox Inn (Lye), they in turn are just one leg of average better off than third placed Shovel after their 6-1 home win over Ashwood. Ashwood, Hollybush, Kings Head, Stourbridge FC and Dudley Sports are all two points behind the top three teams.

Full Results: Game 3:- Hollybush 5 Bell 2, Fox Inn (Lye) 1 Old Liberal Club ‘A’ 6, Brickmakers Arms 2 Stourbridge FC 5, Wheatsheaf 0 Bird in Hand ‘E’ 7, Garibaldi 5 Black Horse 2, Dudley Sports 4 Kings Head 3, Shovel 6 Ashwood 1, Old Liberal Club ‘B’ 4 Netherton Conservative Club 3.


The only movement in the top seven placing’s in the Ashwood Premier League is that of Josh Pickett who because he didn’t play in week sixteen drops one place to third on 174 points from thirty-two games, exactly the same points and games as second in the league John Green who has two more wins than Pickett after he added this week’s 7-0 win over Tony Bennett and 4-3 win against Kevin Harris. Green is fourteen points short of leader Nick Fullwell and has played one more game than he has. Fullwell kicked off his night with a 4-3 win against Dave Simpson and ended the evening with a similar 4-3 win over Mitch Pickett.

Full Results: Week 16: Nick Fullwell 4 Dave Simpson 3, John Green 7 Tony Bennett 0, Kevin Harris 6 Paul Pollard 1, Jayden Harper 4 Carl Hipkiss 3, Jake Robinson 6 Tony Bennett 1, Carl Hipkiss 6 Craig Lowin 1, Cayden Smith 5 Ash Marson 2, Wozza Pritchard 5 Jack Pritchard 2, Shane Passey 6 Matt Davies 1, Gavin Smith 5 Martyn Harper 2, Kevin Harris 6 Mitch Pickett 1, Dave Simpson 5 Cayden Smith 2, Chris Williams 6 Chris Eacock 1, Craig Lowin 4 Paul Pollard 3, Nick Fullwell 4 Mitch Pickett 3, Alan Bate 5 Jake Robinson 2, Gavin Smith 4 Jayden Harper 3, John Green 4 Kevin Harris 3, Ash Marson 5 Chris Eacock 2, Alan Bate 4 Wozza Pritchard 3, Cayden Smith 7 Tony Bennett 0, Martyn Harper 6 Matt Davies 1, Shane Passey 6 Jack Pritchard 1.


The Black Country Men’ Super League is growing in strength, after finishing their first campaign with fifteen teams they have got their new season underway with a total of eighteen teams and the early pacesetters are Railway Tavern and Allen’s Bar ‘C’ who both won 4-1 in turn against Vine (Blackheath) and Old Bulls Head to put them on four points, one more than Whiteheath Tavern, Coseley Tavern, White Swan, Townsend ‘A’, Soccer Zone and Bell (Kingswinford).

Full Results: Game 1:- Soccer Zone 3 Horse and Jockey 2, Coseley Tavern 3 Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 2, Railway Tavern 4 Vine (Blackheath) 1, Allen’s Bar ‘C’ 4 Old Bulls Head 1, White Swan 3 Halesowen Cricket Club 2, Townsend Social Club ‘A’ 3 Townsend Social Club 2, Bell (Kingswinford) 3 Allen’s Bar ‘B’ 2, Whiteheath Tavern 3 Quarry Bank Liberal Club 2.


Rich Bowen, leader of the Black Country Thursday Night Singles League could not have wished for a better couple of games than he had in his last outing as he began with an 8-0 win over James Davies and finished with a 7-1 success against Alex Mason, the two wins taking his points to 181 from 23 games and giving him a lead of four over second placed Nick Fullwell who has a game in hand after adding a 7-1 win over Alex Howells and a 6-2 win against Gareth Johnston.

Full Results: Game 12:- Rich Bowen 8 James Davies 0, Nick Fullwell 7 Alex Howells 1, Gareth Johnston 5 Shane Price 3, Cheryl Allcock 6 Alex Mason 2, Alex Howells 8 Ashley Ralph 0, Danny Bridgwood 7 Grace Angell 1, Sarah Jane Parker 4 James Davies 4, Nick Fullwell 6 Gareth Johnston 2, Cheryl Allcock 6 Danny Knight 2, Rich Bowen 7 Alex Mason 1, Benjamin Hollowood 8 Sarah Jane Parker 0, Shane Price 8 Ashley Ralph 0, Alex Howells 5 Danny Bridgwood 3.


In the latest round of fixtures in the West Midlands Men’s Super League there were 4-1 wins for Dog and Partridge, Bridgtown Social and Kings Head ‘A’ who in turn accounted for Gilbert’s Bar ‘C’, Gilbert’s Bar ‘D’ and Corpus Christi.

Full Results: Week 14:- Dog and Partridge 4 Gilbert’s Bar ‘C’ 1, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 3 Chase Social 1, Bridgtown Social 4 Gilbert’s Bar ‘D’ 1, Kings Head ‘A’ 4 Corpus Christi 1, Kings Head ‘B’ 3 Staffordshire Knot 2, Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 3 ECC 2.


The Camp Hill League staged the finals of the Singles Knockouts at the Clumsy Swan and in the last four of the main event Antony Daly beat Simon Edwards and Leigh Dells beat Dave Heighway. The final saw Leigh Dells lift the winners silverware with a 3-1 success over Antony Daly.

The ladies title went to Kaz Clarke who defeated Sheila Carter in the final.

Full Results: Singles Knockout: Quarter-Finals:- Mark Phillips lost to Antony Daly, Leigh Dells beat Mark Turner, Chris Stokes lost to Dave Heighway, Simon Edwards had a bye as Will Naylor was absent, Semi-Finals:- Antony Daly beat Simon Edwards, Leigh Dells beat Dave Heighway, Final:- Leigh Dells 3 Antony Daly 1, Ladies Knockout:- Gloria Lightwood lost in the preliminary round to Kaz Clarke, Semi-Finals:- Sheila Carter beat Katie Slender, Kaz Clarke beat Pam Lee, Final:- Kaz Clarke beat Sheila Carter.


A 7-1 win over Rushpal Bhogal has seen Scott Baker open up a twenty-one points lead over second placed Ben Johnson in division one of the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League, Johnson who didn’t play this week now has three games in hand on Baker.

Clark Cook held on to pole position in division two with a 6-2 win against Max Law, his 100 points seven more than second place Baljinder Gill who also won 6-2 in his tie with Allan Davies.

Alan Melling handed out an 8-0 defeat to Eddie Gripton in division three to put him fifteen points ahead of his nearest rival Jamie Aplin who won 5-3 against third placed Michele Pritchard.

Full Results: Week 15:- Wayne Willis 6 Reece Cook Lucas 2, Scott Baker 7 Rushpal Bhogal 1, Jamie Webb 2 Martin Price 6, Wayne Willis 5 John Simms 3, Steve Lynch 6 Ben Hollowood 2, Martin Price 5 Jon Blakemore 3, Wayne Willis 3 Jon Blakemore 5, Rushpal Bhogal 3 Wayne Willis 5, Neville Quinton 5 Keith Hollowood 3, Tony Singh 8 Max Law 0, Jason Hough 6 Colin Wood 2, Jon Williams 5 Jason Lloyd 3, Ben Smith 5 Nathan Jones 3, Allan Davies 2 Baljinder Gill 6, Max Law 2 Clark Cook 6, Eddie Gripton 0 Alan Melling 8, Jacqui Simmons 2 Michele Pritchard 6, Gemma Barrett Jenkins 8 Helen Sims 0, Warren Bower 2 Thomas Hollowood 6, Andy Poole 1 Robert Harris 7, Michele Pritchard 3 Jamie Aplin 5, Helen Sims 3 Alex Bryant 5.


It’s as you were for the top six teams in the Singles League of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League with leaders Woodfield winning 6-1 at Gilbert’s Bar ‘B and second placed Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ winning 5-2 at Ring of Bells to keep them level on points with Woodfield and only three legs of average behind them.

In the Doubles League ECC made it six wins in as many games with a 2-1 home win over Three Crowns. Once again Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ are in second place following their 2-1 win at Ring of Bells.

Full Results: Game 6: Singles League:- Corpus Christi ‘B’ 3 ECC ‘B’ 4, ECC ‘A’ 5 Three Crowns 2, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 1 Woodfield 6, Railway 3 Dog and Partridge 4, Ring of Bells 2 Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 5, Wednesfield Legion 2 Corpus Christi ‘A’ 5, Doubles League:- Corpus Christi ‘B’ 0 ECC ‘B’ 3, ECC ‘A’ 2 Three Crowns 1, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 0 Woodfield 3, Railway 1 Dog and Partridge 2, Ring of Bells 1 Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 2, Wednesfield Legion 0 Corpus Christi ‘A’ 3.


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